I Love Pretty Dresses!

It is no secret that I have crazy obsession with vintage inspired dresses…just go have a peek at the closet dedicated to my pride and joys. When I came across a online retailer called The Pretty Dress Company…I instantly knew it was going to be heaven on earth for the addict in me. After spending many hours staring at all the beautiful designs, it was clear I would have to wait for a sale as the exchange rate from British Pounds was not affordable in Canadian dollars. I opted to sign up for their newsletter and was thrilled to buy the Limited Edition Red Polka Dot Hourglass Pencil Dress at half price!

Available in sizes 8UK to 16UK in a variety of colors & prints – MSRP £89 (On Sale £49)


The PDC size chart really threw me for a loop due to their extremely small hip measurements in comparison to the bust and waist ratios. After inquiring on their Facebook page, they quickly responded saying the hip measurement is taken at the top of your hips, not the fullest part as we are accustomed to with other retailers. Based on the size chart, I would fall in the 12UK (Medium) range – measurements 36, 29, 41; although the hip states 36 inches! Their International shipping rates are based on the total value of your order; for orders between £49-£100 it was a reasonable £10.59 and arrived in less than two weeks.


Needless to say, placing an order for the first time with any retailer is a little nerve racking as it can be a real gamble when it comes to fit. I am thrilled to report, the Hourglass Pencil Dress did not disappoint and fits beautifully. The faux wrap over neckline provides ample space for all bust sizes and allows you to choose the modesty level based on the bra style worn. The bodice is fully lined with stretch viscose elastane to hold and support your shape. Made from a soft stretch cotton, perfect to flatter your curves for a flawless silhouette. The cap sleeves feature a soft gathered elastic to stay perfectly in place on your shoulders. Don’t let the front pleat detail fool you, this is not a wrap dress and there is no need to worry about the skirt accidentally flapping open when you walk. The front oversize side tie creates a fabulous optical illusion minimizing your waist.


The quality and exceptional design is hands down worth every penny! The Hourglass Pencil Dress is so well constructed, sure to flatter your figure creating the illusion of a flawless silhouette. I adore the vibrant red color in combination with the white polka dots. The only small alteration required was taking up the shoulders as I have a short torso but this would not be necessary for ladies with average to long torsos. (I often require my dresses to be taken up 2+ inches in the shoulders)

The Hourglass pencil dress is appropriate for almost any occasion, dress it up with heels and a pearl necklace or go more casual with sandals and a small hair flower. I can definitely see myself wearing this beauty to the office, adding a small lace camisole would be a lovely touch for those seeking a more conservative look. The thick cotton material will conceal your shapewear perfectly; I highly recommend pairing it with your favorite Rago piece.


I am certain you will fall head over heels in love when you discover the fabulous designs by So Couture. What? …why did I say So Couture? One of my readers enlightened me that the label is actually called So Couture and The Pretty Dress Company is their online store front. Yes, I learn something new everyday along with my readers 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Love Pretty Dresses!

  1. Hihi, glad to have “enlightened” you. 😉 You have enlightened me by telling me about that unusual hip measurement; good to know!!

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