Vintage Style With An Edge

The Rockabilly girl in me has a weakness for anything with skulls…especially when they are incorporated with my love of vintage clothing. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, the Collectif Violet Skull Dress is a perfect combination of softness with an edge. At first glance you don’t immediately see skulls as the soft colors truly create the look of classic elegance.

Available in sizes UK6 to UK22 ~ MSRP £57.50


The Violet dress runs true to size like the Collectif’s current seasons’ styles. I ordered a UK12(Medium) and found it was definitely not possible to size down as there is no stretch in the 100% polyester fabric. If you are on the larger end in the bust measurement, it is recommended that you size up so the button bodice lies flat and will prevent it from gaping. Due to my shorter torso, the shoulders require some alterations otherwise I could not wear it sans camisole. The dress features a frill neckline and cap sleeve with matching sash to cinch your waist.

Since the release of the first round of Violet dresses, Collectif has made a few small changes to the pattern to achieve a better fit.


The pastel skull-floral motif is a beautiful overlay with a soft turquoise lining. The skirt has a flirty and delicate feminine feel with a small flare. The Violet dress is super comfortable and thankfully does not require any special shapewear to achieve a flawless look. I also want to note the overlay is quite durable compared to your average sheer fabrics but be cautious of sharp objects that may cause snags. Also keep in mind, it would be best to use a steamer to remove any wrinkles as I believe an iron would be too harsh on the overlay.


Pair the Violet Dress with your favorite button down cardigan and round toe pumps, perfect for any occasion. Add a pearl necklace to create a true classic vintage look, complimenting the skulls perfectly. With the solid turquoise lining there is no need for concern of your undergarments showing through. The length falls a couple inches below the knee at 5ft 4inches in height.


Although we are headed into the cold winter months here in Canada, I cannot wait for spring as the Violet will be one of my go-to dresses to wear to the office….and just about everywhere! Make sure to snag this beauty as it was JUST restocked and will sell out fast!

9 thoughts on “Vintage Style With An Edge

  1. Its so pretty, and it fits you amazingly! I love skulls, I have a couple skull tattoos :), but I really like how the skulls on this dress are more subdued. It makes it appropriate for a multitude of occasions. Clothing covered with skulls aren’t always the most wearable, but this dress pulls it off.

  2. You look very beautiful in that dress! Love the skull pattern and the colours. I love Collectif clothing, their clothes always makes me feel elegant and like a true lady. Love, Sara xx

  3. Do you happen to remember what your measurements were when you got this dress/what the measurements of the dress might be? I bought this dress in a 16 after wanting it for ages, and it’s too big. Now I’m not sure if I need a 14 or a 12. Thanks!

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