Review – Jenny Skirts from Pin Up Girl Clothing

The lovely Amber is guest blogging today about the new PUG Jenny Skirts. xo

PinUp at Heart

I know I don’t do many clothing reviews here on the blog but when Jessica from PinUp Persuasion ( put out a call for reviews on the Pin Up Girl (PUG) Jenny skirt I was happy to oblige.  Let me first start by saying if you are a lover of pin up girl styles head over to Jessica’s blog STAT – she does honest, thorough reviews of pin up style reproduction vintage clothes from a number of companies (Bettie Page, PUG, Glamour Bunny, etc.).

I’ve been a fan of PUG clothing for quite awhile now.  Here are just a few of their dresses that you’ve seen me in –

PicMonkey Collage

A few months back (probably around the holidays) PUG posted a picture on their Facebook page of a photo shoot featuring sample dresses from their upcoming Spring line – I saw a harlequin print from 10 miles away.  I was in love…

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