A Tropical Paradise

We all know and love our vintage inspired swing and wiggle dresses…but there’s another fabulous vintage staple that you may or may not be so familiar with. What am I referring to? That would be the vintage sarong dresses in fabulous colorful bold prints. With my upcoming nuptials in the Bahamas, I have been seeking an array of vintage style dresses suitable to wear in this a tropical paradise. I’ll be featuring reviews on a variety of vintage style sarong dresses with a modern twist; perfect for any tropical vacations or hot summer months for our friends down under. First up is the Collectif Sarong Dress in red hibiscus from the summer 2012 collection.

Available in sizes UK6-22 in a variety of prints & colors – MSRP £50


Recently I have found the newer Collectif releases are more generous in sizing compared to their past styles. In older reviews, I always had to size up to the UK14 – Large to accommodate my hips and 29 inch waist. With the 2012 collection, I can now comfortably wear the UK12 – Medium with ease (measurements bust 36, waist 29, hips 41). The Sarong dress features a pleated sweetheart bodice suitable for ladies requiring ample space and tie halter straps. The best part of the faux wrap skirt is the fact it won’t show your lady bits like authentic wrap styles. Made from high quality cotton with no stretch.


What I love most about the Sarong dress is the beautiful and vibrant red hibiscus print fabric! The richness of the color is truly breathtaking. The fit was perfect off the rack, no alterations required…not even a hem at 5ft 4inches. The matching fabric belt is perfect to cinch your waist and features a lovely bamboo loop detail.


The Sarong dress is very well constructed and conceals body imperfections quite well thus no shapewear is required. This is definitely a blessing since no one wants to wear stuffy undergarments while in the Tropics. Accessorizing can be kept simple with a fabulous hair flower and thong sandals…perfect to go from day to evening with minimal effort.


Although the Collectif Sarong dress in hibiscus print is now discontinued, you can definitely try to snag one from their Ebay store at incredible clear out prices! I truly hope to see new colorways for the Sarong dress in their summer 2013 collection as it’s definitely a fabulous wardrobe staple.

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