No Way, No How…

In retro fashion there are a several styles of clothing that suit a variety of body types but I personally did not feel this was plausible for the high waist cigarette pants. We all know they look fantastic on tall ladies with a perfect hourglass figure; so how the heck am I going to pull them off being short and un-proportionate? Thus, I steered clear of any high waist pants altogether. My curiosity got the best of me when Deadly Dames re-released their high waist Cigarette Pants in a more flexible fabric to ensure a better fit on a variety of shapes and sizes.

Available in sizes XS – 2X in a variety of colors & prints – MSRP $76-$86USD.


The DD Cigarette Pants are definitely a bit tricky to pin point your sizing as you have to factor in your thigh, rise and inseam in addition to the waist and hip measurements. Based on the size chart, I fell in between the Medium and Large but opted to size up since I tend to be more bottom heavy when it comes to proper fitting pants. When they first arrived, I tried them on and quickly put them aside as it seemed they just didn’t look good on me and was disappointed from getting my hopes up. I figured it was best to try them again with some shapewear and decide if it was a complete loss or not. On my second attempt armed with Spanx, the fit was definitely more positive and considered it a step in the right direction. The DD Cigarette Pants are made from a heavy weight cotton spandex stretch twill that molds to your curves and allows give in the waist without losing its shape. The back zip with button closure proved to be a bit tricky to fasten but got easier each time.


The fit on the DD cigarette pants is considerably difficult and there are a few issues that leave me undecided. First, the high waist is a bit too big as my measurements fall in the medium but needed a large to accommodate my hips. That being said, the high waist fits comfortably in the stomach area but dips several inches lower in the back having a fuller bottom. Pairing them with a top that is tucked in doesn’t look all that flattering unless you add a wide belt to conceal this gap.


At only 5 ft 4 inches tall, the length falls just below the ankle rather than above. Surely not a deal breaker but calls for a nice high heel to elongate your legs. Lastly, if you have stomach area concerns you will require some tummy control shapewear with the cigarette pants. From the first time I tried them on, it was clear that the high waist style accentuated the tummy pooch which is not what we want with any style of clothing. A high waist short shaper like the Rago 6201 would work best. These challenges are surely due to the fact I’m short with a very curvy bottom with a severe gap in my waist to hip ratio which exceeds 13 inches.


Cigarette pants can be paired with a multitude of tops, ranging from casual to an evening out. The options are endless since they are a classic black dress pant. I do highly recommend pairing it with your favorite high heels; add a pop of color with fun animal prints or bold shades.


Although I am still on the fence with the fit on the DD cigarette pants, I am willing to give them a chance as the style makes a great staple piece for any retro wardrobe. Since taking the review photos I have trimmed down, so I’m really hoping to overcome my fear of form fitting pants and wear them with pride.

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