There’s a Little Rebel in All of us.

The pin up culture is fortunate to have various styles of fashion to please all tastes. Whether you love flirty swing dresses or a more edgy look…there’s something for everyone. It is no secret that I am a sucker for floral prints and the femininity of the 1950’s era but that does not mean that I don’t love the edgier side known as Rockabilly. This style is known for it’s bold use of colour, prints and overall edginess. Cherries, skulls, sparrows, hearts, anchors, stripes and polka dots are just some of the incredible characteristics of Rockabilly fashion. I personally find many of the designs to be a more casual relaxed look, perfect for everyday wear. With that in mind, it was no doubt the Collectif Marina Jumper and Rebel Kate Denim were going to become an instant wardrobe staple.

Rebel Kate Denim – Available in sizes UK6-UK18 ~MSRP £35

Marina Jumper – Available in sizes UK6-UK22 ~ MSRP £27.50

IMG_2116Now this is where it got tricky, how was I ever going to buy denim online without even trying them? I loathe shopping for jeans because they never fit due to my small waist (28″) and curvier hips (40″), it’s always a nightmare that leads to epic disappointment. I consulted with the gals at Collectif to assist with sizing recommendations for the Rebel Kate Denim and they suggested a UK12(Medium) since my hips were slightly too big for the UK10(Small). When they arrived, it was apparent that they were very loose in the waist and the rise was too long for me. Exchanging them for a UK10 was definitely the way to go and with the stretch of the denim it accommodated my larger hips. The Rebel Kate is designed with the retro high waist featuring a three button closure with a structured waist panel and drainpipe cut. Unlike most high waist pants, the front panel construction is wonderful at smoothing the tummy area and a very figure flattering design. There is a fair amount of stretch in the denim which provides a body hugging silhouette. At 5′-4″ tall, I do need to cuff the pants legs as they are a couple inches too long.

IMG_2075The Marina Jumper is known to run smaller than most Collectif tops but since I have a short torso, I opted to stick with my usual UK10(Small). If you have an average to long torso, sizing up is highly recommended otherwise you will find it too short in length. The Marina Jumper features square neckline, 3/4 length sleeves and side splits at the hips which is quite lovely to compliment our figures. Made from a soft stretchy knit, which is quite thick and perfect for cooler temps. They are so versatile to mix and match, since they will go with just about everything. The Marina is hands down one of my favorite tops of all time, I want them in ALL colours!

IMG_2086Due to the fact I sized down in the denim, there is some pulling causing the lining of the front pockets to poke out. Hopefully with time and wear, the denim will stretch/relax and make that issue disappear altogether. The Rebel Kate Denim are very comfortable and are sure to become a wardrobe staple for all that own a pair. Combining the Marina Jumper with the Rebel Kate Denim is a perfect ensemble. The combination is a prime example of what Rockabilly fashion is all about. Accessorize with a head scarf or a cute swallow necklace and your favorite pair of high heels.

IMG_2084It’s been a while since I indulged in my love of Rockabilly fashion and I couldn’t be more pleased with the Marina Jumper and Rebel Kate Denim. Adding more separates to your wardrobe is always a great investment and with such staples, you are sure to get your moneys worth.

14 thoughts on “There’s a Little Rebel in All of us.

  1. Love this on you! I now may take the plunge and buy these jeans in my next order! I think cuffing them makes them even cuter so your height works to your advantage!

  2. I actually bought both – and I have the same problem with the front pockets!! It is incredibly annoying, and it doesn’t go away with wear I’m afraid 😦 it looks so stunning on you with the matching red shoes. I’ve bought the top in blue as I’m afraid to wear red because I have red hair too. After seeing you in red I think I might reconsider!

  3. Love your new outfit! Rockabilly is definitely a cute sub-genre within the overall 1950’s style. What I wonder though is… is it a true representation of 1950’s style or a modernized version? I would kinda think it’s a modernized version right? What with the skulls, sparrows, and anchors I would think those motifs would not really have been around so much back then as prevalent as they are in rockabilly fashion… do you know?

  4. Those jeans look magnificent on you! This whole outfit is vibrant, fun and super charming! I hear you loud and clear when it comes to pants. Be they jeans or otherwise, repro/vintage or modern, I’ve always struggled to find pairs that looked even passably decent on my short, curve hourglass frame. It’s such a joy when you do hit upon a great pair like this. I know that when that happens for me, I always wear them until they’re on their very last legs (and then try to keep them going longer still).

    Big hugs from snowy Penticton,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much commenting on yesterday’s post about the USPS’s rate hikes. I’ve heard that Canada Post won’t be raising their parcel rates much, if at all, this year, unlike with their stamps – but who knows if they’ll keep them where they’re at for long if they’re willing to make those kind of over-the-moon steep stamp rate increases.

  5. I have the jeans and exactly the same hip to waist ratio, mine also had pokey pockets but I stitched them shut to about halfway and now they fit like a dream! I can’t really fit much in the pockets now, just a lipstick, but anything more ruins the smoothing effect anyway 🙂

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