Underskirt VS Petticoat

It’s no secret that I am not overly fond of wearing petticoats with my circle dresses simply because it seems rather too much for everyday at the office. They are great to complete a look for a special occasion or if you love lots of volume. The one aspect I do like is how it gives a new dimension to circle skirts. I was delighted to see Pinup Girl Clothing’s new Canvas Underskirt; designed to give the fullness but remain flat around the tummy area and perfect for everyday.

Available in sizes XS to 2X in Black or White – MSRP $36USD

UnderskirtFirst things first, the size chart for the PUG Underskirt is not accurate and I highly recommend that everyone go up to the next size. Every person I know who followed the chart including myself was sadly disappointed the elastic waistband on the Canvas Underskirt was much too small. Although I clearly fall into the measurements of the medium (28” waist), it was ridiculously tight and was nearly impossible to snap close, not to mention the horrible muffin top it created. I reordered a Large and it just fits since the elastic band is meant to be firm around the waist. Make sure to take note, the snaps are to be placed in the front. The underskirt is made from a stiff two layered canvas designed to provide the fullness at the hips and suitable for any skirt length.

Underskirt4The underskirt is designed to keep the tummy area flat with the wide elastic band but I personally find it creates a slight muffin top as I don’t have a firm stomach. At this point, I’m not going to write off wearing the underskirt as I really love the volume it creates and feel it is a great alternative to traditional petticoats. It’s more of a subtle flare in comparison and I quite enjoy not having the bulkiness of a full length petticoat. Also, the underskirt is a fraction of the cost and doesn’t require you to purchase multiple lengths for each outfit or a variety colors. I opted for the white as most of my circle skirts are light colors for summer and it will still work under darker colors as well.

Underskirt3In the comparison photos, you can see the underskirt provides a nice amount of fullness in the circle skirt but not too much. I would definitely pair this with the Harley, Havana, Heidi, and so many more. Often I find petticoats to be too puffy and do not compliment dresses like with the underskirt. Also, the canvas is ideal for those hot summer months and won’t stick to your legs like the layers of tulle. As you can see, there are a lot more pros with the underskirt in my opinion than with traditional petticoats. Overall, it will come down to your personal opinions on what look you prefer.

Underskirt2At this point, I am hoping the elastic band will relax a bit over time. Another option I may look into is having my seamstress create slits to give more room in the waist. Either way, the underskirt is still a great item to have if you are in search for petticoat alternatives like I was.

7 thoughts on “Underskirt VS Petticoat

  1. I so want one of these, and you look wonderful as ever. Just a thought though, I don’t think you’ve mentioned which one’s which in the comparison pictures – I think it’s the right side?

  2. What a great review! I wish it was out a week ago when I put my order with PUG 🙂 I took the underskirt out of my cart a few times. I should have bought it, next time 🙂 Great info about the sizing. I would have got it wrong.

    • Hi Sarah! I don’t think much volume is lost, more so the underskirt only gives volume at the hips rather than waist to hem like the petticoats. The underskirt doesn’t make me feel all poofy like the petticoats if that helps. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the review! Im hesitant about wearing the petticoats to work as it does seem a bit much but im also the only one who dresses in this style so maybe i just feel a lil self conscious? Not that it stops me! 🙂 love my dresses and i only ever get compliments. i do believe i need one of these!

  4. I ADORE petticoats but I’ve been eyeballing this item on PUG because there are some dresses that look weird with a petticoat underneath but would look better if they had some slight volume underneath them!

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