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A Little Bit of Edge with a Softer Side

It is no secret that Hell Bunny Clothing is known for their use of unique prints paired with fun and flirty swing dresses. How often do you find a lovely floral accented with skulls while maintaining a feminine touch? When I first saw the Hell Bunny Jenna Dress at JBR Clothing, the dainty red roses instantly caught my eye. It wasn’t until I looked at the print up close that I discovered the hidden sugar skulls scattered throughout. The little bit of edge mixed in with the soft floral was a perfect combination.

Available in sizes XS to XL ~ MSRP $73USD

IMG_2172From all my experiences with Hell Bunny Clothing, I find their sizing to be very generous throughout. Sizing down is often the way to go depending how your measurements fall within the charts. I ordered the Jenna Dress in a size Small since the sides have elastic panels and often find halter styles to be generous in the bust. The fit was spot on and the wide matching belt is perfect to cinch the waist. The Jenna features a soft sweetheart neckline with halter straps and full swing skirt. The stretchy side panels are wonderful for those who may be in-between sizes or to simply give you ample breathing room for ease of movement during all day wear. The fabric is a printed cotton which washes quite nicely. At 5′-4″, the swing skirt falls a few inches below the knees.

IMG_2158If you’re looking for cost effective dresses perfect for everyday, Hell Bunny is definitely the way to go. Since their dresses are often made from cotton, they are fabulous to go from day to evening. As I mentioned earlier, the elastic side panels work wonderfully to give you a good fit and flexibility all in one. Often times I hear women with bigger busts tend to shy away from halter style dresses because the straps tend to place too much strain on their neck. Although I do find that as well in certain styles, the Hell Bunny halter dresses aren’t heavy due to the lightweight cottons used. They also have a large variety of swing dresses available in regular straps if the halter just does not work for you.

IMG_2167The full swing skirt on the Jenna Dress pairs wonderfully with the Hell Bunny petticoats. Accessorizing varies greatly on the setting. To take your look from day to evening, just add a cropped cardigan and bold jewelry with your favorite red pumps. The subtleness of the print will intrigue those around you when they spot the hidden sugar skulls amongst the dainty red roses.

IMG_2166Many of us are on a budget and are looking for affordable options while not sacrificing quality and style. Hell Bunny is a great option for those who love fun bold prints and lots of selection at a fair price. JBR Clothing stocks tons of styles every season and always offers incredible customer service every time.

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Finally Overcoming The Winter Blahs

With one of the most dreadful winters in recent history, it is needless to say we are all really looking forward to warmer temps to bring out our lovely retro clothing once again. A few of my readers had asked me to share how to winterize our wardrobe but I had to admit, it was an impossible feat with the heaping amounts of snow and below freezing days that seem never ending at this time. For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in milder climates or experiencing an average winter, there are some incredible ensembles that will keep you warm and looking fabulous all in one.  The Collectif Fall/Winter 2013/14 did not disappointed with the Florence Velvet Floral Skirt coordinated by the Greta Blouse and Evelyn Bolero.

Florence Skirt: Avail. in sizes UK6-22 in various colors & fabrics ~ MSRP £40.50-£75
Greta Blouse: Avail. in sizes UK6-22 in various colors & print ~ MSRP £30
Evelyn Bolero: Avail. in sizes UK6-22 in various colors ~ MSRP £35
English Rose Stud Earrings: Avail. in various colors ~ MSRP £4

Florence2Being a longtime fan of Collectif Clothing, I have found their sizing to be the most consistent in recent collections and believe the size charts to be spot on at this time. They have really taken the feedback from their customers and worked diligently with their factories to ensure proper size grading; the improvement can be seen immensely by those who have been purchasing from them over the years. With my current measurements (36-27.5-39), I fall perfectly in line with their UK10(Small). When my parcel arrived, I was immediately delighted with the Florence Floral Skirt and couldn’t wait to try it on. The heavy velvet fabric draped beautifully due fullness created by the pleated design. For a moment I was concerned the velvet would be too much on my petite frame but that quickly faded when I paired it with the Greta Bouse and Evelyn Bolero. The whole ensemble was seriously meant to be paired together. The Greta Blouse is made from medium weight chiffon with decorative metal buttons which can be worn either tucked in or as is. If you are fond of the 1940s styles, you will love the pleated neckline and ruching throughout. Adding the Evelyn Bolero just gives it that extra something to complete the look. Its dainty floral embroidery and knitted ribbing makes it versatile to pair with any outfit.

FlorenceThe Florence Floral Skirt has such a timeless look with the lovely English Rose Print set on a black backdrop. Maybe I am a wee bit impartial since English Roses are one of my favorite flowers. Often times rose floral can be quite overpowering or simply remind us of our Grandmother’s curtains if not used in the proper manner. The pleating in the Florence Skirt just lends wonderfully with this print and I believe it is sure to delight many alike. When I first tried the Greta Blouse, I was surprised by the looseness of the ruching as I am very accustomed to the nipped in waists prominent in the 1950s styles. I personally prefer wearing the Greta Blouse tucked in with a high waist skirt rather than wearing as is to help create the illusion of a smaller waist. The Evelyn Bolero creates the perfect day look, which is ideal for me to wear to work. This cute cropped cardigan is a fabulous staple in any wardrobe.

Florence4Accessorizing this ensemble won’t take much; simply add a single strand pearl necklace and Collectif Pink English Rose Stud Earrings with your favorite Mary Jane heels or pumps and that’s it! For a look to go from day to evening, all you have to do is remove the Evelyn Bolero and then you’re ready to go. Due to the fullness of the Florence Skirt, I would not pair it with a petticoat but that is simply my personal preference. I would also like to mention, wearing tights will work wonderfully for those who need a little extra warmth in the cold winter months.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.25.18 PM

Florence3What I love most about these pieces is that they are worn beautifully together or can be mix and matched with other items in your wardrobe. Separates are always ideal to own since their versatility gives your more for your investment. Once we finally get a break from all this terrible cold and snow, I will taking advantage of the opportunity to finally wear this ensemble to the office. I can’t wait!

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Venturing Into The Unknown…

Since the very beginning of Pin Up Persuasion, I have been dedicated to sharing my expertise solely towards the vast online world of Vintage Reproduction Clothing since it was what I knew best. What I didn’t expect was this journey to lead me into unknown territory and discover a whole new world of fabulousness. It will probably come as no surprise to those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, that I will now be sharing my new found love of genuine vintage clothing. So many of my readers have been here since the very beginning and we have all learned together along the way. With this new venture, it is my plan to share the Dos and Don’ts to buying vintage for beginners just like me. That being said, Pin Up Persuasion will still be your go to place for vintage reproduction reviews but it will also have a portion dedicated to genuine vintage in the months to follow.

shopping1Although I started purchasing vintage earlier last year, I am still quite green and in the process of learning the basics. Recently a fellow vintage dealer kindly recommended an incredible guide book (“The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier which can be found on for those seeking what to look for when purchasing vintage clothing. I am about halfway through reading the Guide at this point and I find Melody’s advice extremely informative. This is a wonderful book for all vintage enthusiasts to learn about the general history behind each decade in fashion and how to apply this knowledge today when shopping for vintage. I’ll be adding post it notes to several sections for quick reference later on.

the-little-guide-to-vintage-shopping-2If you intend to purchase vintage, the one thing you must have is PATIENCE! If you are fortunate enough to have local thrift stores or flea markets in your neck of the woods, those gems won’t be easily found unless you are prepared to dig into the overflowing racks, piles, or old musty boxes. This is most commonly known as the thrill of the hunt, since it can lead to some incredible finds for a fraction of the cost. For people like me that are not so lucky to have such places close by, we must rely on the powers of the internet to find such fabulous treasures. Since someone has done the dirty work of digging, cleaning and often mending these items…the prices will reflect the time invested by the seller. Patience is vital when shopping online as you will be spending hours and hours searching. The challenge is getting the stars to align – your style, your size and your budget. But when the stars align magic happens.

2fb4ef5d01527903b9d84e54a7d14fa2My strength has always been online shopping and this has been no different with my new found love of vintage clothing. Every treasure I have purchased to date has been from Etsy, Ebay and Facebook Groups. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to variety and a plethora of vintage listings. Don’t get me wrong, there are several online independent vintage retailers out there but I personally have not found any to have near the same selection and bargains. There is so much to consider when purchasing vintage; the condition, the fit, the age, the designer, the price, the wearability, etc.

shoppingHopefully I haven’t overwhelmed you already; this is just the start of an incredible new journey! I welcome you the readers to tell me what YOU would like to see in upcoming vintage features. We will learn together and help each other along the way.

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Suffering From Buyers Remorse

Have you ever purchased something that left you wondering if you made the right choice? That constant lingering feeling that maybe you should have gotten the other one. Doubt can be a very hard emotion to let go when you are always left wondering, “what if?” From the very moment Pinup Girl Clothing released the Monica in red, black and gold…I struggled with the decision between red and black. Maybe it was because the red sold out so quickly or I somehow convinced myself that black was more versatile…I inevitably chose black. Do not get me wrong, the black is spectacular…but I always doubted that the red was the better choice. Needless to say, when had their epic Boxing Day Sale I finally indulged in purchasing the Monica in red.

Available in sizes XS to 2X in a variety of colours ~ MSRP $140-180USD

IMG_2204Last December (2012), I reviewed the Monica for the first time and expressed my opinions on the overall fit when my measurements were 36-29-42 wearing a size Medium. Although I have lost a significant amount of weight since that time, I felt it was best to stick with a Medium as my current measurements (36-27-39) did not permit me to size down. In comparison to my previous review, the Monica fit much better overall and I probably should have gone with a size Large originally. The Monica features a built in shaper, concealed by the fabulous draping and gathers of the jersey knit. One major improvement I found was with the clear elastic that holds the sleeves off the shoulders to sit a lot more comfortably. I suspect this is probably simply due to the sizing being more compatible with my current measurements. The Monica’s design structure is key in creating a sexy and sleek hourglass silhouette. At 5’-4” tall, the skirt falls a couple inches below the knee.

IMG_2196Now here comes the answer to the yearlong question…black or red? RED!!! I absolutely adore the Monica in red, considerably more than I ever did the black. This is probably a very good indication of why I do not own any black in my wardrobe, it’s just not me! Yes it’s known to be slimming and a fabulous wardrobe staple but I always gravitate to brighter colors. The Monica fits me much better now and this is how I know the Medium was not the correct size when I was 36-29-42. Originally I feared ripping the delicate seams even when opening the invisible side zipper, which is now a breeze to slip into. The built in shaper is slimming in the right places and I only added the Rago 1294 girdle to create the illusion of a flawless silhouette.

IMG_2197IMG_2209The Monica is not a look that can go from day to evening; its pure sex appeal is the epitome of old Hollywood Glamour idyllic for evening. If you’re looking for a fabulous dress to go on the town, this is it! Recently I saw the stunning Erika Reno transform the Monica in white into the most breathtaking wedding dress by pairing it with a rhinestone belt and adding a tulle skirt to create a floor length gown. The clean lines of the design make it so simple to accessorize, the options are endless.

IMG_2207It has been an eye opening experience to go back on older reviews and truly learn from them. Although the Monica was a lovely dress from the very beginning, I discovered how much I love her after going with my gut and purchasing the color that always lingered in my thoughts. Needless to say, getting it on sale was an added bonus as well.

Check out the original Monica review CLICK HERE!

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