A Closet Full of Dresses With Nothing to Wear!

Oddly enough with a closet full of dresses, I still have times when it seems like I have nothing to wear to formal events. It is essential to have one or two options that are suitable for multiple occasions at a moment’s notice. The Vivien in Plum Taffeta by Pinup Girl Clothing was a perfect candidate for the job. Luckily Rowena/Retroglam.com had them on sale during their end of season blow out.

Available in size XS to 2X in a variety of colors – MSRP $102USD


The Vivien is known to work well for the less busty as a result the busty ladies are required to size up. Based on the size chart, I was in-between sizes (measurements 36-29-41) and decided it was definitely best to order the Large since the taffeta does not stretch. Immediately I fell in love with the classic one shoulder design as it showcases my tattoos wonderfully. Pair it with your favorite strapless bra, in my case the Victoria Secret Miraculous for a little extra oomph! The taffeta material has a gorgeous sharkskin sheen and quite form flattering with the side gathering design. The color is absolutely breathtaking!


Recently PUG re-released the Vivien in three new bengaline colorways with a stunning rhinestone shoulder detail. The same fabulous design but in a new stretchy fabric for those not keen on the taffeta. I personally love the taffeta as it is truly unique and very figure flattering for someone with curves. Pairing the Vivien with my Rago shapewear is a perfect complement to create the illusion of a perfect hourglass silhouette.


We can safely say the Vivien is not something you can wear to the office or a family barbecue but is perfect for those special date nights or a wedding reception. With the off the shoulder detail, I recommend wearing your favorite vintage pendant earrings and skip any neck jewelry. A pair of classic round toe pumps will complete the look beautifully.


Now I know there is at least one dress in my closet that will work for those fancy functions and won’t fall into the “nothing to wear” predicament anytime soon. Check out Retroglam.com and other online retailers to snag the Vivien in taffeta at greatly discounted prices.

4 thoughts on “A Closet Full of Dresses With Nothing to Wear!

  1. I often have the “I have nothing to wear!” syndrome, but mostly because I love looking fabulous to formal events and it’s hard to find gorgeous things in my size (4X PUG). I started making my own and it’s served me well. Currently crafting all of my new summer dresses for the year. Now I have to find something in that plum color! Looks great on you!

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