Add a Little Punch To Your Accessories!

One of the greatest pleasures of blogging is discovering new independent retailers and sharing them with all of you. This time around, they found me! A few months back I received a very sweet email from the creator of Ceci Punch Designs. Of course I did my homework to see what her company was all about and most importantly, was this something my readers would enjoy. I was immediately smitten with the various styles of Ceci’s designs and the affordability of her creations. Being an admirer of beautiful costume jewelry all these years, I was ecstatic when Ceci sent a few pieces to review.

logoCeci Punch Designs has five distinct styles; Fancy Fangirl, Vintage Vixen, Cholita Bonita, Cabana Babe and Bridal Punch. My personal favorite is the Cholita Bonita as it features bold colors, sugar skulls, roses…all perfect for rockabilly girl in me. Of all the beautiful pieces I received, the Skull and Rose necklace is the one I covet the most. Each design is handmade by Ceci and the quality is incredible. I dabbled in jewelry making a few years back and I could not even compare them with hers. They are not only durable but look and feel top quality like high end boutiques sell.

IMG_1375For those true Vintage lovers, the classic timeless designs will be right up your alley. The Tear Drops Noir earrings will pair well with your retro wardrobe going from day to evening. I must admit, I usually shy away from any kind of earrings and stick with necklaces simply because I dislike how they look on me personally. For the first time in ages, I am excited to wear them! You can’t go wrong with silver and black. The copper with pearl and black is another fabulous versatile accessory.

IMG_1390If you prefer to make a statement with your accessories, the Cholita Bonita is the way to go. Ceci sent me a variety of pieces which featured traditional sugar skulls, a personal favorite. Your basic jewelry just doesn’t cut it when you’re wearing the original Deadly Dames designs as they are meant to stand out in a crowd. Often times, I’ll add a skull necklace to liven up (the irony) an outfit needing some extra pizazz. These are the pieces that get the most wear out of all my costume jewelry.

IMG_1384And for the brides to be…Ceci Punch offers custom bridal accessories for you and your bridesmaids. If you are looking for something unique and compliment your dresses, I would definitely recommend getting a custom creation made. Take it from someone who knows, you can spend tireless hours on Etsy searching and come up empty handed.


IMG_1387Where can you buy beautifully handcrafted jewelry for $15-$50 these days? If you walk into a store at the mall, be ready to pay $30+ for something that will most likely fall apart after a few wears or simply looks like it cost $5. I’ve been there one too many times and now only buy from independent artists like Ceci as I know the quality is MUCH better at a fraction of the cost. It’s wonderful to see something new and refreshing out there as the market is so over saturated with cheap, mass produced junk from overseas. Plus I love knowing we’re supporting a fellow vintage lover like Ceci, who has a passion for pinup and rockabilly just like you and I.

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