Malibu Barbie With a Vintage Twist

As promised, the spotlight on vintage inspired sarong dresses continues…

Next up is the redesigned Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki dress available at Pinup Girl Clothing. The original design was inspired by the old school Malibu Barbie herself, available in both pink or blue Hawaiian print. Micheline Pitt brought the Malibu Tiki back from retirement after the late Amy Winehouse was seen wearing it while performing and as a result, the demand went through the roof! The re-release meant new colorways and redesign to create a much improved overall fit with matching bolero.

Available in sizes XS to 2X in blue & red floral; blue & pink floral; solid black – MSRP $126USD


First off, if you own one of the old style Malibu Tiki dresses…be sure to follow the new size chart as the fit has definitely changed immensely.  After consulting with other PUG fans, it was confirmed the new version ran small compared to the size chart and I went with the feedback to size up into a Large. Thankfully I did, there was absolutely no way the Medium would fit as the Large “just” fit in the waist even though my waist measurement is 29 inches. The redesigned Malibu Tiki now has adjustable straps (which is a wonderful feature I must add) and tie sarong skirt instead of the faux belt that always had a tendency to slip. Another positive change is the longer tulip skirt which helps prevent accidental slips of the wrap skirt popping open. Lastly, the Malibu Tiki now comes with a matching lined bolero for those cooler evenings.


Owning both the old and new Malibu Tiki, I must admit the redesigned version has a MUCH improved fit and more practical for regular wear. The padded bullet bra bust with adjustable straps is definitely suitable to wear sans bras comfortably. Originally I had ordered the light blue print but decided to swap it for the dark blue since I plan to wear it after our trip to the Bahamas. Both are stunningly beautiful colorways, it all depends on personal taste. The bolero is well constructed and fits wonderfully even when sizing up. As I mentioned earlier, the longer tulip skirt is a great enhancement as I always feared the wrap skirt would slip open on the old style with my wide hips.


The beauty of the Hawaiian floral print is the fact that it stands out and requires minimal accessories.  Add a hair flower with a matching bamboo bangle and you’re ready to go! The Malibu Tiki is so well constructed to create a flawless silhouette, shapewear is not required. Go from the beach to dinner in a flash…with no need to change your outfit, just add a pair of wedges or strappy heels.


We owe a big thank you to the late Amy Winehouse who inspired Miss Pitt to bring this beauty back, better than ever! May 2013 cannot get here fast enough, I am so excited to wear the Malibu Tiki in the Bahamas!

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