Ribbon And Bows Galore!

Recently I was introduced to the lovely Punk Up Bettie, a one gal operation creating the most fabulous Retro/Rockabilly accessories. Inspired by the designers love of all things pin up, vintage, rockabilly, punk, horror & more!  Lina hand crafts all her creations, with the utmost care down to the smallest details. You would have also seen Punk Up Bettie as one of the fabulous sponsors for our blog anniversary giveaway.


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I am not going to lie…I had reservations about wearing bows as it has always been something I shied away from with accessories. Looking through Punk Up Bettie’s designs, they were all so incredibly beautiful and surprisingly intrigued to give them a chance. The bold colors and fun polka patterns with a rockabilly edge are bound to make a statement with any outfit. There’s something for everyone – roses, skulls, swallows, cherries, anchors with a mix of animal print, polka dots, bandana print & much more! If bows are really not your thing (trust me, you should definitely reconsider that stance) Punk Up Bettie has a fabulous selection of hair flowers with coordinating rings, necklaces, earrings and wristbands at very affordable prices.


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When my goodies arrived all the way from Denmark, I couldn’t wait to see what I got! Immediately I was head over heels about them and super excited to share my review with all of you. Bear in mind, not all hair accessories are made equal. It is essential to be conscious of quality products in order to prevent damage to your locks. First, the hair clip is the determining factor of great quality vs junk. The Punk Up Bettie accessories not only grip well, they do not snag or pull therefore preventing any accidental breakage to your locks. Second, the clips must be well fastened to the base while remaining esthetically pleasing to the eye. As you can see in the review photos, Lina is unmistakably attentive to the finest details.


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What I love the most about Punk Up Bettie’s accessories is the fact they coordinate perfectly with the majority of my retro wardrobe but would also be suitable to wear with jeans and a tank or tee. The simple, clean lines make it a statement piece sure to get you noticed. They are super cute and fun but not in a childish way. Punk Up Bettie delivers the highest quality I have seen in handmade accessories, definitely giving you a lot of bang for your buck! Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, quality handmade products are hard to find these days.


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After testing out these pretties…I anxiously compiling an order for more bows believe it or not! If you haven’t already, check out Punk Up Bettie’s Fanpage where you’ll find the latest designs and sales!!!

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