Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

If you’ve read many of my previous reviews, one thing is consistent throughout the majority…I tend to fall in love with most dresses at first sight. If I lust after it, I end up falling in love all over again when it lands in my personal collection. BUT, there’s the odd item that just doesn’t seem to tickle my fancy and believe it’s best suited for other lovely dames. Well, sometimes it takes time for love to ignite but when it does, it burns ever so strong. Case in point, the Deadly Dames Tie Me Up Dress in Fetish Print. I thought it was a lovely dress but could not imagine owning it since bold prints are not exactly my cup of tea. Why? Simply, I tend to play it safe and gravitate to more basic wardrobe staples. How did I end up with the Tie Me Up Dress you ask? I saw it on Ebay at an incredible price and decided to venture out of my comfort zone for a change.

Available in sizes XS-2X in Black or Red Fetish Print ~ MSRP $144USD

DDTMUAs an avid connoisseur of PUG, I know their sizing like the back of my hand. Thankfully for those who are not quite so savvy, you can trust their size charts to be very accurate and PUG will even mention to size up or down depending on the style. Based on my measurements (36-28-40), I would fit in the size Medium comfortably. The Tie Me Up did not disappoint and I was so happy I ventured out of my bubble. The sizing fit perfectly and it was quite simple to adjust the bust area with the ties at the shoulder. Finally there was no need to alter for my short torso! Bear in mind, tying the straps can prove to be a little tricky and I would recommend doing so before wearing so the bows sit flat against your shoulders. The crossover neckline features a fully lined bodice in stretch charmeuse. Honestly, it feels so utterly elegant against your skin. If your not a big fan of excess cleavage, try adding a lace camisole for a more conservative look. The full circle skirt looks fabulous with or without a petticoat and falls a few inches below the knee at 5′-4″.

DDTMU2What makes the Tie Me Up truly unique is the risqué vintage fetish print with corsets, whips, bullet bras, and masks. Although some might find this a little over the top, it makes for a great conversation piece. Every time I wear it, people can’t help but comment about how great the print is and is quite out there. We all know this would not be suitable for an afternoon lunch with grandma or a more conservative type occasion. Be cautious of your audience as it’s definitely not for everyone. The Tie Me Up Fetish Print is perfect for date nights or a gathering with a mature crowd as it’s bound to start up a great conversation amongst your friends.

DDTMU4One thing I did notice, it’s a bit difficult to accessorize the Tie Me Up dress with a bolero or cardigan due to the bow straps. It tends to look rather messy and I prefer to wear a leather cropped jacket if it’s a bit on the cooler side. Pair this with your favorite round toe black pumps and you’re ready to go. I tend to keep my accessories to a minimum with bold prints as I don’t want the ensemble to be too over powering. If you prefer solids, the black Tie Me Up would be a unique Little Black Dress.

DDTMU3If you happen to see the Tie Me Up for an incredibly low price on Ebay or the Swap & Sell Page, have no fear as it may be a sample that was sold as a second by PUG. There’s nothing visibly wrong as I’ve spoken to a few ladies who snatched one up and I believe mine is a second as well. The Tie Me Up may have not been love at first sight but is now one of my prized possessions that I can’t help by love.

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