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Venturing Into New Territory

As promised, something brand new for Pin Up Persuasion readers that I am sure you will enjoy! Since the very beginnings of PP, I have chosen to focus a lot on proper fitting and comfortable shapewear. It is a quintessential in all retro wardrobes to achieve the look that we might not be so blessed with genetics alone. Well, the response from all of you has been overwhelming and I’m so happy to share my very first lingerie review today.

Tutti Rouge LogoWhen I first saw the previews for Tutti Rouge Lingerie, I was giddy with excitement as they were designed for fuller bust customers in fun flirty prints. So often bras made for larger cup sizes are boring and have zero sex appeal. My fairy blog mother Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust featured their “Liliana” back in April which led me to stalking Tutti Rouge in anticipation of their upcoming launch. Their line is designed for fuller busts with coordinating lingerie from DD – HH cups with 28” to 38” backs.

‘The emphasis for the brand is on fashion, fit and affordability. As Jessica says ‘Tutti Rouge will break a few hearts, but she won’t break the bank’.


IMG_1236When it comes to correct bra sizing, there are so many different schools of thought and honestly most of them are just plain wrong. I am no expert and will not pretend to be; I’ll leave that to Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Invest in Your Chest, and Le Curvy Kitten. Living in Canada, we are quite limited on “proper” fitting undergarments and have to rely on the expertise of La Senza and Victoria Secret; both of which are FAMOUS for improperly sizing their clients. Not so long ago, LS had me in a 36C and VS a 34D…both so very very wrong. In US sizing, I am admittedly a 34DD. Why do I mention US sizing? Well it’s completely different than what you would be in UK sizing. Georgina has taught us that you should have a firm band (don’t add inches to your underbust measurement like US sizing) and ample cup size to ensure the central gore lies flat with zero spillage. This means I am anywhere from a 28G to 30FF in UK brands. Let’s just say, I’ve never had such glorious cleavage until finding a proper fitting bra with her guidance.

TRBettyI was so excited when my package from Tutti Rouge arrived and couldn’t resist being giddy with the fabulous packaging with an extra special sweet treat. It was a delight to see they sent the Betty bra (34DD) and knickers (M) set as I had been lusting over it online. I was a bit nervous the bra would fit being this was my US size (34DD) and not UK of (28G-30FF). To my surprise, the cups fit perfectly as the central gore was completely flat and there was no spillage. The band on the other hand was a bit loose and has to be adjusted to the tightest hook for a snugger fit. (In the photos, the Betty is shown on the loosest hook) It is safe to say, I could have sized down to a 32 band and quite possibly 30 band, BUT this would mean going up in the cup sizes. Why? Well if you go down a band size, the cup is one size smaller. This translates in my case to a 32E or 30F.

TRBetty2With having petite shoulders and short torso, I often need to tighten my straps considerably in order to have proper support. The Betty straps are only half adjustable but it did not pose any issue at all. What I love most is the fact you get a nice round shape (with foam molded cups) without a ton of padding; wonderful for those hot summer months. The knickers were a nice fit; there is a slight muffin top but sizing up would have definitely been too big. Tutti Rouge was thinking flirty and sexy with the keyhole detail and ruffles in this flattering cut.

TRBetty1After wearing the Betty for a long 9 hour work day, I am delighted to say the comfort was great. The support was spot on and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality at an affordable price point. Betty is not only beautiful…she supports you in all the right places! I am looking forward to seeing what Tutti Rouge has to offer next, and will surely share with all of you.

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Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Lavender Sateen by Lana L’Amour

Like most PUG fans, I anxiously awaited the release of the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Lavender Sateen and it definitely didn’t disappoint! The promo pictures simply do not do this amazing dress justice.

1.0When my lavender Jenny arrived (along with the tiki print), I immediately had to try it on! If I recall correctly, the skirt alone is a full 4 yards of fabric. The moment I slipped this little number on, I was transformed and it was all I could do to restrain my need to twirl through the house! I broke into song singing Maria’s “I feel pretty” from West Side Story…

2.0I feel pretty Oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and bright, And I pity any girl who isn’t me tonight. I feel charming Oh so charming It’s alarming how charming I feel And so pretty that I hardly can believe I’m real. See the pretty girl in that mirror there Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face Such a pretty dress Such a pretty smile Such a pretty me! I feel stunning And entrancing Feel like running and dancing for joy

4.0Normally, I am drawn to more of a body conscious, vixen, wiggle style dress, but something about the Jenny just transformed me!

The cotton sateen is soft, yet structured. For anyone unfamiliar with cotton sateen, it is a wonderfully casual but luxurious fabric. Like your favorite pair of high quality cotton bed sheets that have been washed so many times it’s like slipping into a satin dream!

3.0I was fortunate that the medium fit perfectly. A style such as the Jenny is very forgiving of anyone that has a natural pear shape or carries their weight in their hips. It is so comfortable and does not make you feel restrained at all. In most vintage pieces, a style like this would be described as “free sized” hips and therefore not a sizing concern.

The waist of the Jenny, however, is not very forgiving. Although most fabrics will stretch with wear, the Jenny fit my 28” waist perfectly and left no room for forgiveness. I would caution anyone considering the Jenny to view the appropriate size chart and focus on your waist measurement. Pull out a tape measure and measure your natural waist before ordering.

5.0I found the boning in the bodice to be a dream! I tend to be on the busty side, so I am cautious of any garments with thin straps that will not offer me the proper support I need. With the Jenny, I was able to wear a strapless bra, simply because the boning offered the additional support I needed. Additionally, the Jenny offers adjustable straps that are slightly wider than most other dresses and help adjust the dress to properly fit your specific torso length. With the preformed boning, this may be tricky at first to find the correct adjustment for your torso, but believe me, it makes a world of difference in achieving the proper fit.

7.0I first purchased this with the Laura Byrnes Black Canvas Underskirt. The skirt has so much fullness it can be easily overwhelming with a full crinoline. I have tried it with the full white Hell Bunny crinoline and although I received many compliments, I felt the Canvas Underskirt was much more appropriate and offered the structure without the overwhelming fullness. The Dior inspired underskirt offers the perfect amount of fullness while the elastic waist nips in your waist. The Canvas Underskirt is also ideal for the ladies that have a more slim/athletic build and are looking to add a little additional curve to their shape without it overwhelming the rest of their frame.

6.0At $36, the Black Canvas Underskirt is a steal and I would highly recommend it! At $142.00, the Jenny is definitely one of the pricier dresses PUG offers. In my opinion, it is a fair price given the beauty of this dress. If the full skirted, flirty, innocent look of the Jenny is your personal style, you will get plenty of wear (and compliments) with this dress. As always, sign up for their newsletter and take advantage of their private sales and coupon codes. The right timing can make that Jenny a perfectly affordable addition to your wardrobe!

Check out Lana L’Amour’s Facebook Page –>Click Here<– for more fabulous photos and updates on Keystone Pinups. Stay tuned for more review by Lana on Pin Up Persuasion.

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Pin Up Persuasion Corset Giveaway!

orchardclosetI am very excited to announce two Pin Up Persuasion readers will win one of two corsets from Orchard Corset! Up for grabs, the 426 and 411 corset recently featured in “The Battle of Corsets – 426 vs 411“. How to enter? Visit the Pin Up Persuasion Facebook page and click on the Giveaway tab or simply Click HERE!

Contest runs from Monday, June 24 until Saturday, July 27 at 12am. The winners will be selected at random. Good luck everyone!

*Don’t forget, all Pin Up Persuasion readers receive 15% off their Orchard Corset orders. Use code PINUP2013.*


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The Battle of Corsets – 426 vs 411

It has been quite some time since I wrote about my first experience wearing a genuine corset and I can honestly say this time is nothing like the last. Until now, the mere idea of wearing a corset was daunting and shied away as a result. Since that time, I have lost some weight as a result of healthy eating and more importantly, feel much better about how my clothes fit. With a renewed sense of self confidence I decided it was the perfect occasion to give corsetry another shot. I had been eyeing the Orchard Corset underbust 426 and 411 but was unsure which one would work best for my shape, so why not try both?

Available in sizes 18-46 in a variety of colors – MSRP $69-$75USD

411AIf you are unfamiliar with corsetry, the genuine rule of thumb when it comes to sizing is to order 4-5 inches less than your waist measurement. There is a great tool on Orchard Corset’s website to help you select the right size, click here for more information. With my recent weight loss, my waist now measures 28″ therefore it is recommended to order a size 24. When the corset is laced completely shut, it measures 24″ but this is only possible after extreme corset training and not recommended for beginners like you and I.

First things first, when you receive your corset it is necessary to slowly break it in and whatever you do, do NOT lace it tight for the first few wears. Otherwise you will damage the corset or more importantly, hurt yourself. Orchard Corset includes instructions on the proper steps to follow to ensure your corset it well seasoned and molds to your body for the best possible fit.

With the technicalities now out of the way, lets discuss how the 426 and 411 measured up!

426-411BFirst up, the 426 – After breaking mine in, lacing the corset was quite easy and I was able to cinch it considerably firmer each time. As you can see, I am able to lace the 426 close at the top and there is still some room causing gaping at the centre peak due to my narrow underbust. This would indicate I would need to size down to a 22 for this style to fit comfortably in the underbust section.  Also, the 426 is ideal for those with an average to long torso. That being said, it is sadly too long for me and doesn’t sit very comfortably in place. A key point to mention, the 426 is great for women cinching in a considerable amount of skin as the length aids with even distribution to prevent bulging or the dreaded “muffin top”.  The hip coverage is quite impressive for those with extreme curves and creates a sleek hourglass silhouette.

426-411DNow onto the 411 – Once again after properly seasoning my corset, lacing was a breeze and I was progressively able to cinch my waist down each time. In comparison to the 426, the top is not laced completely shut but it’s not too far away to be honest. If I were to size down to a 22 at this point, it would not be feasible since I am just starting to wear corsets and cinching over 6 inches would be too extreme for any beginner. The 411 is the perfect length and would work well for short to average torso like myself. Unlike the 426, if you are cinching a lot of skin there is a good possibility of a slight muffin top as the corset can only withhold so much. In my photos, you can see what I am describing but this would only occur mostly when worn under clothes since the corset is directly pulling on the flesh when tightened. What I love most with the 411 is the level of waist definition it provides and doesn’t cause any cutting into my hips whatsoever. Currently I have a 13 inch difference between my waist and hips which proves to be quite challenging when finding proper fitting undergarments.

426-411ENote: On account of these corsets being constructed with spiral steel boning, it is not possible to get them wet (aka washing them) therefore Orchard Corset recommends wearing a corset liner or light clothing under your corset to avoid excess body oils saturating the fabric from direct contact to your skin.

426 Underbust Corset

  • Level 3: Extra Curves
  • 13.5″ Front Center / 13″ Back / 12″ Side
  • 22 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
  • Ideal for Average to Long torso
  • Extends over the hips
  • Perfect for women with a wide underbust

411 Underbust Corset

  • Level 2: Enhanced Curves
  • 10″ Front / 10.5″ Back / 8.5″ Side
  • 16 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
  • Ideal for Short to Average torso
  • Concentrates in the mid section, does not extend over hips
  • Perfect for women with narrow to average underbust

426-411CAlthough the 426 isn’t a perfect fit for me, the overall design is highly recommended for those with a average to long torso with a medium to wide underbust. Hands down the 411 is the ideal corset for my body type and achieves the definition I seek in waist reduction. It was so exciting to achieve such great results after a few wears and cannot wait to continue discovering the benefits of light corset training. The hesitations I had after my first corset review are long gone and I can’t believe the transformation only one year later from my original post in April 2012.


Remember how I have been hinting at exciting news for all of you??? …well it’s time to spill the beans!

  • TWO Pin Up Persuasion readers will have the chance to win their very own 426 and 411 corset from Orchard Corset!!! Stay tuned for all the details…Monday, June 24th!!!
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