Practicality Has Taken Over

I took a short break last week from blogging in preparation for our wedding reception which was held this past weekend. Now I’m back to it with no interruptions!

After doing several closet clean outs recently, I’ve come to realize I always choose my swing dresses over the wiggles. Why? It is simply because I prefer comfort and practicality over sex appeal at my day job. I made it a personal mission to stop buying things I wouldn’t wear and only allowing myself to realistically buy what was practical for my current lifestyle. Some of you might know my fairy blog mother Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Well, she recently modeled for Collectif and I couldn’t be more thrilled! She sure knows how to sell the clothes as I was instantly smitten with the Dolores Doll Dress in yellow floral when I saw it on her.

Available in sizes 8UK-22UK in a variety of colors & prints ~ MSRP £50.00

DoloresWith my recent weight loss, I now find myself buying clothing a tad bit smaller since I used to often be in-between sizes. In the past I was wearing a 12UK(M) or 14UK(L) in most Collectif dresses and now wear their 10UK(S) with current measurements of 36-28-40. Since the Dolores Doll Dress is open in the hips, there was no reason for concern that it may be too snug. To my surprise, the Dolores was quite generous in the bust and waist unlike the Gretel, perfect for the bustier ladies. The rushed sweetheart neckline is the perfect amount of modest femininity with matching button detail. The elastic cap sleeves can be worn on or off the shoulder and are not restrictive whatsoever. Being 5’-4”, the length of the full swing skirt is quite long but I don’t feel it needs to be shortened. I find adding a petticoat compliments the Dolores wonderfully.


Dolores2What I adore most is hands down the beautiful yellow floral print as I mostly wear my dresses in the summer months. The print is bold but not overpowering. As some of you already know, I have a huge obsession with matching boleros and sweaters as they increase the versatility of any ensemble. Collectif is one of my favorite go to places for these gems. The Elizabeth Cotton Bolero in yellow is a fabulous accent and perfect for those cooler summer nights like we are currently experiencing. I love the cropped style as it does not add any bulk to your outfit and completes the look beautifully.


Dolores6Recently I discovered Collectif’s fabulous accessory line and cannot rave about them enough. The Pearl Bracelet with Diamante Bow is so incredibly beautiful, I want to wear it all the time! Its classic design will compliment almost any vintage ensemble. Now I am kicking myself for not picking up the matching necklace with my last order. I was a little confused how Anna Belt could be one size fits all and found it much too big for a 28” waist. Well, so much for not doing my homework because the belt buckle is removable and can be cut to size. This was a huge relief as I was initially really sad it did not fit because the quality was superior to what you may receive with dresses from other brands. I’ll be sure to wear it in future reviews so you can get an idea of how versatile they are.

dolores4If florals aren’t your cup of tea, the Dolores Doll is available in an array of solid colors and other prints. For those who love their wiggles, the Dolores is available in fitted styles as well. I cannot wait to see the new colorways coming in the for Fall/Winter collection!

4 thoughts on “Practicality Has Taken Over

  1. I love the look! I also tend to wear swing dress over wiggle dress at work, it’s usually more comfortable. I may try Collectif clothing in the future!

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