How Pin Up Persuasion Has Inspired You – Part One

There are no words to express how touching your entries were in the Super Fan Giveaway and I really wanted to share them with everyone so they may inspire you as well. From the bottom of my heart, YOU mean the world to me and this is why I am here. I love hearing from my readers, whether it be to answer your questions or just to say hello. xo Jessica

“Although I am new to discovering Pin Up Persuasion, I am glad to have found it as a site to frequent and a blog to follow. There is a wealth of information (love the tips on red hair and how to achieve it as I too feel the need to have red hair all the time without completely destroying it or paying a fortune!) and retailers to visit. It is such a great collection of “how to’s” and “where to go to” for us living in Canada. The most inspirational though is Jessica’s blog about how she got to where she is now. Discovering Vintage and Pin Up looks is so wonderful and fun and after trying them, I too never want to give them up! Forget shopping in a Mall…’s not the look I am after anymore.

Thank you for your time and effort in creating Pin Up Persuasion. And for sharing your story. It’s not often to read such honesty and meekness. It’s refreshing and your posts and photos are beautiful.”

“I have been following the Pin Up Persuasion blog since the beginning and it has definitely inspired me in my Pin Up journey. I have always had a love for vintage fashion, but didn’t start pursuing it as more of a lifestyle until the past couple of years. Seeing Jessica, another everyday hard working Canadian gal present herself to the world in such a classic way has been inspirational. I now almost always dress in vintage style and it is definitely my trademark, it took courage to stand out from the crowd and I must say I get a lot of questions about what I wear. I often tell people of Pin Up persuasion and more and more people seem to be welcoming classic style and glamour. Jessica has inspired me to get more photographs taken and I will be contributing a blog entry shortly. This has all come at an interesting time in my life as along this journey I have become a mother and my body has changed so much, but following this style I still feel gorgeous and more confident than ever. Thank you!”

“I have found pinup persuasion very inspiring as I am starting my pinup style and life. I have recently lost weight and because of that gained confidence to be able to dress and be the person I have always wanted to be. It’s been amazing to read your blog and see my dream style in reality; to see a real person and real advice. I love your reviews and have found the advice on style super helpful in choosing my first petticoat and dresses. You seem like such a genuine real person and I love feeling like I can trust you and see in you the beauty & confidence I want and will have soon.”

“I’m addicted to Jessica’s blog! I never used to think that I could ever pull off the “vintage” look but following your blog has made me more confident to try all the different styles available out there. I love being able to read reviews from a “normal” sized person about the fit and comfort of different styles and it has help me gain the confidence to try out those looks for myself. Thanks for all that you do and I look forward to more blog posts in the future!”

“Pin Up Persuasion has inspired me in many ways, not just the blog, but the wonderful lady behind it all, Jessica Martin.

I was introduced to PUP in early 2013. The articles were and continue to be interesting and relevant. It’s really nice to know there is a blog that I can refer to for tips and reviews. I find it inspiring because Jessica is so knowledgeable, and the real deal in the pin-up world. Also, a woman with curves showing off how items look, and explaining how they make her feel confident and sexy. That’s really great to see!

From a business woman standpoint, it’s really amazing that PUP is sponsored by some great names in the pin-up clothing industry, it shows great determination and drive to legitimize a blog on such a level. There are a lot of pin-up blogs, but none as organized, well thought out and committed to like PUP. I love being surrounded by women who are driven by their passions. Whenever I have questions, I know I can ask Jessica and she will give me her honest opinion, and help me make decisions based on more than just face-value opinion.

That is how PUP inspired and continues to inspire me on a consumer and business level. Keep on being awesome!”

“Pinup Persuasion has inspired me to go even further into my passion for pinup clothing. In a crazy world where girls are encouraged to be rail thin, I love the way that it feels to put on a sexy dress and ROCK IT without feeling like I’m ‘too fat’ or that I would only look good if I just lost a few pounds. I just love the way that I feel in these clothes; in a PUG wiggle dress or a sweet swing dress, it just feels good to go all “Mad Men” and saunter around my office feeling like a million bucks. I have always had some serious badonk-a-donk, and it makes me feel good to put on something that hugs my curves but still makes me feel like a lady.

I love that there is someone out there that shares my passion, and is giving me real advice about sizing and buying. Don’t get me wrong, the Blame Betty is phenomenal (and their website is heaven, I love that their models come in all shapes and sizes!). BUT I can’t always make it out there, so it’s nice to have someone actually describe the fit in detail. And can we talk about Stop Staring! ? Seriously, favourite brand right now. I can’t even express how much I love their dresses.”

“I was only introduced to the blog a few weeks ago, however in that short time, I am in love. I have kept my love of all things vintage and pin up pretty private – I’m a bigger girl, and I’ve never really been confident enough to wear the clothes that I really want to wear. Since I started reading Pin Up Persuasion, I have realized that you know what? Pin up and vintage looks are fantastic, regardless of size there is something for everyone and dang it, and woman can look like a bombshell. I am now working on my confidence to rock these awesome looks, and I really do think your blog has helped with that!”

“Pin Up Persuasion is one of the first vintage style blogs I started reading. It was shortly after I finished university and I realized that not only did my wardrobe look like that of someone who rarely left her dorm room, but it also consisted mostly of things I’d had almost since high school. So, I set out on a wardrobe revamping.

Pin Up Persuasion has inspired me with awesome tips and tutorials, great looks and fabulous reviews on products I’d like. Being on a just-out-of-uni budget I haven’t been able to stock my wardrobe nearly as well as I’d like so far, but I consulted your history of shape wear posts repeatedly while making my first girdle purchase recently.

I’m still a newbie to vintage fashion, but I’m so glad to have vintage guides like Pin Up Persuasion to help me along on my journey!”

“Pin Up Persuasion frequently inspires me to throw on a little makeup, put on a cute outfit, and face the day. Even when I don’t feel like getting dolled up, I’m inspired to face the day with panash and finesse and love myself anyway!”

“Independent of the contest, I wanted to get in touch and say that I really admire the stuff you’ve been doing over at Pinup Persuasion! Lots of bloggers only feature pinup clothing in these big elaborate shoots, but I love that you show it out in the real world and shot in simpler ways. I’ve been trying to capture some of that for my blog and you’ve been a great inspiration as I work on my posing and “look” of my blog that is becoming more and more vintage clothing oriented. You’re an inspiration to those of us who are still learners when it comes to fashion blogging – you make it look easy which makes me willing to try new things!”

“I found pinup persuasion through google really near when you started writing the blog. Your courage to post about your foray through fashion and your exposes on your personal life have been nothing short of amazing. I think the post that has most inspired me was your very personal post on your weight loss. I remember going into Rowena when I was in high school and always wanting to wear those cloths, to look that amazing. It was pinup persuasion that re-fostered my love of the era. I remember that while reading all of the posts you’ve made on the amazing fashion that is the pinup world I kept thinking I wish I could wear that. I always thought that you looked amazing in all of the photos that you posted, I found myself wishing I, too, could look that great. You always look so confident and happy! To read that you, too, go through the same issues that I do helped me to start being more confident in myself. It was after that post that I started to change my life around, I started eating healthily again, exercising as best I could despite a terrible injury and I bought my first pinup dress. Since then I’ve replaced my entire wardrobe. Every day I get dressed and remember the confidence that your blogging has given me. I’ve also lost an entire dress size too! I’m finally happy with who I see in the mirror. And it’s thanks, in no small part, to you.”

“Pinup persuasion has inspired me to stay positive through my illnesses and changing body shape. I lost about fifty pounds but have gained about twenty of it back lately, and I’m just down and out of everything. 😦 Your page has helped me get to love my body and help me so much. ❤ Thank you for that!”

“Pin Up Persuasion has inspired me on how to look my best. Harking back to an era of absolute femininity and glamour, showing stylish outfits, how to put them together and how to accessorise. I love all of the outfits, so thank you for sharing!”

“Pin up persuasion has inspired me to be myself, be daring, and love my look. Pinup persuasion has taught me we don’t have to look like barbie to be sexy. Sexy comes in all shapes and styles.”

“So, it wasn’t till I started digging into the blog that I discovered your name is Jessica! Me too!! That just made me happy. I love the blog because you are not a model. You are a normal and beautiful woman with curves. I have been encouraged to watch you lose weight and be bold enough to post photos of yourself in lingerie! I have been able to find some great stuff because of links you have posted. Thanks for putting yourself out there!”

Stay tuned for part two!!!

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