All Grown Up From The Prairie

It’s always a big thrill to discover new retro-inspired clothing lines and I seriously get so excited when trying them out for the first time. This past summer I shared a wonderful interview featuring Miss Candyfloss and placed my first order not long afterwards. The ladies behind the label are two fabulous sisters from Sweden with a passion for all things retro and vintage. Their summer dresses were all super fun & flirty…it was a hard task to buy only one. Thankfully there was a Violeta-Grace Dress hidden away in my size as their stock sells out fast!

Available in sizes XS to 3XL – MSRP €85


Being new to Miss Candyfloss sizing, I relied on the feedback from the designers themselves to ensure I found the right fit (Yes, they have really amazing customer service I must say). Based on my measurements I fell right in line with the Medium on the size chart( bust 36, waist 29, hips 41). When the Violeta-Grace arrived, it fit like a glove! The quality is fabulous and the light cotton floral print is breathtaking. The Violeta-Grace is boob friendly and the wide straps allow you to wear your favorite undergarments. The contrasting belt cinches your waist and full swing skirt is perfect to pair with a petticoat.


The only minor alteration required was to shorten the hem as it was quite long since I am only 5ft 4inches tall. It is always a relief to find clothing that fits well right off the rack and does not require costly alterations. The Violeta-Grace is super flattering in the bust area and find that it actuates them while still being on the more conservative side. My favorite part of the dress is the soft floral pattern, although my fiance said it reminded him of Little House On The Prairie. LOL


Although the Violeta-Grace is more suitable for summer months, you can definitely pair it with a nice cardigan and tights for the cooler months. Perfect to wear with your favorite petticoat but definitely not required as you can see in the review photos. I know come spring I’ll be wearing this dress all the time to the office since it’s so easy to throw on and doesn’t require any shapewear.


My first order with Miss Candyfloss was a smashing success and I cannot wait to shop their new styles from their Fall/Winter collection. As I mentioned earlier, make sure to snag the items you want right away as they sell out FAST & won’t be restocked once they do. Sadly I learned that lesson the hard way when their fabulous long winter coats sold out in record time…they are just that amazing!

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