Love Affair Turned Obsession…

If you have been reading Pin Up Persuasion over the last year, you will know how much love I have for Rago shapewear. Hands down, there is no other vintage inspired shapewear that not only looks sexy but possesses magical shaping powers while not compromising comfort. I have to say, Rago goes hand in hand with vintage inspired clothing and without it, I wouldn’t look half as good in my clothes. After trying a variety of their open bottom girdles, it was time to see how the Rago Long Leg Briefers compared. Quickly I decided to order the Rago 6201 Firm High Waist Leg Shaper from one my favorite places to shop, Orchard Corset.

Available in size S to 5X in Black or White – MSRP $$45USD


If you are familiar with other Rago styles you can definitely continue to purchase the same size as they are very consistent throughout. Being in between the Medium and Large, I size up to the Large since my hips are 10 inches greater than my waist measurement. The Rago 6201 is designed for firm control shaping with Shapette Power Net fabric with 2 way stretch.

Some of the key features worth noting from Rago’s site:

• High waist smooths away midriff bulge.

• Sturdy zipper with hook and eye backing for comfort and convenience.

• Flexible front and side boning for comfort and shaping.

• Exclusive contour bands for shaping waist, hips, back and derrière.

• Exclusive Invisinet tummy tamer panel shapes comfortably.

• Gripper stretch lace bottom eliminates thigh bind.


Now let’s discuss how those features work on average ladies like you and I. The side zipper is such a great option to have as it is super easy to get in and out of them, especially when nature calls, the Rago 6209 is identical in style but has no zipper. Unlike the Rago 1294 Girdle, the zipper it super smooth and does no gape or bunch. The two main areas of concern for most ladies tends to be bulging at the top of the shaper and the elastic cutting into the legs/thighs. Yes, there was a little muffin top happening but I found two easy solutions to resolve this nasty side effect. One – pull the shaper up as high as you can below your bra to help smooth things out and two – wearing a long-line bra should eliminate the muffin top altogether. As for the elastic cutting into the legs/thighs…there was NONE of that whatsoever! The long leg cut is perfect and does not require any special techniques to fix.


To be quite honest, I am favoring the Rago 6201 Long Leg Shaper over the girdle for a few reasons. First, the comfort level is much greater since the shaper is not compressing your thighs together and allows for more fluid movement overall. Which leads to the my next key point, it is easier to walk in high heels. Why? For the very same reason noted above about the absence of compression, you won’t wiggle as you walk. The all over smoothing created by the contour bands is quite fabulous and very figure flattering concealing some of the worst trouble areas. I have to mention again, it is SO comfortable and does not make you feel like you’re wearing firm control shapewear. The gripper stretch lace bottom prevents it from riding up and eliminates thigh chaffing.

I am beyond pleased with the Rago 6201 and it far exceeded my expectations as Rago does with every purchase. If you are a fan of the Rago 1294, I truly believe you should invest in a long leg shaper as you will love having comfortable go-to shapewear options to pair with your retro clothing.


P.S. We’re in the works of testing our new camera and setting up a little studio in the basement to take improved blog review photos. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

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22 thoughts on “Love Affair Turned Obsession…

  1. Rosalie

    Hi Jessica! What a coincidence: yesterday, I was browsing Rago products to find such a shapewear (high waisted with long legs). I prefer those over girdles and such. Thanks for the review, very helpful!

  2. Amavesta Bee

    Thanks for another great review Jess. I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now.

  3. ah I think I need this. The zipper on the side and the leg details have helped a lot as I am always worried about leg bulge and can never get in and out of shape wear easily (esp when nature calls).

  4. Julia

    This shape wear is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks!

  5. haleyt22

    I need to get me one of these!!!!

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  7. 2 Cents

    I think you pictures are great. They are much better than most of the other self review type blogs, and I appreciate that you leave the images large for better view of the products. So many blogs try to scale them down to tiny images and they often make it hard to make out the detail.

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  12. Mae

    I got this shaper partially because of your review. Have you noticed anything funny with the bone(?) at the zipper? It seems to be very stiff, and seems to move up and down in the casing, making one side of me slightly differently shaped than the other. I think I’ll just sew a line of stiching under it, so it can’t slip.

  13. Hi Mae,
    I don’t have any issue with the boning slipping or moving…maybe see if it can be exchanged? It sounds like maybe it’s not tacked in place but if a simple stitch can fix that, then it’s not a big repair.

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  16. Krystle Dewberry

    My only question and concern is does it actually lift and also help the booty or does it squish it ?

  17. The Rago 6201 is a great girdle, I am in it now as I sit in front of my computer and type this up. What to really love about this girdle it really gives my stomach need control and support, it really is an amazing and I recommend it. Once you are in this girdle and you experience being well encased and supported you do not want to ever take it off. After you are out of the girdle late at night and when you wake up in the morning you can not wait to put it back on.

  18. Jess

    Question for me. I have found with other legged shapwear that the legs start rolling up. Have you experienced that or does the bottom stay in place. TIA!

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