Heart of Haute Monique Dress by Jessica Leslie

I have always been inspired by people who can take something they love and turn it into a full time blog-job. When I discovered Pin-up Persuasion, at first I swooned, and then I thought “Drat! Somebody has beat me to it!” Now I am back to swooning. Jessica does such an amazing job highlighting the best in vintage and pin-up world.

I had thought if I ever started my own blog it would be called “Little Vintage No-Boobs” or something like that. I am 5′ 2” and have the luck of having the top measurements of a pre-pubescent teenager, an average waist, and, thanks to three kids, the hips of a model who also sports DD’s (32-27-38, for those curious). All that combined means that vintage clothes, old or new, often come with the additional price tag of my seamstress’ alterations. But does that temper my love for pin-up fashion? No! Does it stop me from buying those drool-worthy dresses? No! Is my husband going to kill me if I buy one more? No!…well, ok, maybe 😉 When I find a line that is perfect from the first try-on, I know I have a much better chance of convincing DH that it is a good “investment.” I have found that in Heart of Haute.

My first (of hopefully many!) dress from HofH is their Monique Dress in Peacock. I can’t tell you how awesome these gals were from the get go. When they introduced this dress on Facebook, they only had three in stock- small, medium and large, one of each size. Being a 27” waist means that for many brands I am in between sizes, usually between small/medium, but for some, even a medium/large. I inevitably email the vendor and ask about stretch, other customer’s experiences, etc. I got a response within hours and they let me know that they thought the small should be fine, but if I was worried, for a small charge, I could have the dress made to custom size. What!?! You just won a customer for life.

I ended up getting a standard small and I loved it. Size wise, it fit like a dream. No alterations needed!

IMG_1194As for looks, I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it. The HofH line is hand made in America, so placement and precision is one of their strengths. No wonky off-centered buttons here.(That is a whole other post…) I had specifically asked in my email about how the fabric was set on the bust. I wanted to make sure the peacock was going to be in exactly the same place as their stock photo. Handmade wins every time.

IMG_1197One other thing I appreciate about HofH is their photography. Why, you may wonder? I have actually sent a Stop Staring dress back because the color was so vastly different than what the photograph presented. This dress, however, was exactly as pictured.

IMG_1201The last and best thing about HofH is the value. Where many pin-up lines sing to the tune of over $150 (and sadly $$ ≠ quality), most of HofH come in at right around $100. High quality for a lower price? Definitely a win in my book!


LVNB is an avid lover of pretty much anything pin-up and vintage. In addition to the chaotic life of a mom of 3, she is an active member of the swing dancing community in Vancouver, BC.

2 thoughts on “Heart of Haute Monique Dress by Jessica Leslie

  1. You look wonderful and delighted! I hope it’s the first of many HoH pieces for you. They are a favourite of mine as well 🙂

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