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Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.

The biggest shopping day of the year in the US is known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. But for Canadians, it’s Boxing Day! Once you’ve finished opening all your presents on Christmas, you head to the stores for massive deals on the 26th. Being that I have worked in retail all my life, the last place I want to be is in a store on that day. It is much more convenient to shop online to avoid the crowds, lines and most importantly, spend more time with family. Last year there was only one thing on my must have list and I made sure to order as soon as the clock stroked midnight…the Hell Bunny Sarah Jane Coat from

Available in sizes XS-4XL in Red or Black ~ MSRP $130CAD


IMG_1952If you have ever tried Hell Bunny clothing before, you will know their sizing is quite generous overall. With most of my dresses being a size Small, I ordered the Sarah Jane Coat in the same. Needless to say, the fit was spot on and there is room for layers underneath as well. The Sarah Jane Coat is ideal to wear over your swing skirts and dresses due to the fabulous flared hemline. Not only is it beautiful, the Sarah Jane Coat is quite warm with a thick quilted lining on the interior. The faux fur trim and corset laced back are what makes this coat stand out from the rest. I love that the fur trim hood with pom poms is easily removed with a few buttons, versatile for the ever changing winter months here in Canada.

IMG_1959As most of you know, we don’t live in Igloos in Canada but we do have some blistering cold winters every year with tons of snow. Finding stylish outerwear that is also functional (ie: warm) is not easy to find. The Sarah Jane Coat was an instant win, perfect for those cold and windy days. I love the quilted lining since it truly breaks the wind from going right through you. The length it perfect, even only being 5’ -4” tall. It’s great to have coats of varying lengths in your closet; you never know which one will compliment your outfit the best.

IMG_1960Wherever I go, I get nothing but compliments on the Sarah Jane Coat. People are just drawn to its originality and truly a statement piece. It’s always a nice treat to find such amazing items on sale but the Sarah Jane Coat is definitely worth the investment even at regular price. I am beyond excited to add more retro inspired coats to my collection and now have my eye on the Angeline in black.

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Amber’s Blogroll Call

Some people read books. I read blogs. I read a lot of blogs. The majority of the blogs I read are centered around the pinup/retro/vintage lifestyle. Jessica knows about my addiction/obsession/hobby of blog reading and asked me to share some of my favorites with you!

The Rockabilly Socialite – Miss Dollie is the Queen (in my book) of Rockabilly. She has quite an extensive vintage wardrobe and her house is to die for. Read her blog to get the latest rockabilly happenings in and around Southern California, delicious recipes (she recently went vegan) and product reviews. Dollie is also the Queen Bee of a vintage ladies group she formed called the Honeybees – they often get together for cooking, crafting and parties. You can also follow Dollie on Instagram.

The Technicolor Cutie – Missy is a retro mom and vintage loving gal also in California. She is a hair stylist by trade (she always has killer hair) and has mad sewing skills (she makes quite a few of her own clothes). I’m so jealous of her hair and sewing skills! She can also be found on Instagram.

The Glamorous Housewife – Bethany is another lucky lady living in California (are you sensing a theme here? I need to move I think). Bethany has some vintage in her wardrobe but she is really amazing at taking modern day clothes and putting a retro twist on them. She is also quite the entertainer and often posts about parties, DIY decorating tips, recipes and has her own You Tube channel with make up tutorials, hair tutorials, and recipe tutorials. She’s also on Instagram!

Super Kawaii Mama – Candice is a vintage loving lady from Down Under. She blogs about all things fashion, hair, and lifestyle. She also has a You Tube channel – and I honestly could listen to her talk all day long. She just has one of those voices. And like all the others, she’s on Instagram!

And a few more quick ones:

Diary of a Vintage Girl – Fleur is from England and has a love for 40’s fashion. She is a jack of all trades modeling, acting, voice overs, hosting events, blogging, and she has her own vintage ladies group – The Vintage Mafia (I love that name). Oh and she runs half marathons.

The Fiercest Lilliputian – Emma is a children’s music teacher living in Nashville with a lovely vintage wardrobe.

Atomic Redhead – finally a blogger from the Pacific NW; she loves Disney, thrifting and vintage and she has collected quite an impressive wardrobe!

Confessions of a Vintage Hoarder – Another Aussie, Leah finds some amaaaaaaaaaazing things and takes amazing photos of it.

The Haute Rockabilly Fashionista – Wendi’s wardrobe makes me weak in the knees and she has stupid amazing luck finding great vintage treasures (bakelite, lucite confetti purses) for a steal! So jealous.

Midnight Maniac – finally a dame from my neck of the woods! Rebecca lives in Wisconsin and blogs about fashion, the environment, cooking and lifestyle. She has a talent for mixing vintage and modern pieces. Oh, and she organized the Mississippi Mayhem (our first rockabilly weekender in the area) this year!

Phew! Ok these amazing blogs should keep everyone reading for awhile. I know I’ve found a great blog when I find myself going all the way back to their very first post! I’ve done that with all of these. Please share what vintage/retro/pinup inspired blogs you love to read!


Let’s not forget the fabulous Amber’s blog


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Pin Up Styling For The Full Figure Bosom

In the past year I have set out on a mission to find proper fitting bras and finally break up with Victoria Secret. When your bust size exceeds a double D in US sizing, it’s nearly impossible to find comfort while not sacrificing beauty. Why is it so impossible to find proper support mixed with fun flirty styles in local stores? This still remains a mystery but fortunately we have the luxury of online shopping to scour the globe for what we want. I was super excited to see Orchard Corset added the Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Bra to their line up as I had lusted after this beauty for ages and it is actually designed for full figure women.

Available in sizes 30D to 40G ~ MSRP $38 USD

Briefs in sizes XS to 2XL – MSRP $12USD

CharlotteThe Parfait Charlotte was my very first Affinitas purchase therefore I chose to consult with the Orchard Corset team on sizing. Initially when they added the collection to their site, the smallest band size available was 32; normally I wear a 30. Not knowing how the cups sizes ran, I ordered a 32F to start. When the Parfait Charlotte arrived, I immediately saw that the 32F was a bit too big in the cups and exchanged it for a 32E. Now that they are carrying the 30 band, I could easily size down to the 30F for a more snug fit in the band (if you go down one band size, you must increase the cups size by one as well). That being said, the 32E fits very well and I don’t mind having a little more room in the band for comfort. The Parfait Charlotte features lightly padded foam lined cups with a double hook closure (three hooks on the larger sizes) and fully adjustable straps. The colour is a lovely dusty rose, not a baby pink as seen in the stock photos. The contrasting black detail definitely adds to the sexy pinup styling and the satin accents just finish it off beautifully.

IMG_1999Well I am going to start by saying the Parfait Charlotte is so stunning in person, all the little details make it to be a fabulous bra when it comes to esthetics. The construction is superior in quality and luxurious for the affordable price point. There are a few major points that a bra must meet to get my approval as a good fitting. First, the cups need to give a nice rounded shape and the right amount of support. The Parfait Charlotte does both quite well; the foam lined cups give good definition and shape while the adjustable straps provide ample support. Next is fit. The underwire falls perfectly without digging in and the central gore lies flat against my chest showing this is a good overall fit. There is no spillage at the underarms or at the top of the bra and the band closes firmly on the last hook. Now for the most important point, comfort. From the very first time wearing the Parfait Charlotte, I have to admit it wasn’t like breaking in a new bra. It was quite comfortable and only caused me a slight irritation where the strap meets the satin due to the seam. I must mention that my skin is known to be very sensitive so this will probably not affect most. The Parfait Charlotte was fabulous even after a long 15+ hours and now part of my regular everyday bras.

IMG_2006The matching bikini briefs are a bit generous and I was able to size down to a Small even with my 40″ hips. They do cut in slightly but I am often in between sizes when it comes to briefs. Although I prefer the look of the high waist briefs, the bikini cut are more practical for everyday wear with jeans or dress pants. I’m hoping Orchard Corset adds the high waist briefs to their line up since they are very affordable and it would be great to have a both options.

IMG_2001Without a doubt, the Parfait Charlotte is designed with the pinup look in mind. This set would be fabulous to wear for a photoshoot or simply everyday to make you feel sexy. The great news is, it comes in cream, bubblegum pink, dusty rose and red! If bikini briefs are not your cup of tea, they also make a matching high waist brief as well. The red is coming soon to Orchard Corset, hopefully in time for the holidays!

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Trashy Diva Jenny Dress: Vintage Class mixed with Comfort by Mai Tai Miranda

I have so much love for Trashy Diva clothing that I own at least ten pieces from this remarkable New Orleans based company. Since we are getting into the colder months, especially here in Canada it was timely to review one of my favorites, the long sleeved Jenny dress.

1441513_10151998089792604_1671267710_nThe Jenny dress comes in 3 colors (Black, Military, and Bordeaux) and two sleeve lengths! For me, I just had to choose the Bordeaux as the color is so lush and rich. The dress is a nice thick knit of rayon, nylon, and spandex which allows for a lot of stretch and beautiful drape. Of course it is also super comfortable and cozy for the many damp days here on the west coast of British Columbia.

The design of the dress is reminiscent of the 1940s with its gathered puff sleeves and strategic pleating/darts on the bust which are echoed in the skirt. The skirt is a full a-line and very flattering. The dress is easy to put on over the head with a small side zip from the waist to the sleeve.

1418405_10152003480502604_1101551544_nThe style of the dress allows for easy accessorizing, since it was a sunny autumn day I chose to add a skinny leopard print belt, a vintage bakelite bangle, and a beige snood (hand crocheted from Planet Pinup on etsy). With the addition of my black heeled oxfords I hoped to pull my vintage look together. This dress can be easily dressed up with a sparkly vintage brooch, some killer heels, and a pair of Cuban seamed stockings. I have winterized it quite a few times by pairing with thick tights of different colors and a cardigan.

I love vintage clothing but it is rare to find my size as being a modern 14/16 makes me a vintage 20/22. In terms of sizing, this is a very generous cut compared to other Trashy Diva offerings. You can safely size down from what the chart suggests as there is so much stretch. I usually wear a 16 in Trashy Diva and this one is a 12! This is a very good dress for all bust sizes (I am a 36G/GG) as the style works due to the darting. This dress is one of their more expensive and I picked it up during their online Black Friday sale last year, but most of my Trashy Diva dresses have been purchased from Rowena in Edmonton, they have a few styles (not this one though) on their website

1414767_10152003480497604_1411220381_nI am very lucky to have a fabulous photographer residing in my town and she produced these beautiful images (she is gorgeous pinup herself). Please check out Dawn Mahaney Photography on Facebook.

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