An Ode to My French Heritage

Although I am born and raised in Canada, my ancestry originates from France and my mom is from the province of Quebec. Not many people know that I am fluently bilingual in both English/French and lived in Montreal for four years before settling back in Ontario. I have always been proud of my ancestry eventhough the French are known to be difficult and rather stubborn. The flower of the province of Quebec is the beautiful Fleur De Lis, a symbol of their French heritage. If you are wondering where I am headed with this review, I’ll get right down to it. Needless to say I was super excited when Pinup Girl Clothing released the Harley Dress in Olive and White Fleur De Lis and scooped one up during one of their Sale events.

Available in sizes XS-2X in a variety of colors ~ MSRP $130USD


Canvas Underskirt on Left.

Lately it seems that PUG’s sizing has taken a shift to be more generous in the bust but the waist measurements have remained the same. This has caused me some issues when it comes to selecting the right size since my bust measurement (36″) now falls as a Small and my waist (28″) is a Medium. As we all know it’s easier to take a garment in but impossible to make it bigger . So it’s always best to go with your largest measurement when there is no stretch to the material, as in the case with the Harley. It was no surprise that the Harley was too big in the bust area and I had to have the underarms taken in along with shortening the white straps. The Harley features a gathered high neckline with lined bodice and full gathered skirt. PUG has done away with the slide belt and paired a lovely grommet belt that is wonderful to define your waist. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt length falls a few inches below the knee.


Canvas Underskirt on Left.

If you have read past reviews, you will notice how I always mention certain dresses do not fit well due to my short torso and the Harley unfortunately falls into the same category. Since I love the style and print so much, my seamstress opted to shorten the straps to help create a better fit. The Harley is ideal for those with a long torso, similar to the PUG Colette dress which did not work at all for me. If you are not willing to invest in alterations, sadly I would suggest passing on the Harley. For those looking for a more conservative pinup style, this is definitely a great go-to with the classic gathered high neckline. The olive green in such a beautiful shade and the Fleur de Lis is not overpowering if you tend to shy away from prints like me.


Canvas Underskirt on Left.

The Harley is versatile to wear to the office, an afternoon with the ladies or even a fun date night with someone special. Pair it with a white cropped cardigan and wedges to complete the look. To add volume to the gathered skirt, the PUG Canvas Underskirt is a perfect alternative to a traditional petticoat. The various colorways offered in the Harley are lovely for all occasions and a fabulous choice for summer.


Canvas Underskirt on Left.

Although the Harley was not a perfect fit off the rack, I am very happy it is part of my pinup wardrobe. Now we need to get through these terribly cold winter months and bring on Spring to wear all my beautiful dresses again. Winterizing them has not been going all too well since we got so much snow early and it is unseasonably cold this year.

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