The Recipient of the Holiday Giving Campaign Is…

A very heartfelt thank you to all who submitted their nominations, I truly hope to make the Pin Up Persuasion Holiday Giving Campaign an annual event.  There were so many deserving ladies & it was not an easy task to only select one, but fortunately there was no shortage of love and caring for all those who were nominated.


Without further ado…the recipient of the Holiday Giving Campaign is…

“I’m nominating my friend Ashley S., because in the last year, not only has she lost her father, but she has been coping with a mysterious disease. She’s been to countless doctors in her area (and even several hours away), and had different levels of testing, and they still have no clue what it is. What it means for her right now though, other than numerous doctors visits, is she is in too much pain to get around much. Her limbs hurt so much some days she can’t even use them. She still manages to be sweet and try to care for her mother and help around the house even when she can barely walk. Because of the disease, she can’t work, so she can’t get any money together to finish college, or move out of her mother’s house. She wishes every day that she could actually have a job, so she could be moving forward. I can’t even be there for her because I live in another state, but she’s my dearest friend, and going through a very rough time. She really deserves to be pampered, to have a happy Christmas, and to have something done for her, for a change. That is only a small portion of why I nominate Ashley S.”   – Katie F.

An extra special thank you to all the sponsors: Collectif, Orchard Corset, Blame Betty, Betty Le Bonbon, Rowena/, JBR Clothing, Ceci Punch, Punk Up Bettie, and last but not least Fluff. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

Merry Christmas to all & a very Happy New Year!!!

I’ll see everyone back here in 2014!!

xo Jessica

2 thoughts on “The Recipient of the Holiday Giving Campaign Is…

  1. Congrats Ashley! I know what that’s like, to have an illness unlike others, and not be able to work. I have a rare form of scoliosis and was crippled when they tried to fix it. I can’t work and had to give up trying for law school. But you just keep going and finding ways around it, of doing the things you want to do, or finding new and exciting things. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you Pin Up, for getting these great sponsors together to make someone’s holidays an event to remember. Jessica, you are beyond fantastic, Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

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