Young At Heart

Today is another edition of “What I wore”; it’s fresh in my mind and my fingers are anxious to tell you all about it! The Hell Bunny Leticia caught my eye instantly when I spotted it in the Coming Soon section at Dress911 and made sure to visit the store the moment they were in-stock. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for sugar skulls; this youthful print is quite fabulous.

Available in sizes XS to XL ~ MSRP $59USD

HBLeticiaAs with most Hell Bunny dresses, I have to size down to a Small in their halter style designs. The Leticia features the signature Hell Bunny accordion back panel with contrasting black halter straps and belt. The sweetheart neckline with small gathers has generous room in the bust for those with an ample bosom. What I love most is the eye catching sugar skulls and roses print. Keep in mind, the Leticia is a mini dress therefore is a bit on the shorter side for a swing style. At 5ft 4inches tall, the swing skirt falls a couple inches above my knees. This is definitely the shortest dress I’ve worn in ages but it’s fun and flirty. If you are looking for something on the longer side, the Hell Bunny Muertos is made from the exact same print and falls below the knee.

HBLeticia4At first I was a bit hesitate to show so much leg but I found the Leticia is perfect for those hot summer days. While wearing it out doing errands one Saturday, I was actually carded at the Liquor Store as the clerk thought I was under 25…mission accomplished at looking 5+ years younger! Today the Leticia was my work outfit paired with a black bolero and strappy black sandals to keep it a little more conservative for the office. It’s super comfortable and a nice lightweight cotton. A word of caution, beware of sudden wind gusts if you want to prevent any accidental exposure. 🙂

HBLeticia3Hell Bunny is fabulous for unique fun prints and everyday wearable styles. I’m happy to have taken a chance venturing out of my comfort zone and rocking one of their mini dresses.

P.S. I forgot to wear the belt in my review photos. So sorry!

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