Your Skin is Priceless

One of the most important things my mom ever taught me growing up was that “Your skin is priceless“, there are no second chances when you neglect it over the years. From a young age, I watched her apply facial creams morning and evening as a daily regiment without fail. The one thing I loathed growing up was being so fair skinned and never being able to get a tan unlike all the other girls in school. Oddly enough, I now receive so many compliments on my light complexion and get told I look much younger…who doesn’t want to hear that? Unlike my siblings, I was very fortunate to not suffer from severe acne and had very few pimples during my adolescence. Don’t get me wrong, my skin is far from perfect but I will share the products that I love as part of my daily skincare regiment.

Before getting into my favorite skincare products, I will suggest that you try samples of any skincare product to see how they work for you before investing in the full size bottle. Personally I am a HUGE fan of Sephora because their hassle free return policy when a product is not compatible for any reason and they will go to great lengths to find the right one for you. Plus, they give you tons of fun samples with every purchase and this is how I found THE BEST SKINCARE product in my lifetime! After only two applications, I could not believe the improvement in my complexion and I seriously thought it was a miracle in a bottle. What was it? The Dr. Brandt Glow Overnight Resurfacing Serum. Since the night cream was such an epic product, I decided to purchase the Glow Day/Night Duo ($65USD) to see if it they were both as effective. In all honesty, the Day Glow Serum did not live up to the Night Glow Serum effectiveness and now only buy the full size Night Glow ($85USD). I know you must think spending so much on a skincare cream is crazy but how can you put a price on your face? The large bottle lasts me approximately 5-6 months, therefore works out to less than $15/month.

s1390632-main-LheroWhy do I think Dr. Brandt Night Glow Serum is the bees knees? All my life I suffered from severely sensitive skin and have always had tiny little bumps on my forehead. They were not pimples, but simply tiny oil pockets that would always flare up from various skincare products. I went through so many skincare creams over the years because I had terrible reactions from most of them. With the small sample of Dr. Brandt that Sephora threw in with a purchase, I figured I had nothing to lose with trying it. After only two applications before bed, the tiny bumps on my forehead were almost gone. This has to be some kind of witchcraft because I’ve suffered for as long as I knew. Not only were they greatly diminished, my overall complexion looked brighter. There was no doubt, I HAD to buy this amazing product! At the time, I was on a tight budget and had to save up to buy the 1.7oz bottle at $85USD. As I mentioned earlier, the large bottle should last you about 5-6 months since you will only use one small pump before bedtime.

s1390616-main-LheroI’ve been using the Dr. Brandt Glow Night Serum for a couple years now and have never suffered from any forehead or skin irritation ever since. Although this product has made such a positive impact on my skin, I found the Glow daytime cream and eye cream were nothing out of the ordinary. There are several products within the Dr. Brandt skincare line and I definitely plan to try more in the future.

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews on more of my favorite skincare products…

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