Pin Up Styling For The Full Figure Bosom

In the past year I have set out on a mission to find proper fitting bras and finally break up with Victoria Secret. When your bust size exceeds a double D in US sizing, it’s nearly impossible to find comfort while not sacrificing beauty. Why is it so impossible to find proper support mixed with fun flirty styles in local stores? This still remains a mystery but fortunately we have the luxury of online shopping to scour the globe for what we want. I was super excited to see Orchard Corset added the Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Bra to their line up as I had lusted after this beauty for ages and it is actually designed for full figure women.

Available in sizes 30D to 40G ~ MSRP $38 USD

Briefs in sizes XS to 2XL – MSRP $12USD

CharlotteThe Parfait Charlotte was my very first Affinitas purchase therefore I chose to consult with the Orchard Corset team on sizing. Initially when they added the collection to their site, the smallest band size available was 32; normally I wear a 30. Not knowing how the cups sizes ran, I ordered a 32F to start. When the Parfait Charlotte arrived, I immediately saw that the 32F was a bit too big in the cups and exchanged it for a 32E. Now that they are carrying the 30 band, I could easily size down to the 30F for a more snug fit in the band (if you go down one band size, you must increase the cups size by one as well). That being said, the 32E fits very well and I don’t mind having a little more room in the band for comfort. The Parfait Charlotte features lightly padded foam lined cups with a double hook closure (three hooks on the larger sizes) and fully adjustable straps. The colour is a lovely dusty rose, not a baby pink as seen in the stock photos. The contrasting black detail definitely adds to the sexy pinup styling and the satin accents just finish it off beautifully.

IMG_1999Well I am going to start by saying the Parfait Charlotte is so stunning in person, all the little details make it to be a fabulous bra when it comes to esthetics. The construction is superior in quality and luxurious for the affordable price point. There are a few major points that a bra must meet to get my approval as a good fitting. First, the cups need to give a nice rounded shape and the right amount of support. The Parfait Charlotte does both quite well; the foam lined cups give good definition and shape while the adjustable straps provide ample support. Next is fit. The underwire falls perfectly without digging in and the central gore lies flat against my chest showing this is a good overall fit. There is no spillage at the underarms or at the top of the bra and the band closes firmly on the last hook. Now for the most important point, comfort. From the very first time wearing the Parfait Charlotte, I have to admit it wasn’t like breaking in a new bra. It was quite comfortable and only caused me a slight irritation where the strap meets the satin due to the seam. I must mention that my skin is known to be very sensitive so this will probably not affect most. The Parfait Charlotte was fabulous even after a long 15+ hours and now part of my regular everyday bras.

IMG_2006The matching bikini briefs are a bit generous and I was able to size down to a Small even with my 40″ hips. They do cut in slightly but I am often in between sizes when it comes to briefs. Although I prefer the look of the high waist briefs, the bikini cut are more practical for everyday wear with jeans or dress pants. I’m hoping Orchard Corset adds the high waist briefs to their line up since they are very affordable and it would be great to have a both options.

IMG_2001Without a doubt, the Parfait Charlotte is designed with the pinup look in mind. This set would be fabulous to wear for a photoshoot or simply everyday to make you feel sexy. The great news is, it comes in cream, bubblegum pink, dusty rose and red! If bikini briefs are not your cup of tea, they also make a matching high waist brief as well. The red is coming soon to Orchard Corset, hopefully in time for the holidays!

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5 thoughts on “Pin Up Styling For The Full Figure Bosom

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  2. Christi

    I have been watching these for a while! So glad to get the review!

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  4. Jungle Julia

    I might actually consider getting a bra like this as oppose to Victoria’s Secret! I can fit a 32 band but the cup sizes are a big issue! 32 DDD = total crap.

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