The Battle of Corsets – 426 vs 411

It has been quite some time since I wrote about my first experience wearing a genuine corset and I can honestly say this time is nothing like the last. Until now, the mere idea of wearing a corset was daunting and shied away as a result. Since that time, I have lost some weight as a result of healthy eating and more importantly, feel much better about how my clothes fit. With a renewed sense of self confidence I decided it was the perfect occasion to give corsetry another shot. I had been eyeing the Orchard Corset underbust 426 and 411 but was unsure which one would work best for my shape, so why not try both?

Available in sizes 18-46 in a variety of colors – MSRP $69-$75USD

411AIf you are unfamiliar with corsetry, the genuine rule of thumb when it comes to sizing is to order 4-5 inches less than your waist measurement. There is a great tool on Orchard Corset’s website to help you select the right size, click here for more information. With my recent weight loss, my waist now measures 28″ therefore it is recommended to order a size 24. When the corset is laced completely shut, it measures 24″ but this is only possible after extreme corset training and not recommended for beginners like you and I.

First things first, when you receive your corset it is necessary to slowly break it in and whatever you do, do NOT lace it tight for the first few wears. Otherwise you will damage the corset or more importantly, hurt yourself. Orchard Corset includes instructions on the proper steps to follow to ensure your corset it well seasoned and molds to your body for the best possible fit.

With the technicalities now out of the way, lets discuss how the 426 and 411 measured up!

426-411BFirst up, the 426 – After breaking mine in, lacing the corset was quite easy and I was able to cinch it considerably firmer each time. As you can see, I am able to lace the 426 close at the top and there is still some room causing gaping at the centre peak due to my narrow underbust. This would indicate I would need to size down to a 22 for this style to fit comfortably in the underbust section.  Also, the 426 is ideal for those with an average to long torso. That being said, it is sadly too long for me and doesn’t sit very comfortably in place. A key point to mention, the 426 is great for women cinching in a considerable amount of skin as the length aids with even distribution to prevent bulging or the dreaded “muffin top”.  The hip coverage is quite impressive for those with extreme curves and creates a sleek hourglass silhouette.

426-411DNow onto the 411 – Once again after properly seasoning my corset, lacing was a breeze and I was progressively able to cinch my waist down each time. In comparison to the 426, the top is not laced completely shut but it’s not too far away to be honest. If I were to size down to a 22 at this point, it would not be feasible since I am just starting to wear corsets and cinching over 6 inches would be too extreme for any beginner. The 411 is the perfect length and would work well for short to average torso like myself. Unlike the 426, if you are cinching a lot of skin there is a good possibility of a slight muffin top as the corset can only withhold so much. In my photos, you can see what I am describing but this would only occur mostly when worn under clothes since the corset is directly pulling on the flesh when tightened. What I love most with the 411 is the level of waist definition it provides and doesn’t cause any cutting into my hips whatsoever. Currently I have a 13 inch difference between my waist and hips which proves to be quite challenging when finding proper fitting undergarments.

426-411ENote: On account of these corsets being constructed with spiral steel boning, it is not possible to get them wet (aka washing them) therefore Orchard Corset recommends wearing a corset liner or light clothing under your corset to avoid excess body oils saturating the fabric from direct contact to your skin.

426 Underbust Corset

  • Level 3: Extra Curves
  • 13.5″ Front Center / 13″ Back / 12″ Side
  • 22 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
  • Ideal for Average to Long torso
  • Extends over the hips
  • Perfect for women with a wide underbust

411 Underbust Corset

  • Level 2: Enhanced Curves
  • 10″ Front / 10.5″ Back / 8.5″ Side
  • 16 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones
  • Ideal for Short to Average torso
  • Concentrates in the mid section, does not extend over hips
  • Perfect for women with narrow to average underbust

426-411CAlthough the 426 isn’t a perfect fit for me, the overall design is highly recommended for those with a average to long torso with a medium to wide underbust. Hands down the 411 is the ideal corset for my body type and achieves the definition I seek in waist reduction. It was so exciting to achieve such great results after a few wears and cannot wait to continue discovering the benefits of light corset training. The hesitations I had after my first corset review are long gone and I can’t believe the transformation only one year later from my original post in April 2012.


Remember how I have been hinting at exciting news for all of you??? …well it’s time to spill the beans!

  • TWO Pin Up Persuasion readers will have the chance to win their very own 426 and 411 corset from Orchard Corset!!! Stay tuned for all the details…Monday, June 24th!!!
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30 thoughts on “The Battle of Corsets – 426 vs 411

  1. Wow! Congrats on your weight loss. Both corsets look fab.

  2. Tamara

    The 411 looks amazing on you! Thanks for the awesome review, I’ve been thinking about trying corsets for a long time. Have you tried an overbust? Very helpful info!

    • Hi Tamara! Thank you 🙂 I have tried one overbust corset around Halloween for a costume last year but it was pre weightloss and barely fit in the 24. It’s next on my list to try, OC has a beautiful royal blue I love.

      > Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 14:49:45 +0000 > To: >

  3. what an awesome post Jessica! thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Debra Moore

    Wow!! That really helped me out because I’m short as well and I have about a 13-15 gap between my waist and hips aslo. I was confused about which one to get between these two but I will DEFINITELY get the 411. Thanks for this very informational review.

  5. Mary Keifer

    Hello! I’ve heard from Lucy Corsetry to lace up a corset even from top to bottom or it will hurt the corsets. What have you heard along those lines? I also have 2 OC corsets and love the leather one. Still breaking in a plaid one as it is a different material and I got it a size down due to the leather one almost touching at the top forgetting leather stretches a bit. Thanks and have fun wearing one. I love it! The looks you can receive are a bit unnerving at times as if they can’t believe their eyes and don’t know what to think.

    • You are absolutely correct Mary, I JUST learned this after posting my review from an experienced corset wearer. Thank you for mentioning it 🙂

      > Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 15:54:51 +0000 > To: >

      • Mary Keifer

        Then how does that work for women who are made like us? The top would be loose and the bottom/waist tight.

      • WE would require a custom corset unfortunately. 😦

        > Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 17:31:54 +0000 > To: >

      • Mary Keifer

        Ouch! Those puppies aren’t cheap! I’d be saving my b-day money for 5 yrs or more. 🙂

  6. Elly

    For women who are built with a more narrow ribcage, What Katie Did has a nice selection of well-made corsets more fitted to your shape! They’re not cheap, but cheaper than fully custom if you’re looking for a first.

    • I’ve been lusting over the Morticia forever. Stalking ebay for my size, sadly missed out on one during their mid season sale.

  7. I would love to see some fashion pictures of you in vintage clothing with and without the corset to see the fit comparison. I have been making corsets for a little over a year now and it has been a blast learning about them.

    • I plan to explore corsetry further and share with all of you of course. Wow, you have made your own? I’d love to see some of them 🙂

      • I have some basic pictures on my blog. All four that I have made are actually with a photographer friend of mine right now. She is using them for some boudoir photo shoots! I am anxious to see the pictures and I hope to be able to share some.

  8. Mary Keifer

    I’ve worn underbust corsets under dresses and over them, especially my long line one as I’m 5’9″ they work w/my torso, and they have worked well. You do need to wear a corset liner or something between your corset and skin as to keep it clean and help protect your skin. Now you’ve made me curious about my two pinup swing dresses, what it would look like under.

  9. Thank you so much for the review. I purchased the 426 corset and it did not fit for me very well. I am so happy to now know about the 411 one!

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  11. Kay

    I haven’t worn a corset for ages but reading this review has re-ignited my love for it again. The 411 looks amazing on you! xx

  12. Being only 5 foot tall, I’m grateful for the chance to win a corset that would fit my small torso! Far too often I find fits that are just too long, and end up with baggy straps!! Thanks so much. Shelly

  13. mercedes

    Well for the those of us long torso hourglasses I’m voting 426 all the way

  14. Fun blog post! I have started wearing corsets again after about a year’s hiatus. I am currently breaking in a pinstripe 426 and a satin 426. I have a long torso, but a more delicate bone structure. The underbust is a bit loose. I want to control some lower belly poodge but I wonder if the 411 would be better for me?

    • I think you might find the 411 too short and not helpful with the belly pooch unfortunately. OC suggested I size down in the 426 in order to have an even fit from top to bottom. Maybe this would work for you as well?

  15. missy kim

    looking good, lady! as always, you break it all down so everyone can get a good feel what will work best for them. i’d love BOTH of these, but if i HAD to choose, it would be the 426, hands down (i’ve always been “sliced” by one piece bathing suits and leotards! aahahhaha!!)

  16. JillE.

    Thanks for the awesome read!

    You brought up a good point on an earlier post about corset placement…
    I saw a comment a few days ago where you briefly touched on the subject of where exactly to place/wear your corset on your torso. You mentioned you were recently informed that you were wearing your corset “too high”…? I wanted to ask if you could elaborate on this for me. I’m not very tall (5’5” and I’m pretty much all legs) so I do not have a long torso by any means. For me, this means there’s only a small margin of room to either move my corset up or down my body a tad. I have been wondering for quite some time now if I wear my corsets in the right place, or if I might be wearing mine too high. I greatly appreciate any insight on this.
    Thanks, doll!!

    • Hi Jill. The 426 unfortunately just sits too high on me since I have a very short torso at 5′-4″ tall and the length of the corset doesn’t allow it to be adjusted lower. The 411 sits at the proper height, as it cinches in my waist and does not ride up under the bust area. If you want to PM me on Facebook page and send some pics of how you wear yours, I’ll do my best to help 🙂

      > Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 12:13:44 +0000 > To: >

  17. IsabelleX

    Thank you for the post! It is so informative! You look terrific in both corsets! I wish they would make the CS-426 a bit shorter, or the same style for shorter torsos. I have a hard time sitting down in mines as well, but I love the silhouette!

  18. Reflects

    hi im a newbie to corsets and i see that yours hugs your hips and dont push your boobs to your chin. could it be that im wearing mine too high which is why it flares at the hip and pushes my boobs to my chin? i have the 426 which was recommended to me by OC and now im thinking i should have tried the 411. Im still in the breaking in period i think…should i start wearing it lower?

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