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Love at first try by Julia Metz ~ The Morticia by What Katie Did

My obsession with What Katie Did started around 5 years ago, I was working in Camden Town managing a shop stocking their corsets. I had tried steel boned corsets before but this was different, it was love at first try. WKD corsets use flat steel bones along the busks (the hooks at the front) and the grommets (the holes at the black) this gives a flat stomach, maximum support and great posture. The rest of the boning is spiral steel, which is flexible metal. This adapts to your natural shape and will help you reduce your waist further and be more comfortable. Before you get put off by the price tag you really do get what you pay for. They use luxurious high quality fabrics and each corset is handmade from start to finish by one corset maker. If you want a corset that lasts then it is worth the investment, my oldest corset is 4 years and after lots of wear it is still going strong.

morticiasI have owned 8 WKD corsets in my time, 3 of which I sold after changing size. 7 out of the 8 of my collection are the Morticia Underbust. The reason I love this style so much is that you are able to achieve amazing waist definition without having to over tighten it at the ribcage or hip due to the shape and goring at the hips. WKD recommends this style only if you have a 10” or greater difference between your waist and hip measurement. My measurements are: waist of 31-32” and 40.5” hips; what you also need to bear in mind is your underbust measurement. As this style flares out at the top if you have a small underbust measurement this may not be the right corset for you as it would gape at the top. This style must be named after the fictional character from The Addams family, who wouldn’t want to re-create the silhouette of Carolyn Jones from the 60s series?

The Morticia product description recommends that you can reduce your natural waist by up to 5”. I wear a 24” in this style. Now before you think hang on that is more than 5”, if you are an experienced corset wearer in the Morticia you can get a smaller size than you would usually wear. The dramatic shape of this style means you can tighten more at the waist than with another corset without crushing your ribs or creating buldge at the hip. The 5” modesty panel gives you some room to wear it in. You will find after a few hours you can really tighten the waist and create an exaggerated hourglass silhouette. I will add here that I am quite soft so I find it easy to reduce my waist by this amount but it will not be right for everyone. Before I changed size, I had a natural waist measurement of 41” and I wore a 32” Morticia.

If you are looking for a corset to wear underneath your clothes, I would recommend the Cabaret Sheer Morticia. I have this in black and feel it is the most subtle under garments. As the main body it not as thick as the other versions it is easier to disguise. See the photo below for how my PUG Monica dress looks with and without a corset. If you are wearing an outfit where it is more noticeable try wearing support underwear over it to further conceal it. This sheer style also look fabulous layered over a bright red dress for a vampy rockabilly look. If they discontinue this style at some point you can re-create it using the ‘Design you own corset’ option, they also have a pale pink available which you won’t find on the site.

morticia monicaI have to say my favourite Morticia has to be the Lalique Velvet version. After getting the black version I became so in love with it that I had to get the red too. The main base is duchess satin with velvet overlaying the boning & to create a diamond shaped waist band. The waist band gives the illusion of an even teenier waist as it draws the eye to your narrowest point. The velvet feels extremely luxurious and adds an extra touch of glamour. If you are a velvet fan you will need this in your life.

lalique velvet morticia blackYou can add this waist band on any style using their ‘Design your own Corset’ function. It was like all my Christmases came at once when they added this feature. I used this option to create a black leather Morticia. My boyfriend is a huge leather fan and I had always looked for a leather corset in a similar shape but never found one that fit as perfectly. These corsets are made to order but having a bespoke piece really is worth the wait. Do be aware that you cannot return corsets ordered through this option so make sure you know your size before placing your order.

morticiaMy newest addition is the raw silk Morticia in bubblegum pink. I initially owned the black in a larger size and really loved the elegant matte finish of the fabric, raw silk feels more exclusive as it is not used by every corset maker. I remember lusting after the bubblegum pink version hanging in my shop but thinking to myself that I wouldn’t wear it as much as black. All of my collection is black or red and black, these are my go to colours and I love them but I felt like adding a pop of pink to my palette. The colour is even more fabulous than I remember and the fabric makes it feel luxurious. I am excited to find new colour combinations and have a bubblegum pink & mint vision that I must make a reality. If you like the look of the raw silk there are lots of stunning colours, the claret & orchard green are beautiful and will give you a really unique looking corset.

pink morticiaIf you are lucky enough to find a WKD on ebay in your size you can usually snap one up for around half the price. If you are unsure of your size buying directly from the WKD site will give you the security of being able to return your corset if it isn’t right. I received excellent customer service from Hannah through the website who helped advise me on matching trimmings on the bespoke corset option, they really know their stuff so if you are unsure drop them a line, they are the experts after all.


A big thank you to Julia for guest posting about her stunning WKD Morticia collection, I am green with envy!

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Flower Power: Miss Candyfloss Nima Sue Review by Sarah Dietze

I’m a sucker for sweepstakes. The chance of winning, no matter how slim, and the opportunity to daydream about becoming a winner, is too much to resist. Until recently, my last sweepstakes win was a Carmen Sandiego CD-ROM from Wendy’s (I’m dating myself, but still). After entering dress, jewelry and gift card contests from nearly every pin up retailer on Facebook, I was starting to get discouraged. I wanted to win something this millennium.

Pic 1Imagine my surprise when Miss Candyfloss contacted me as the winner of their most recent contest for the Nima Sue dress! I found out after attending the Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade as it passed by my office, so I like to think the Cup brought me good luck 🙂 I responded to Noemi at Miss Candyfloss immediately and wanted to share a little bit about what makes this dress special.

Pic 2The print and color of this dress remind me of the Hell Bunny Mayday Dress, one of my favorite dresses, so it’s perhaps not surprising that I loved the fabric as soon as I put this dress on. I thought the light blue and baby pink might be too much in person, but they’re muted yet springlike.

Pic 3The dress features rushing along the bust, contrast pink trim and a side zipper. The halter straps fasten with three fabric-covered buttons, a nice change from the usual ties. The small fit perfectly – my measurements are 35″-28″-38″ so I lucked out and didn’t have to guess when it came to sizing. The length is perfect for tall gals. I’m 5’9″ and didn’t feel like I was wearing a mini dress, as is often the case with reproduction vintage dresses.

Pic 4While I wish the dress had a full circle rather than a swing skirt, it’s still perfect for twirling. One chiffon petticoat provided enough oomph without making the skirt too poofy. Given the print, I kept accessories simple, but couldn’t resist continuing the floral theme with pink floral earrings and a white hair flower.

The Nima Sue retails for approximately $135 USD and is currently available in XS-4XL from Miss Candyfloss!


A huge thank you to Sarah for guest posting on Pin Up Persuasion. You can follow her on Pinterest by clicking HERE.

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Win The Betty Draper Dress by Show Belles!


You heard it right ladies, this is your lucky day! Enter for a chance to win the very dress reviewed right here on Pin Up Persuasion “The Betty Draper Showstopper” by the lovely Show Belles. As this is a sample dress, the measurements are as follows: Bust 37-38″, waist 27-28″, hips open. The dress can always be taken it but those are the maximum measurements. If this isn’t your size, maybe you have a lovely Dame you can gift it to???


Betty2The contest begins Tues. Aug. 27 ’13 & runs through Sat. Sept. 21 ’13.

Click HERE to enter! Good luck to all!!!

The winner has 7 days to claim their prize otherwise it will be forfeited and redrawn to the next lucky lady. Check back on the blog and/or Facebook Fanpage for the announcement.


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The Betty Draper Showstopper

All of us are quite familiar with the major vintage reproduction brands like Pinup Girl Clothing, Collectif, Heartbreaker, Stop Staring and so on. But do you ever seek out independent designers for a one of a kind design custom tailored to your body? Does the word “custom” automatically make you think “expensive”? Well, you are not alone in assuming this but we couldn’t be more wrong. While perusing Etsy for a vintage inspired wedding dress, I stumbled upon a particular piece that screamed “Betty Draper” aka from Mad Men. Initially I thought to myself, it’s probably made overseas and cheap quality so I simply passed it by. As time went on, I kept seeing the Betty dress come up in my searches so I decided to look into the seller Show Belles to find out more about them. To my surprise, they were located in the USA and created their designs using genuine vintage patterns. My curiosity was peaked so I decided to send the designer a message and fast forward until today…

BettyThe designer of Show Belles is a lovely lady by the name of Rhonda who is a one women operation with a love of creating vintage and period clothing. She could not be more kind and we quickly realized that we share a mutual passion. Rhonda loves to create custom pieces for her clients and amazingly offers them at affordable prices. I was quite ecstatic when she kindly offered to send me the “Betty” dress sample to review for my readers. There was no doubt in my mind it was going to be spectacular and I was so eager to share this with all of you.

Available in a variety of prints & colours ~ MSRP $98.99USD

Betty2I am delighted to say the Betty dress not only lived up to my expectations…it far exceeded them! As I mentioned earlier, Rhonda creates her designs using vintage patterns with high quality fabrics appropriate to the era. The construction is flawless and the details couldn’t be more exquisite. When it comes to fit, Rhonda will custom tailor the pattern to your exact measurements so you can ensure it will be picture-perfect. The white rick rack trim is genuinely from the 1950’s and finishes the dress flawlessly. The fitted bodice is fully lined with cotton muslin with a beautiful scooped neckline.  The Betty dress comes with a matching belt and features a tea-length full circle skirt. What initially caught my eye when I first saw this dress on Etsy was the beautiful soft floral fabric and how is screamed classic 50’s housewife. From the moment I showed my husband, we nicknamed it the Betty Draper dress as it’s truly the epitome of her character. The timeless design is figure flattering for a variety of silhouettes.

Betty3The Betty Dress will make a statement where ever you go. Whether you wear it to an afternoon gathering or a more formal evening, you won’t go unnoticed. Pair it with you favorite set of pearls and some lovely Mary-Janes to complete the ensemble. Less is more with such a classic timeless design. Adding a soft cropped cardigan will transform it into a quite versatile outfit perfect for any occasion.


il_fullxfull.429230759_3m6zI cannot tell you how many ideas I have for Rhonda to create and beyond excited to feature her creations for all of you to discover. The possibilities are endless and it is such a pleasure to support an independent business like Show Belles. Make sure to check out the Show Belles Etsy shop in the coming weeks for the new fall/winter collection and do not hesitate to contact Rhonda about creating your own custom vintage dress!


~ Have you fallen head over heels for the Betty Dress? Well I have a surprise for all of you…Rhonda has generously donated the sample dress for a Blog Giveaway!!! ~

All are welcome to enter but please keep in mind this is a sample therefore the measurements are as follows: Bust 38”, Waist 28”, Hips Open.

The Show Belles Dress Giveaway will commence on Tuesday, Aug. 27!

P.S. Maybe you have someone special that you can gift it to?

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