Pin Up Persuasion’s Holiday Giving Campaign 2013

HGCLogoLast year, one of our local radio stations hosted a campaign during the holidays to give back to those needing a helping hand for various reasons. It was incredible to see so many local businesses donate to the initiative in order to help these families in need over the holidays. Needless to say, their stories of hardships brought tears to my eyes every morning when they announced the chosen recipient. I was beyond touched at how much this small act of kindness gave them hope during the VERY difficult times they were faced with.

Many of us are blessed with good health, financial security and loving families to spend the holidays with. This is our opportunity to give back to those who need a helping hand but may not be willing to ask.

The Pin Up Persuasion Holiday Giving Campaign is your chance to spoil that special person who would never do so for herself due to a personal hardship she may face. Our fabulous sponsors have really outdone themselves with these incredible gifts for the chosen recipient…

Orchard CorsetCorset & satin laces of choice

Orchard CorsetJBR ClothingLux De Ville Handbag & Besame lipstick of choice


Rowena/Retroglam.comHell Bunny dress of choice

RetroglamBlame Betty$100 Blame Betty Giftcard

BlameBettyCollectifFaux pearl necklace & matching drop earrings

CollectifPunk Up BettieAnchor necklace & matching hair bow

PunkUpBettieBetty Le BonbonBLBB apron of choice

BLBBFluffMolly Mermaid makeup bag & matching frame wallet

Fluff PrizeCeci PunchSugar skull necklace & bow drop earrings

cecipunchTo submit a nomination, please include your full name and contact information, along with a paragraph stating why you have chosen this person to be selected as the recipient of the Pin Up Persuasion Holiday Giving Campaign. All nominations must be submitted to, no later than Friday, December 20 at 11pm(EST). The recipient will be selected at random and announced on Monday December 23, right here on the blog.

A heartfelt thank you to all our generous sponsors for truly making this campaign possible and I hope to continue the Pin Up Persuasion Holiday Campaign as an annual event.

5 thoughts on “Pin Up Persuasion’s Holiday Giving Campaign 2013

  1. Please explain why would we tell about the hardships if you still choose to pick one at random? Whats the point in pouring ones heart out to explain the nomination if its all random anyhow?

    • Miss V, this is the reason why this campaign is being held. In order to nominate someone, we ask you tell us why this person is deserving receive all these incredible gifts. It is not just to compare one hardship as more deserving than another. This is why the final recipient will be drawn at random once the requirements are fulfilled.

      > Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 17:43:59 +0000 > To: >

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