Polka Dots Are A Way To Infinity

Sadly there are very few vintage inspired dresses that are more suitable for winter and living in Canada really limits dress season during the cold winter months. When I discovered the Stop Staring Samantha Dress, it went straight to the top of my wishlist and I was lucky to snag it for 25% off from JBR Clothing. Black Friday resulted in a fabulous haul of beautiful clothes at incredible discounted prices.

Available in sizes XS to 3X in black with white dots – MSRP $149USD


If you own other Stop Staring dresses, the Samantha dress fits completely different since it is made from a beautiful sweater knit material. Normally I wear a Large but was able to comfortably size down to a Medium (measurements: bust 36, waist 29, hips 42). The Samantha features 3/4 length sleeves with a scooped rolled collar and a subtle flower to add a touch of elegance. The swing skirt is generous in length, falling a few inches below the knee. The polka dot knit material is so warm for those cold winter months, it feels like your body is wrapped in one giant sweater.


Let me just say, the Samantha dress has to be one of the MOST perfect dresses for winter and utterly comfortable in every way. If you’re having a body image day, this dress will snap you right out of it in an instant. The fit is suitable for ladies of all shapes and size. The polka dots are imbedded in the knit material and not a cheap applique that may wear over time. That being said, the black dye does have a small tendency to bleed and actually discolored my nails to a slight purple hue but doesn’t harm the white dots oddly enough. Just be weary of light surfaces where color transfer could be an issue. It is recommended as dry clean only and will not risk washing myself.


Adding a belt will not only break up the polka dot pattern, it will cinch your waist to define a lovely hourglass figure. Shown is a simple bow belt from Heartbreaker, only $12.99. The Samantha can go from day to evening with no extra effort, simple accessories is all you’ll need. For extra warmth, pair it with tights or back seam stockings.


Of the many dresses I own, the Samantha has been worn numerous times to variety of events as it’s a perfect staple for winter. Who doesn’t want to be wearing such a stylish dress while keeping them cozy and warm?

7 thoughts on “Polka Dots Are A Way To Infinity

  1. Dangerdelux makes such a great point above … I really wish more pin up style dresses were designed with winter in mind! What I REALLY want, and am struggling to find, is a ‘fit and flare’ style winter coat with the look of a 50s dress, down to the wrists, and long enough to cover a dress (or at least only leave an inch of it peeking from the bottom). Plus more dresses with longer sleeves and warmer fabrics!

  2. Thank you so much for this blog. I had seen this dress before but didn’t think too much about it. However on you it looks fantastic – much better than on the stop staring model. Really appreciate the sizing info. So have just ordered it from jbr clothing who still my size and are giving 10% off until the 14 th.

      • Dress arrived today and is almost as beautiful on me as your is on you. JBR are impressive. It only took 4 days to get to NZ on the cheapest postage. Still to warm to wear but will be something to look forward to for winter.

        Have you seen that Heartbreaker in its Spring range has a long sleeved corduroy dress in 4 colours specially for its Southern Hemisphere customers. Much cheaper than this dress too. I think it is called Mitzi.

      • JBR is incredible & I really wish more people would give them as chance as they will wish they did ages ago. So happy to hear you love it & I’m sure you look equally as amazing in it. I’ve taken a quick look at the HB Spring line but must have missed the Mitzi. Off to go look now 🙂

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