Fifties Timeless Elegance

There’s nothing I am more drawn to then the true timeless elegance of the fashion era from the fifties. Many vintage repro designers add a modern twist to their designs but I am a sucker for the genuine untouched elements from the decade we all know and love. From the moment I laid eyes on the Bettie Page Beverly Dress, it was love at first sight! Its simple sophistication was breathtaking. I was thrilled to see JBR Clothing was stocking this number.

Available in sizes XXS to 4X – MSRP $134USD


One of the things I appreciate most when shopping at JBR Clothing is Rachel’s amazing guidance on sizing…she has yet to steer me wrong! Personally I find Bettie Page sizing to be different with each design and would love to see specific size charts to make online shopping easier. Based on Rachel’s feedback, I opted to order the Beverly in size Medium which fits wonderfully (Measurements 36-29-41). Made from a very unique textured pale green 4-way stretch fabric, with flecks of blue, orange and pink woven in. The Beverly is fully lined with a beautiful quality satin, it feels like silk on your skin. A notable feature is the cute bow belt supplied with the Beverly in brown, also available to buy separately in a variety of additional colors. The belt seems to run quite large, I will need to trim the excess as it wraps around too far.


The Beverly is designed with modesty in mind with a high rounded collar, short sleeves and knee length hemline. The thickness of the woven material and lined interior truly creates the illusion of a flawless silhouette. A word of caution, be extra careful when closing the back zipper as the texture of the fabric tends to easily get snagged and will cause thread pulls. The Beverly fit perfectly off the rack and required absolutely no alterations. I find ladies with a more hourglass shape regardless of size will be drawn to its simplistic look. Thankfully the bow belt adds a little pop of color to the overall design.


Perfect for the office or an afternoon with the ladies, the Beverly is the epitome of fifties fashion. Pair it with your favorites red pumps to spice up your look. Add a set of vintage pearls to enhance the Jackie O’ vibe to the design. Simplicity is the best look with the Beverly…less is more!


I truly hope to see more genuine fifties inspired designs coming from Bettie Page in future collections…modernizing tends to lose so much of what we love most from those times. Sadly I cannot wear true vintage dresses as the sizing is much too small in the waist. Thankfully we are blessed with several fabulous Vintage Inspired Designers that help keep the era alive!

2 thoughts on “Fifties Timeless Elegance

  1. I’m sitting at work and found your blog. And suddenly I’m at page 26.. Jep, I’m hooked and I think you have an absolutely lovely blog! And do I have to say that the dress is amazing? Xx

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