Floral Obsession Gone Awry

There’s no secret when it comes to my obsession with floral print, it’s undeniable to say the least. Ever since Pinup Girl Clothing released the Blue & Violet Floral print in the Amelia, I’ve had an obsession for everything in this print. I was so excited when I saw the Birdie in the Blue Floral but it quickly lead to heartbreak as this was an exclusive item for a retailer in Australia. PUG eventually released the Dee Dee in this very same print and opted to sneak it into my cart to give it a try.

Available in sizes XS-2X in a variety of colors & prints ~ MSRP $118USD

PCDeeDeeWhen I originally ordered the Dee Dee dress, my measurements were 36-29-42 and went with a Medium. The Dee Dee features a round Peter Pan collar with matching decorative buttons. Since my bust was a tad bit smaller than the medium, it was necessary to wear a good push up bra to fill it out completely. The matching belt accentuates your nipped in waist and compliments the full swing skirt perfectly. It features a side zipper with cap sleeves that provide ample rooms for your arms. I believe the Dee Dee looks best without a petticoat or the PUG canvas underskirt for minimal volume. The overall design is classic and timeless falling perfectly below the knee.

PCDeeDee2It seems I have a difficult time with dresses designed with a high neckline since I have a rather short torso and always find myself having to get rather costly alterations done. Once I lost weight, the Dee Dee no longer fit and unfortunately had to let her go to a better home. Quite possibly if I sized down to a Small, these issues would be resolved as the waist was much too loose and the bust was gaping considerably. I’ve seen the Dee Dee look so incredibly fabulous on other lovely ladies and so disappointed it didn’t quite work for me. I believe this style is best suited for those with a normal to long torso.

(Keep in mind, the review photos were taken before I lost weight therefore the fit is great with the proper push up bra.)

PCDeeDee3The Dee Dee is perfect for every occasion, I wore it to the office and receive many compliments. Dress is up with a set of pearls and white Mary-Jane heels. As mentioned earlier, the PUG canvas underskirt would give the right amount of volume for the swing skirt. Adding a lovely rose hair flower would really add to the ensemble beautifully.

PCDeeDee1Although the Dee Dee didn’t work out, I know it would be amazing for those ladies with a different body type than me. I adored her and truly wished it was a better match but I know she’s being loved very much by her new owner. Hopefully PUG decides to release this lovely blue floral print in another swing dress in the future or maybe by some luck I can get my hands on the exclusive Birdie dress someday.

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