A Perfect Pair ~ Wardrobe Staples

Today’s review was going to be another edition of “what I wore” but suddenly realized we have yet to take pictures of that particular outfit. Thus onto plan B! Something we can always use more of in our retro wardrobe…separates to mix and match! I am a hard core dress hoarder who needs to break out of the habit and actually buy more separates. Luckily this season Bettie Page Clothing released some uber cute pieces that caught my eye. With a love for polka dot, I was smitten with the Kiki Skirt and Serene Blouse from JBR Clothing.

Available in sizes XXS to 4X ~ MSRP Blouse $40/Skirt $52USD

BPKikiIn my experience with Bettie Page, sizing is always a bit of a gamble depending on the particular style itself. Since these are separates, it was nice to have the option of different sizes to accommodate my body’s uneven proportions. I ordered the Serene Blouse in a Medium and the Kiki Skirt in a Large. Ironically enough, a little shipping mistake was actually a blessing in disguise. I was sent both the Medium and Large Kiki Skirt which allowed me to compare the fit more accurately. To my surprise, the Large was considerably too big all over and the Medium was a much better fit in the waist while a tad snug in the hips; something I run into all the time unfortunately. Pencil skirts have been an epic fail in every brand of vintage repro as my hips to waist ratio is a whopping 13 inch difference. The Kiki skirt zips up the back with white button closure and modest back slit. Made from stretch twill, which is rather misleading since there is very minimal give to the fabric.

BPKiki2The Serene Blouse in Medium was a perfect fit and is made from the same stretch twill as the Kiki skirt. The high round neckline is classic and quite modest, perfect for the office! A word of caution, the side zipper is a bit tricky to manoeover over your head due to the seam at the top of the peplum, so it’s best to get dressed BEFORE doing your hair and makeup. The back cutout does not call for any specialty bra which is definitely a huge plus. The flirty peplum works perfectly to conceal any tummy issues you may have, I personally need this when wearing high waist pencil skirt!

BPKiki3One of the best things about the Kiki Skirt and Serene Blouse is the fact you can mix and match with other separates to create a variety of outfits. The obvious choices would be solids in white, red, navy, yellow…the possibilities are a plenty! Search your closet for fun combinations that you might not of considered before. Serene would look lovely with a pair of capri pants, or a full circle skirt. If you are like me, wearing a pencil skirt without shapewear is a huge no no. The Rago 1294 Girdle or 6201 Leg Shaper would be ideal with the Kiki skirt.

BPKiki4While my search for the perfect pencil skirt continues, the Bettie Page Kiki was acceptable in overall fit compared to past blunders. Serene and Kiki are a wonderful pair but quite versatile to hold their own when worn separately. What fashion item is your arch nemesis when it comes to a good fit?

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Pair ~ Wardrobe Staples

  1. I never fit into the hips and it’s hard for me to fit anything well because I don’t have a girlie figure. Never did get that nipped in waist and hips. Oh, well. Time to do what Micheline suggested. Buy some hip pads, if I can ever find some. There must be some for sale here in Toronto. Drag queens would know! Hmmm. Do I know any drag queens?

  2. I agree with your statement about Bettie Pages varying sizes. I take a trip into Philadelphia to try on the clothes before I’m ready to buy so I know what sizes to order when I am able to order them.

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