Ringing In 2013 With A Bang!

Often times there are certain dresses that I would not consider buying in a million years but somehow find myself doing a complete 180 after seeing it on fellow retro enthusiast. The issue is not that I don’t love these dresses from the start, but rather due to the fact of not having many special occasions to wear them to. Case in point, the breathtaking Monica by Pinup Girl Clothing. Definitely one of the most stunning designs, the epitome of Old Hollywood Glamor. Photo after photo of ladies of all shapes and sizes looking absolutely ravishing in the Monica convinced me it was impossible to resist.

Available in sizes S to 2X in Black, Red & Gold – MSRP $140-180USD.

Off the shoulder sleeves

Off the shoulder sleeves

The Monica was an instant hit and sold out like hot cakes as upon its release. Thankfully fellow shoppers shared their sizing feedback in order to help others with the fit. Based on their suggestions, sizing up was not required since the Monica is made from a super stretchy bengaline shaper with rushed jersey knit exterior. The Medium fit like a glove (measurements: bust 36, waist 29, hips 41-42) but does requires extra care when taking on and off to avoid any accidental rips or tears to the delicate fabric. Some gals step into the dress without opening the invisible side zipper but if you are on the higher end of the measurements, I do not recommend doing so. Due to the fragile nature of invisible zippers, PUG thankfully includes a spare in case a repair is required. Make sure to follow the special instructions to the letter and do not pull too hard on the zipper; trust me when I say, ask for assistance from someone else.

On the shoulders sleeves

On the shoulders sleeves

There are some very unique design features that are definitely worth discussing in more detail. The cross-over bustline features a clear plastic elastic which allows you to wear the sleeves either on or slightly off the shoulders. Personally, I prefer the off the shoulder look as I am quite narrow there and most importantly, it gives WAY better cleavage! Also, I found the elastic was rather uncomfortable when worn regularly and would even say it has an industrial strength feel.


The built in bengaline shaper supports and shapes your bust, waist and lower hips while the outer fabric conceals what is underneath and creates a sexy silhouette.  The shaper seemed to bunch in the bust area on me, it had a tendency to gape and required some manual adjustments to achieve a smoother appearance. Note, I am wearing the Rago 9357 bodybriefer and VS Miraculous bra in the review photos. It was a bit much overall therefore I will test out other shapewear or even a corset to create the perfect silhouette for this dress. Something felt a bit off that evening and I didn’t feel as glamorous as all the other ladies I saw photos wearing the Monica.


The luxury of this dress is the fact that it is so classic and elegant, perfect to wear to almost any special event. Pair it with your favorite round toe pumps and you are ready for a night on the town. The simpler, the better! For those ladies under 5 ft 5, you may find it a bit challenging to walk initially since the base of the skirt is quite tapered. I would not recommend having it shortened as it may ruin the overall silhouette.


Although Monica and I are having a few initial challenges, I still think she is fabulous! Thankfully Santa left her under my tree this past Christmas. This is going to be one sexy little black dress I look forward to wearing for years to come!

11 thoughts on “Ringing In 2013 With A Bang!

  1. Great review! It looks fab on you. 🙂

    I totally agree about the bust area. I didn’t notice it until I tried on the red. I have the black in size Small which is smaller than the red of the same size. I could easily wiggle into the red without unzipping but not the black. The bust area was impossible for me to get adjusted properly so that there weren’t creases in the red. Don’t seem to have the same issue in the black – likely because it is smaller.

    I, too, am wanting a corset under this dress. Just waiting for a good sale. hee

  2. im sold. now to find somewhere special to wear it… wait i have 3 weddings this year. i wonder if i can work 6 dresses into 3 weddings???/

  3. You look gorgeous in that dress! Mthanks for the great review. I have been considering that dress, but I am afraid that I am too short for it. Love the seamed stockings. Great touch!

  4. You look fabulous! Do you think the off shoulder sleeves would look good on someone with broad shoulder? I was not considering the Monica, but after seeing your review and many fan photos, I think I will join in 🙂

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