Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Lavender Sateen by Lana L’Amour

Like most PUG fans, I anxiously awaited the release of the Pinup Couture Jenny Dress in Lavender Sateen and it definitely didn’t disappoint! The promo pictures simply do not do this amazing dress justice.

1.0When my lavender Jenny arrived (along with the tiki print), I immediately had to try it on! If I recall correctly, the skirt alone is a full 4 yards of fabric. The moment I slipped this little number on, I was transformed and it was all I could do to restrain my need to twirl through the house! I broke into song singing Maria’s “I feel pretty” from West Side Story…

2.0I feel pretty Oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and bright, And I pity any girl who isn’t me tonight. I feel charming Oh so charming It’s alarming how charming I feel And so pretty that I hardly can believe I’m real. See the pretty girl in that mirror there Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face Such a pretty dress Such a pretty smile Such a pretty me! I feel stunning And entrancing Feel like running and dancing for joy

4.0Normally, I am drawn to more of a body conscious, vixen, wiggle style dress, but something about the Jenny just transformed me!

The cotton sateen is soft, yet structured. For anyone unfamiliar with cotton sateen, it is a wonderfully casual but luxurious fabric. Like your favorite pair of high quality cotton bed sheets that have been washed so many times it’s like slipping into a satin dream!

3.0I was fortunate that the medium fit perfectly. A style such as the Jenny is very forgiving of anyone that has a natural pear shape or carries their weight in their hips. It is so comfortable and does not make you feel restrained at all. In most vintage pieces, a style like this would be described as “free sized” hips and therefore not a sizing concern.

The waist of the Jenny, however, is not very forgiving. Although most fabrics will stretch with wear, the Jenny fit my 28” waist perfectly and left no room for forgiveness. I would caution anyone considering the Jenny to view the appropriate size chart and focus on your waist measurement. Pull out a tape measure and measure your natural waist before ordering.

5.0I found the boning in the bodice to be a dream! I tend to be on the busty side, so I am cautious of any garments with thin straps that will not offer me the proper support I need. With the Jenny, I was able to wear a strapless bra, simply because the boning offered the additional support I needed. Additionally, the Jenny offers adjustable straps that are slightly wider than most other dresses and help adjust the dress to properly fit your specific torso length. With the preformed boning, this may be tricky at first to find the correct adjustment for your torso, but believe me, it makes a world of difference in achieving the proper fit.

7.0I first purchased this with the Laura Byrnes Black Canvas Underskirt. The skirt has so much fullness it can be easily overwhelming with a full crinoline. I have tried it with the full white Hell Bunny crinoline and although I received many compliments, I felt the Canvas Underskirt was much more appropriate and offered the structure without the overwhelming fullness. The Dior inspired underskirt offers the perfect amount of fullness while the elastic waist nips in your waist. The Canvas Underskirt is also ideal for the ladies that have a more slim/athletic build and are looking to add a little additional curve to their shape without it overwhelming the rest of their frame.

6.0At $36, the Black Canvas Underskirt is a steal and I would highly recommend it! At $142.00, the Jenny is definitely one of the pricier dresses PUG offers. In my opinion, it is a fair price given the beauty of this dress. If the full skirted, flirty, innocent look of the Jenny is your personal style, you will get plenty of wear (and compliments) with this dress. As always, sign up for their newsletter and take advantage of their private sales and coupon codes. The right timing can make that Jenny a perfectly affordable addition to your wardrobe!

Check out Lana L’Amour’s Facebook Page –>Click Here<– for more fabulous photos and updates on Keystone Pinups. Stay tuned for more review by Lana on Pin Up Persuasion.

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