The Return Of Retro Swimwear by Susan Bodack

Susan Bodack manages the blog and social media for, an online boutique specializing in designer swimwear, beachwear, footwear and accessories. For more articles on swim fashion, visit the Beauty and the Beach blog today.

We’ve all heard the adage “an oldie but goodie,” and nowhere is it more evident than in the world of fashion. Trends seem to revolve on a generational turntable as fashions recur over and over again with just slight variations or updates. Some may even argue that there are really never any new fashions, just old ones resurrected and made popular again.

One fashion trend that took the world by storm, and took many breaths away in the process, was the sexy yet glamorous pinup girl look. The retro fashion of the 1950’s saw a unique contradiction in fashion as increased sex appeal shared center stage with an emphasis on feminine features. Perhaps no other era had such a dazzling, classy look as the ladies of this time with their siren red lips, perfectly styled hair, and clothing cut to emphasize curves of all shapes, sizes, and places. Luckily for women today, these same trends are hotter than ever and as flattering as they were 60 years ago.

Although today’s mainstream fashion has certainly seen a retro revival, perhaps the pinup resurgence is most easily seen on the sand. Not only did the sex symbols of the 50’s rock the fashion world, they also changed the swimwear industry forever. Debuting in the late 1940’s, the two-piece swimsuit was really brought into vogue by the classic pinup girls of the 50’s. Featuring bustier tops, high-cut bottoms and ultra-feminine designs, these swimsuits simultaneously helped flatter any woman’s figure while radiating subtle sex appeal.

Today, these classic two-piece fashions, as well as their one-piece counterparts, are loved by women everywhere for their incredible versatility and universally flattering fit. A woman who is challenged in the chest area will love the added oomph a pinup-inspired bustier top can provide, particularly one with extra hoist provided by thick fixed halter straps. On the other end of the spectrum, any lady with fuller, curvier hips will be grateful for the extra coverage provided by a high-waist bottom, as they help to hold you in and slim the tummy. Women of all sizes can be intimidated by the dreaded thigh or backside area, but yet again, pinup fashion comes to the rescue as boy-cut shorts and ruched skirted bottoms provide additional coverage in those troublesome spots.

Not only are the cuts of the classic pinup era universally flattering, but the prints and designs are timelessly fun and flirty. Today’s hottest swimwear designers are sticking to the classics–if it’s not broken, why fix it? Think pinup-inspired one-pieces and two-pieces featuring polka dot prints in an array of color combinations and sizes. But if you’re not into polka dots, look for styles featuring luscious cherry prints, sweet gingham patterns or sailor-chic nautical designs. For solid swimsuit lovers, look for retro styles with sweetheart necklines, ruched bodices, little bow details, and/or subtle ruffle trim. Regardless of the style you choose, you can guarantee a youthful yet ultra-glam look.


A very warm thank you to Susan for guest posting on Pin Up Persuasion. Would you ladies like to read reviews on retro inspired swimwear in the future???

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