Venturing Into The Unknown…

Since the very beginning of Pin Up Persuasion, I have been dedicated to sharing my expertise solely towards the vast online world of Vintage Reproduction Clothing since it was what I knew best. What I didn’t expect was this journey to lead me into unknown territory and discover a whole new world of fabulousness. It will probably come as no surprise to those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram, that I will now be sharing my new found love of genuine vintage clothing. So many of my readers have been here since the very beginning and we have all learned together along the way. With this new venture, it is my plan to share the Dos and Don’ts to buying vintage for beginners just like me. That being said, Pin Up Persuasion will still be your go to place for vintage reproduction reviews but it will also have a portion dedicated to genuine vintage in the months to follow.

shopping1Although I started purchasing vintage earlier last year, I am still quite green and in the process of learning the basics. Recently a fellow vintage dealer kindly recommended an incredible guide book (“The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier which can be found on for those seeking what to look for when purchasing vintage clothing. I am about halfway through reading the Guide at this point and I find Melody’s advice extremely informative. This is a wonderful book for all vintage enthusiasts to learn about the general history behind each decade in fashion and how to apply this knowledge today when shopping for vintage. I’ll be adding post it notes to several sections for quick reference later on.

the-little-guide-to-vintage-shopping-2If you intend to purchase vintage, the one thing you must have is PATIENCE! If you are fortunate enough to have local thrift stores or flea markets in your neck of the woods, those gems won’t be easily found unless you are prepared to dig into the overflowing racks, piles, or old musty boxes. This is most commonly known as the thrill of the hunt, since it can lead to some incredible finds for a fraction of the cost. For people like me that are not so lucky to have such places close by, we must rely on the powers of the internet to find such fabulous treasures. Since someone has done the dirty work of digging, cleaning and often mending these items…the prices will reflect the time invested by the seller. Patience is vital when shopping online as you will be spending hours and hours searching. The challenge is getting the stars to align – your style, your size and your budget. But when the stars align magic happens.

2fb4ef5d01527903b9d84e54a7d14fa2My strength has always been online shopping and this has been no different with my new found love of vintage clothing. Every treasure I have purchased to date has been from Etsy, Ebay and Facebook Groups. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to variety and a plethora of vintage listings. Don’t get me wrong, there are several online independent vintage retailers out there but I personally have not found any to have near the same selection and bargains. There is so much to consider when purchasing vintage; the condition, the fit, the age, the designer, the price, the wearability, etc.

shoppingHopefully I haven’t overwhelmed you already; this is just the start of an incredible new journey! I welcome you the readers to tell me what YOU would like to see in upcoming vintage features. We will learn together and help each other along the way.

9 thoughts on “Venturing Into The Unknown…

  1. I love true vintage, although mostly so far my collection is a skirt and a few old slips, it’s incredibly hard to find stuff in my size apparently, most ladies who have smaller sizes hold on to them like they’re gold. You should share photos of your finds!

  2. I would love to be able to find some true vintage clothing, as I’m a bigger woman, I’ve always just left it alone though cuz I doubt I would find anything in my size, if u could give a few places of maybe where to start looking online, for true vintage that would be great

    • Hi Stephanie. I saw your comment and thought I would share what I’ve found. Have you looked on Etsy? I often find beautiful vintage stuff on there in larger sizes… I even often notice that the prices are pretty good… maybe because not a whole lot of people look for vintage in larger sizes thinking they won’t find it? Also, there’s an online store that sells vintage and categorizes by size. They’re kind of pricy but have beautiful things! 🙂

      • Thank Silver Cat Tea Party for responding to Stephanie, I was going to recommend Etsy since they have an incredible selection of a variety of sizes. I have also purchased a skirt from Blue Velvet Vintage 🙂

  3. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your new finds. Even though I myself have found that I like buying and wearing vintage reproduction more than actual vintage I do love looking at the real thing on other people. By the way, are you familiar with the blog Nora Finds? She also blogs about vintage finds. You might find this interesting. I love the way she styles her finds!

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