Venturing Into New Territory

As promised, something brand new for Pin Up Persuasion readers that I am sure you will enjoy! Since the very beginnings of PP, I have chosen to focus a lot on proper fitting and comfortable shapewear. It is a quintessential in all retro wardrobes to achieve the look that we might not be so blessed with genetics alone. Well, the response from all of you has been overwhelming and I’m so happy to share my very first lingerie review today.

Tutti Rouge LogoWhen I first saw the previews for Tutti Rouge Lingerie, I was giddy with excitement as they were designed for fuller bust customers in fun flirty prints. So often bras made for larger cup sizes are boring and have zero sex appeal. My fairy blog mother Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust featured their “Liliana” back in April which led me to stalking Tutti Rouge in anticipation of their upcoming launch. Their line is designed for fuller busts with coordinating lingerie from DD – HH cups with 28” to 38” backs.

‘The emphasis for the brand is on fashion, fit and affordability. As Jessica says ‘Tutti Rouge will break a few hearts, but she won’t break the bank’.


IMG_1236When it comes to correct bra sizing, there are so many different schools of thought and honestly most of them are just plain wrong. I am no expert and will not pretend to be; I’ll leave that to Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Invest in Your Chest, and Le Curvy Kitten. Living in Canada, we are quite limited on “proper” fitting undergarments and have to rely on the expertise of La Senza and Victoria Secret; both of which are FAMOUS for improperly sizing their clients. Not so long ago, LS had me in a 36C and VS a 34D…both so very very wrong. In US sizing, I am admittedly a 34DD. Why do I mention US sizing? Well it’s completely different than what you would be in UK sizing. Georgina has taught us that you should have a firm band (don’t add inches to your underbust measurement like US sizing) and ample cup size to ensure the central gore lies flat with zero spillage. This means I am anywhere from a 28G to 30FF in UK brands. Let’s just say, I’ve never had such glorious cleavage until finding a proper fitting bra with her guidance.

TRBettyI was so excited when my package from Tutti Rouge arrived and couldn’t resist being giddy with the fabulous packaging with an extra special sweet treat. It was a delight to see they sent the Betty bra (34DD) and knickers (M) set as I had been lusting over it online. I was a bit nervous the bra would fit being this was my US size (34DD) and not UK of (28G-30FF). To my surprise, the cups fit perfectly as the central gore was completely flat and there was no spillage. The band on the other hand was a bit loose and has to be adjusted to the tightest hook for a snugger fit. (In the photos, the Betty is shown on the loosest hook) It is safe to say, I could have sized down to a 32 band and quite possibly 30 band, BUT this would mean going up in the cup sizes. Why? Well if you go down a band size, the cup is one size smaller. This translates in my case to a 32E or 30F.

TRBetty2With having petite shoulders and short torso, I often need to tighten my straps considerably in order to have proper support. The Betty straps are only half adjustable but it did not pose any issue at all. What I love most is the fact you get a nice round shape (with foam molded cups) without a ton of padding; wonderful for those hot summer months. The knickers were a nice fit; there is a slight muffin top but sizing up would have definitely been too big. Tutti Rouge was thinking flirty and sexy with the keyhole detail and ruffles in this flattering cut.

TRBetty1After wearing the Betty for a long 9 hour work day, I am delighted to say the comfort was great. The support was spot on and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality at an affordable price point. Betty is not only beautiful…she supports you in all the right places! I am looking forward to seeing what Tutti Rouge has to offer next, and will surely share with all of you.

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6 thoughts on “Venturing Into New Territory

  1. Deanna McCarthy

    Will never forget my first real bra fitting…shocked to discover I was a 32 E…good bras are super expensive, but so worth it! I use the analogy it’s like if someone gave you a really great steak after you had been eating dog food your whole life…have n been able to shop at La Senza since, which sucks as there are no real bra stores anywhere near me!

  2. Donna Yost

    There is nothing better then a good investment in a good bra! Even hubby knows that now. I have a real problem trying to find a bra that fits properly. And it hurts financially when I have to go shopping for them. But it is worth it.

  3. Another Tutti Rouge convert! I love this new brand, as you say, great fun flirty styles for us full cup ladies. ….awesome tattoo you have going on there too!!

  4. Love the review! Just wanted to say that generally you don’t have to add inches even for US sizing- it’s just the way that companies do it wrong (the same way that VS and La Senza do it wrong). There will be some brands that run firm or loose in the band, and you’ll have to adjust as such, but generally a 34 band from a US brand will stretch to 34″-35″ exactly the same as a 34 band from the UK 🙂 You can check out Bratabase ( for specific measurements by brand and compare to see for yourself 🙂

    It makes sense that this would fit you in a 34 though, I’ve heard it runs quite tight in the band!

  5. Totally love your back piece – who is the artist? Great blog too! x

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