Add A Dash of Ginger To Your Wardrobe

Occasionally there are certain designs that fly under the radar until you happen to see how truly amazing it looks on someone else and wonder why you didn’t get it sooner? The Ginger in Bandana Print from Pinup Girl Clothing is a prime example of this case in point. As soon as I saw my gorgeous friend Maralynn wearing hers, I HAD to have it! Luckily my size was instock during the PUG Black Friday sale and scooped one up at a fabulous price. If you happen to see the Ginger in stock anywhere, grab it as this particular style has been discontinued in all prints.

Available sizes XS to 2X in a variety of colors & prints – MSRP $118USD


Normally I find the PUG size charts very accurate and follow it without question but the Ginger in Bandana Print was an exception to the rule. Based on my measurements (36-29-41), I should easily fit in the size Medium but found the bust line cutting in considerably and rather snug in the waist. Sizing up to the Large was a perfect all over fit to my surprise. The Ginger has an elasticized gathered bodice with halter straps to provide support for the bustier ladies. Made from high quality cotton with little to no stretch. The full skirt is a perfect length falling just below the knee (at 5ft 4 inches tall) with a dainty eyelet ruffle trim.


The Ginger is definitely a much understated dress as the construction and overall design is remarkable for all body types. I truly believe the higher price point was the demise of this beauty since overall sales were low and led to its retirement after last season. It’s a fabulous dress for the summer and a wonderful staple to have in your closet for those days you need to get dressed on the fly.


By adding a cardigan or shrug, the Ginger is perfect to wear to the office or an afternoon out with the ladies. For extra fullness, pair it with your favorite petticoat and a little hair flower to finish off the entire ensemble. The Ginger looks perfect with heels or flats…pretty much everything goes from casual to semi-formal outings.


If you have been lusting after the Ginger or on the fence…now is the time to grab one while they are on clearance at retailers like as they have been removed from the PUG site altogether.

What styles have you purchased after seeing them on other ladies that you never thought twice about?

11 thoughts on “Add A Dash of Ginger To Your Wardrobe

  1. Looks great on you!! I’m always so nervous with halter ties….when your breasts weigh a bit all that strain on your neck can be painful! You make it look fab and desirable, perhaps you should have been the model for PUG on this one?

  2. Lura L
    If you love the dress enough to buy it but you’re worried about the harlter ties you can always make them into straps. I’ve had this done by my seamstress friend a couple of times and it works well. There’s likely plenty of length on the ties to make straps. Do this and then you can have that pretty dress you love so much!
    You look great in this dress!

  3. I also agree that this is cute as a button, but would only have looked good on me pre-nursing. This dress has to showcase a nice rack, not a willow tree’s sagging branches.

  4. I have been looking for one for months, and have yet to find one. If you ever decide to get rid of it, I am definitely willing to buy from you!!

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