Pin Up Persuasion’s One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!!!


It is so hard to believe it has been one year already since Pin Up Persuasion began! With the support and encouragement of several incredible ladies in my life, the blog has grown into a HUGE success that I could never have imagined. From day one I have said this is a labour of love and that will never change. Over the last year so many amazing people have come into my life; all who share in my passion for vintage clothing. I learn just as much as my readers with every post.

Pin Up Persuasion is blessed with the support of several fabulous retailers who truly cherish their customers. I have discovered some true gems along the way and I’m so happy to share them with all of you. A big thank you to all the sponsors of the One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway: Stop Staring, The Foxy Shoppe, Rowena/, Orchard Corset, JBR Clothing, Betty Le Bonbon, Fluff, Punk Up Bettie, Rockabilly Pinup, Dress911, Danger De Lux, Is Mightier, The Emerald City…and we can’t forget YOU!!!

Are you ladies excited yet??? Check out the FABULOUS prizes up for grabs!


Stop Staring Billion Dollar Dress in your choice of Black or Red.


$100 Gift Card & Naughty Librarian Bowler Bag from The Foxy Shoppe.

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 10.33.29 PM

$100 Gift Card from Rowena/


Black Satin Underbust Corset, Stockings & Gloves from Orchard Corset.


Custom Swing Skirt from Betty Le Bonbon


Martini Girl Tote from Fluff.

PP Lux Prize

Lux De Ville Bag of your choice from JBR Clothing.


3 Piece Accessory Set from Punk Up Bettie.


Retro Mystery Box from The Emerald City.


Swallow Love Necklace by UL17 Alchemy from Rockabilly Pinup.


Two – $25 Gift Card from Dress911.


Hair Flower, Shoe Clips, Hair Bows & Earrings from Danger De Lux.


Fountain Pen Earrings from Is Mightier.


Beachy Keene 1950’s Beach Bustier Halter Top (your choice of two colors) from Rockabillybettie’s Retro Re-Do.

Now you are all probably wondering how to enter? It’s simple…

Go to Pin Up Persuasion’s tumblr page ~ CLICK HERE ~. Make sure to enter for EACH PRIZE to increase your chances of winning! The more tasks you complete…the more chances you earn to win!

Good luck to all! Contest starts Monday, January 14 at 10am (EST) and end Friday, February 8 at 11:59pm (EST).

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82 thoughts on “Pin Up Persuasion’s One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!!!

  1. Rosalie

    Wow!!! I’m gonna enter for sure!

  2. Congratulations on your one year!! I am so happy your blog has been so successful – it is a great blog, full of lots of helpful reviews and pretty things to look at 🙂

    Amazing prizes!! And looking forward to seeing what the future has to bring for this blog ❤

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Jessica Droste

    Happy Anniversary! This is one of my favorite blogs! Thanks so much for putting together such an awesome give away for us fans!

  4. Chrystal Allen

    Happy 1st year, Jessica, and may you have many more!! Love your contests because I KNOW I actually have a shot of winning, and the prizes you got for this one are amaze-balls!

  5. Awesome prizes! Would love some new finery for my wardrobe 😉

  6. Nisha

    Happy anniversary! You have done such a great job with this blog.

    These are all great prizes, I would love to win any of them!

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i really realllyyyyyy want that awesom Betty Le Bonbon skirt!!!!! so lovely!!

  8. O M G Jessica!!! Happy anniversary! What a FANTASTIC giveaway. I want to win everything! Haha.

  9. Susanne Brown

    Wow, great prizes! Would love to win something. Happy anniversary!

  10. Lauren

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I love your blog! 🙂

  11. Lura L

    Congrats on your one year!!! You’ve done a great job so far, keep up the hard and awesome work!

  12. Patricia

    This contest is amazing! So much good stuff! ❤ Congrats on the 1 year!

  13. Saffron Clark

    Thanks so much for your amazing blog and such a fantastic competition!! x

  14. Happy Anniversary, 1 year is huge! I’ve been reading your blog from day 1 and I can’t get enough. I hope you have another great year of blogging. Thanks for the fantastic contest, I’m literally squealing with excitement. 😀

  15. Amanda W

    It’d be like Christmas all over again to win
    So making sure I enter is my mission
    I’d be spoilt rotten to win the Foxy Shoppe Bag
    and could ditch my old bag which is looking like a hag.

  16. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Jessica!!

  17. doing this ;D

  18. Congratulations! I love your blog, I always look forward to new posts from you 🙂

  19. Diana

    Congrats for 1 year!

  20. Wow! Amazing swag of prizes! And happy birthday to your blog!!

  21. sandie patane

    Congrats on 1 year!!!! ❤

  22. Congrats! Winning any one of these prizes would probably make my year!

  23. Heather

    I am a huge fan out being a Pin Up girl but its hard to do much on the budget of a student :/ Crossing my fingers

  24. Congratulations!!!

  25. Congratulations, Jessica on a great year! And thanks to your sponsors as well! XO

  26. Adena

    Wow, congrats! So, for the raflcopter, it says to state why we want to win the prizes… I like winning stuff and my wardrobe is sorta lacking at the moment. :3

  27. Stop Staring Billion Dollar Dress:
    I’m a top heavy woman and I have finally found the style that fits my frame. i love Stop Staring Clothing, but I can’t afford the clothes at the moment. I would love to add the Billion Dollar Dress in Black to my collection

  28. Jackie C

    Congrats on a year, may there be many more!

  29. Lisa

    Wow, what an incredible labour of love this blog has been, and so too must have been putting this giveaway together. Congratulations!! So many wonderful prizes, and goodness, I would be happy winning anything from any of your incredible sponsors 🙂

  30. katrynarae

    This is so amazing! What a fantastic giveaway! Congratulations on the first year online!
    I am relatively new to the world of pin-up fashion. Who knew there was a whole myriad of places to find the clothing I used to dream of! Winning something from this giveaway would really help kickstart my new lifestyle!

  31. i want to win ALL these AWESOME prizes!!!! i love you, jessica, LOVE your blog and all you do to help keep us pinups up to date in the retro world! you RAWK!

  32. These prizes are amazing. I would so luck to win something… anything.

  33. Theresa

    Amazing giveaway! Congratulations on celebrating one year! There are so many gorgeous prizes 🙂

  34. Congrats on the one year anniversary! 🙂 And OMFG what amazing prizes! I’d love to win so that I can really shine when I attend burlesque clubs. I’m getting my burlesque career really started now and I’m hoping to expand even more this year, so it would be perfect not having to spend so much money on looking fabulos! 😉 Keeping all my fingers crossed! XOXO

  35. Sarah

    So funny, I just couldn’t believe you’r blogging for just a year! Congrats! The blog and the articles always feel very professional, it made me believe you’re a pro with years of experience. I guess you were a pro from the start 😉 And now fingers crossed, incredible how many fab prizes you have collected for us!

    • Haha maybe it was my calling. I had NEVER read a blog until a month before taking the plunge. When you share something you love, it definitely comes naturally. Good luck darling!

  36. nadine

    Hi Jessica, As a follower from the start it has been amazing to be with you on your pin up journey! Congrats on one year! God, I would love so many of the prizes particular from my favourite retailers Rowena/Retroglam, Dress 911, and JBR clothing! I would love to try the billion dollar baby dress as it is legendary. Also Betty Le Bon Bon has the most amazing fabrics for custom made skirts, there is this really cute one with bugs in jars that I have set my eyes on. Thanks for a wonderful year!

    • Nadine you have supported me from day one and I am truly grateful to those who pushed me to take it to the next level. I wouldn’t be here without the continuing support of the DD ladies, the original PP crew. ❤

  37. Brittany

    Congrats on your first year! Hope your second is even better! I would love to win any of these prizes because I’m obsessed with Pin Up everything after discovering that wearing pin up clothing makes me feel fabulous!

  38. Natalie

    Congratulations Jessica! How will you announce the winners to all of this fabulousness?!

  39. Wow one year that is awesome Good for you

  40. This is so exciting! Congratulations!!
    As for why I’d love to win any of the prizes… well it’s because since I started following your blog in February you gave me the courage to start wearing a fashion style I’ve always loved. These prizes would make my budding collection flourish. ^_^
    Here’s to another year! *Cheers*!

  41. Karen

    This is awesome. Hope I win something!!! All the prizes are great!!

  42. Michelle B

    A year has gone by already! Happy Anniversary wifey!! Time flies by when you are having fun! and I know how much this means to you and how much you enjoy doing this.. XX

  43. Kira Foster

    Simply AMAZING and congrats! Ooooh, I wish I could keep up with anything for a year. Keep up the great work!

  44. What an incredible giveaway! What an incredible blog too! I love ya girl keep on rocking!

  45. Peachy giveaway! Thank’s cats and kittens ❤

    GiGi Marie

  46. Happy anniversary!!!! I love checking your pages each day. Keep up the awesome work!

  47. YAY! your the best Jess, Love your blog, and your so open to giving any advice or opinions. Super sweet. And this is an amazing giveaway!

    • I will always try to help in any way I can. This is definitely one of the best rewards since the blog started. Makes my day when readers send me questions or ask for advice 🙂

  48. Kay

    Good on you mate – congratulations on this milestone and here’s to many more years to come!! Cheers!
    (Fantastic giveaway, btw!) 😉

  49. Hey, thanks for doing this! What a celebration.
    I’d love to bring some vintage flair to my work and play wardrobes.

  50. Congrats on your one year anniversary!
    I have been watching from afar and reading your blog for several months! You have helped me figure out what I have wanted to do with my wardrobe. As to why I would like to win a prize? Because you have made me feel comfortable in my own skin and i loved that feeling! It has brought me to a great part of my life where my clothes bring back a vintage feel!

    • This warms my heart. Everyone needs to find what makes them feel great & show it off! You ladies inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing 🙂

  51. Amanda Wells

    Awesome hun! So glad we know ea other and I’m so proud of your blog and all that you’ve accomplished! Kiss kiss!

  52. Jordan

    I definitely want to enter! This is such a nice thing to do!

  53. Julia McLachlan

    Great prizes! Wish me luck!

  54. haleyt22

    Great prizes and great blog!!! I found out about this blog from Rowena, and I am super happy I found it! You are great 🙂

  55. Sarah


  56. Amber

    I so need some new stuff! I haven’t gotten anything for myself in forever, and I LOVE all of this!!!

  57. robin

    Wow, Fantastic contest!!!! I LOVE Rowena! Thank you.

  58. Rosalie

    I want to congratulate you on your amazing work on this blog which has been very helpful and interesting! Long live Pin up persuasion!

  59. Fantastic contest. love the pin up fashion and lifestyle, but can be hard to do working full time to pay bills and going to school full time. Keep it alive, and never let true retro die out.

  60. Kristy W.

    This is pretty awesome!! Happy Anniversary!!

  61. Jael Hicks

    Congrats on your anniversary! This is an amazing giveaway!!

  62. Congrats on this milestone! And thank you for sharing the celebration with us 😀

  63. And I would love to win because I want to show that women of color can work the retro Pin-Up trend as well!

  64. Oh, I know *exactly* which Lux de Ville bag i’d like to win from JBR Clothing…! Here’s hoping…

  65. Oo, I’d love that Foxy Shoppe prize, please and thank you!!!!

  66. Congradulations on the first year! I would love to win any of these prizes as they would be my first big step into changing my wardrobe to what I have wanted to wear and what looks good on my body! This would be a great first step!

  67. Dana

    So awesome! Would be ecstatic to win any of these! Thank you for all that you do Jess ❤

  68. Thank you for the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes! ❤ I would love to model them ^_^

  69. Cindy

    Love the giveaway and I’de love to win any one of them ❤ but especially some clothes lol :p lovelovelove! ❤

  70. The contest is coming to a close and it’s been exciting! every single prize is amazing, I can only hope and cross my fingers that I win something.
    Looking forward to seeing all the lovely winners in a few days.
    Congratulations again on your 1 year anniversary Jessica!

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