Amber’s Blogroll Call

Some people read books. I read blogs. I read a lot of blogs. The majority of the blogs I read are centered around the pinup/retro/vintage lifestyle. Jessica knows about my addiction/obsession/hobby of blog reading and asked me to share some of my favorites with you!

The Rockabilly Socialite – Miss Dollie is the Queen (in my book) of Rockabilly. She has quite an extensive vintage wardrobe and her house is to die for. Read her blog to get the latest rockabilly happenings in and around Southern California, delicious recipes (she recently went vegan) and product reviews. Dollie is also the Queen Bee of a vintage ladies group she formed called the Honeybees – they often get together for cooking, crafting and parties. You can also follow Dollie on Instagram.

The Technicolor Cutie – Missy is a retro mom and vintage loving gal also in California. She is a hair stylist by trade (she always has killer hair) and has mad sewing skills (she makes quite a few of her own clothes). I’m so jealous of her hair and sewing skills! She can also be found on Instagram.

The Glamorous Housewife – Bethany is another lucky lady living in California (are you sensing a theme here? I need to move I think). Bethany has some vintage in her wardrobe but she is really amazing at taking modern day clothes and putting a retro twist on them. She is also quite the entertainer and often posts about parties, DIY decorating tips, recipes and has her own You Tube channel with make up tutorials, hair tutorials, and recipe tutorials. She’s also on Instagram!

Super Kawaii Mama – Candice is a vintage loving lady from Down Under. She blogs about all things fashion, hair, and lifestyle. She also has a You Tube channel – and I honestly could listen to her talk all day long. She just has one of those voices. And like all the others, she’s on Instagram!

And a few more quick ones:

Diary of a Vintage Girl – Fleur is from England and has a love for 40’s fashion. She is a jack of all trades modeling, acting, voice overs, hosting events, blogging, and she has her own vintage ladies group – The Vintage Mafia (I love that name). Oh and she runs half marathons.

The Fiercest Lilliputian – Emma is a children’s music teacher living in Nashville with a lovely vintage wardrobe.

Atomic Redhead – finally a blogger from the Pacific NW; she loves Disney, thrifting and vintage and she has collected quite an impressive wardrobe!

Confessions of a Vintage Hoarder – Another Aussie, Leah finds some amaaaaaaaaaazing things and takes amazing photos of it.

The Haute Rockabilly Fashionista – Wendi’s wardrobe makes me weak in the knees and she has stupid amazing luck finding great vintage treasures (bakelite, lucite confetti purses) for a steal! So jealous.

Midnight Maniac – finally a dame from my neck of the woods! Rebecca lives in Wisconsin and blogs about fashion, the environment, cooking and lifestyle. She has a talent for mixing vintage and modern pieces. Oh, and she organized the Mississippi Mayhem (our first rockabilly weekender in the area) this year!

Phew! Ok these amazing blogs should keep everyone reading for awhile. I know I’ve found a great blog when I find myself going all the way back to their very first post! I’ve done that with all of these. Please share what vintage/retro/pinup inspired blogs you love to read!


Let’s not forget the fabulous Amber’s blog


4 thoughts on “Amber’s Blogroll Call

  1. This is great. All the ones I know on there I have to agree are fab and I can’t wait to finish checking out the rest. Thanks for the list!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you for including me among the ranks of The Rockabilly Socialite and many more gals that I myself admire a great deal! Also, thanks for introducing me to a few more blogs!


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