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Part Two ~ What to do at Viva!

Time is sure flying now…Viva is just a little over two weeks away! It seems the excitement for our impending trip has finally sunk in this morning. Maybe it was due to the fact I tried on all my planned outfits this weekend and now I can’t turn my brain off about all the last minute necessities. We are flying out on the Wednesday in order to get acclimated to the three hour time difference and settled well before everyone else arrives for the festivities. There are so many events being held at Viva, here are just a few highlights of what to do to make the most of your weekend.

orleanshomepageSince we are flying in a day early, we have decided to see some of the Las Vegas sites before Viva. We’ll be meeting up with some friends and heading to the Charleston Antique Mall for an afternoon of shopping. I have no idea what to expect but fear that my Viva savings are going to deplete very quickly. After dinner, we are heading to the Neon Sign Boneyard for their nightly tour. They are even offering a little discount on admission for Viva attendees if you are able to fit it in. I’ve heard from so many people that this is one of the coolest places in Vegas as it holds decades of history all in one place. From there, we are headed to the infamous Fremont Street for the old school Viva Las Vegas experience. It will be a fun packed day and evening taking in so much of the culture that we missed out on last time.

dsc_0302Thursday is when the majority of the Viva attendees arrive as the festivities commence later in the afternoon. My morning will begin with a boudoir photoshoot with Mitzi & Co at the El Cortez Hotel on Fremont Street. Many ladies like myself take this opportunity to shoot with some of the best pin up photographers in the industry. No, you do not have to be a model or have any experience to work with them. Lots of their clients are every day ladies just like you and I. After my shoot, I’ll return to the Orleans and won’t be leaving the premises until Sunday as I don’t want to miss out on any of the festivities. If you are a fan of Rockabilly music, be prepared to be entertained for four days of non stop bands. They begin at 7pm on Thursday and until the wee hours of Monday morning.

DSC_0719 DSC_0736One of the major attractions are the vendors who bring some of the most incredible vintage and products available all in one place. They are open to the general public within particular hours and also have exclusive hours for wristband holders. Here you will find clothing, accessories, shoes, hair pomade, eyewear, art, books and so much more! Click HERE for a list of vendors scheduled to attend. If you see something you like, get it right away as it’s likely not to be there even a few hours later. Remember, thousands of people are shopping here as well and most items are one of a kind vintage finds.


Friday the music continues along with Bowling, Burlesque Classes, VLV Fashion Show, Pool Party, Tattoo Lounge, Dance Classes, Beauty Classes, Men’s Swimwear Competition, Burlesque Showcases and Burlesque Bingo. As I mentioned in my first post, you won’t be able to get everything in as there are tons of events happening concurrently. I do suggest that you arrive early for specialty events as space is limited on a first come basis. In order to attend the Burlesque showcases, you will be required to line up for tickets (free) at the business center. Line ups start as early as 8am even though they aren’t distributed until 12pm. We missed out last time as we didn’t want to wait in line for 4 hours and miss other events. Friends of ours are huge dance enthusiasts and enjoy the chance to party with others alike. Although I have two left feet, we will be going to watch to show our support and take in the culture.

DSC_1160 DSC_0862Saturday is THE BIG CAR SHOW DAY!!! This is the main event for Viva; many attendees come strictly for the Car Show as it’s an all day outdoor event full of classic cars, vendors, music, a fashion mecca, meet & greets, VLV Pinup Contest and oodles more!  Most ladies wear the favorite outfit for the Car Show and soak in the sun while socializing with other attendees from around the globe. Everyone is super friendly and don’t be shy to say hello to the industry folks you recognize. Make sure to drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, eat and take breaks from the sun. It’s a long day and you’ll be wiped if you don’t pace yourself. One of the big events is at 5:30pm with the fabulous Imelda May singing at the Car Show. Later in the evening is the VLV Burlesque Competition which I hope we are able to attend this year. Even if you just walk around the Orleans for the night, it’s like a scene from an old Hollywood movie. Women are glamed up from head to toe, dressed in their finest evening dresses. It is truly a sight to see! The music continues into the wee hours of the morning, you can party all night long.

CSC_0709 10169090_10154096587365495_1735518782_nEaster Sunday is a sad day as you know the weekend is quickly coming to an end. The main event is the Pool Party which begins at 12pm but I recommend lining up early as it gets packed fast. Make sure to bring all your essentials; sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, etc. There’s drinks and food available so you are safe to lounge by the pool the entire day.  At 3:45pm is the Ladies Swimsuit Competition which is a blast to see. It’s women of all shapes and sizes decked out in rare vintage swimsuits. I have entered for this years competition but the final contestants have yet to be announced. Even if I’m not chosen, I will be there by the pool for the entire day as it’s such a fabulous time and so relaxing. Later in the evening, most people are saying their final good-byes and already planning for the following year.

dsc_0780 DSC_0723There is definitely no shortage of things to do in Vegas and at Viva. Most importantly, have fun and take lots of photos as it’s a weekend to remember! If you are attending this year, please come and say “hi” if you see me out and about. I’ll be posting photos on Instagram and my Facebook page throughout the week so be sure to keep an eye out.


Photos are courtesy of Julie Abnet Photography –

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A Leopard Can Change its Spots

There was a time in my life where I was obsessed with everything animal print; from bedding to clothing…you name it! Oddly enough, now I cannot even fathomg buying animal print items as they simply just don’t appeal to me like they used to. Maybe it’s because I went a little overboard as a teenager but our tastes are bound to change over time. Needless to say, it came as a total surprise how much I swooned over the Parfait by Affinitas 6501 Leopard Print Contour Bra from Orchard Corset.

Bra in sizes 30D-40G ~ MSRP $42USD
Briefs in sizes XS-2X ~ MSRP $18-36USD

LeopardFrontLeopardFrontSideWhen it comes to bras sizing, it’s truly a case of trial and error to find the right fit. The Parfait in Leopard is my second piece from Affinitas as I recently reviewed the Parfait 6901 in Rose. Since both styles seemed almost identical, I decided to order a 30F as the band was a bit loose on the Rose (32E). When the Parfait in Leopard arrived, it was evident the cups run large and needed to exchange for a smaller cup(30E). Once the correct size arrived, I was so pleased with the fit and how sexy the leopard print made me feel. The Parfait in Leopard features lightly padded foam lined cups, with adjustable straps, a wide black mesh band and double hook closure (triple hook on sizes FF-G). The leopard print is complimented beautifully by the black trim and tiny red bow accent.

Leopard360Overall, the fit is very comparable with the Parfait 6901 but I did find the cups to run quite generous and therefore had to size down. The 30 band fits firm and still has enough stretch to wear comfortably on the loosest hook. This shows it is an ideal fit and I can fasten it down as the bands loosens with wear. The Parfait in Leopard also gives a lovely rounded shape from the lightly padded foam cups and firm overall support. If I had to choose a favorite, the Parfait in Leopard is my personal pick Why? I just feel there is the perfect amount of support and comfort from the construction, slightly more so than the Parfait in Rose. Again, there was some slight rubbing around my underarms from the seams but I do have very sensitive skin and often have this issue when breaking in a new bra.

LeopardSideThe Parfait in Leopard has two coordinating briefs in either a high waist panty or boyshort with garters. This time, I decided it was best to try both styles to see which I preferred more. The high waist panty features a black mesh with leopard print detail and provides full coverage. The boyshort features the same fabric detail but also includes four detachable garters. Both styles I wore in a size Medium and the overall fit was spot on. The mesh is super comfortable and not prone to cut into your hips. I really love the full coverage of the high waist panty and the fabulous vintage silhouette. The boyshort is great for every day wear but did find the garters to cause them to slip down when paired with stockings. Since the garters are detachable, it is not necessary to wear stockings with the boyshort. They both fit comfortably and it’s nice to have two options to pair with the matching bra.


It has been a pleasant surprise to see Orchard Corset adding fabulous Pin Up styled lingerie to their line up. They have created a special section for us called the “Pin Up Parlor”; full of specialty corsets, shapewear and lingerie with the retro fashionistas’ in mind. Make sure to check it out and use the exclusive 15% discount code(PINUP2013) for Pin Up Persuasion readers.

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Let the Viva Prep Begin!!!

945683_10151235750937537_1797889637_nWith a little over a month to go…it’s time to start prepping for Viva! For first timers and even seasoned Viva goers this is can be a very daunting task; what to pack, what to wear, what to do…there are so many things to consider! As this will be my second Viva, I quickly learned what I would do differently the next time around to get the most out of the weekend. Now it’s time to pass on these valuable dos and don’ts onto all of you so you can be ready too!

By now you should have your flights and accommodations booked; these are often done months, if not a year in advance. If you are even thinking of attending the following year, book the Orleans before you check out. Staying at the Orleans is the way to go since all events are hosted on site and ultra-convenient to say the least. Now it’s time to start the preparations to take place in the weeks before the big event…

orleanshomepagePre-Viva Prep:

First and foremost, DO NOT OVERPACK!!! This is the biggest mistake I made and seriously paid for it by stressing myself out about our luggage being overweight at the airport. Start planning your outfits now, bear in mind the most you will need are 2-3 outfits per day. One for day, possibly a second for the afternoon and then another for evening. That’s it! Remember, you can always mix and match separates with different accessories to completely change your look. A tip I learned from my friend Amber; pack your clothes the day before leaving to prevent wrinkling and deep creases in the fabric.

Picnik collageAt Viva, you will be doing a lot of walking so it is best skip the high heels and focus on flats, wedges, and your most comfortable shoes. Bring styles that you can mix and match, as they are quite heavy to travel with. Also, pack lots of Band-Aids and even some insoles because there will be lots of blisters. Even if you are not one to burn in the sun, pack some sunscreen. For those of you who turn red like a lobster (like me), bring high SPF sunscreen and consider using a parasol at the car show as it is an all-day outdoor event. (They can be purchased on site from a few of the vendors.)554978_232018473607698_1361355787_nIf you are traveling with a spouse or significant other, pack ½ of your clothes in each suitcase in case god forbid, the airline misplaces one of you bags. Pack all essentials and valuable items in your carry on, do not check them. Be sure to visit to print off the schedule of events and select which ones are essential for you to attend. Keep in mind, it is not possible to do everything as there are so many things happening all at once.

Viva Arrival:

First, the cab fare from the airport to the Orleans does NOT cost more than $20. Be up front with the cab driver that you know this and will not pay anything extra. They smell “newbies” and will take advantage of you by going the long route to incur a higher fare. Funny how our drive to the hotel was $25 and the drive back to the airport was under $15. A friend of mine was charged over $40 for the same you arrive at the hotel, see if the desk will allow you to check in, sometimes rooms will be ready before the noted check in time. If not, then your luggage can be stowed securely, grab a bite to eat and then take the time to familiarize yourselves with the Orleans layout. This is something we didn’t do and it took us a while to get our bearings on how to get to/from all the events quickly. The first time we stayed on the 18th floor and we rather enjoyed being higher up but the elevator stopping on each floor does become a bit tiresome. Keep this in mind when asking where your room is situated.Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.33.03 PMWhen arriving in your room, take the time to unpack since you’ll be there for a least a few days and changing fairly often. Hang garments immediately to prevent wrinkling and take this time to iron anything that needs to be freshened up. This is a real time saver and you will thank me later. Try to keep your room organized; this is essential to good time management and won’t leave you frantically searching for a coordinating item that is MIA. Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to enjoy Viva!!!

Stay tuned for part two ~ What to do at Viva!!!

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Put A Little More Fire In Your Step

With countless reviews on clothing, shapewear, and beauty, it seems that I overlooked one very fundamental subject….SHOES!!! How could this be? Well, I must admit that until recently my personal collection was rather bleak and nothing to brag about. It must be quite dreadful when your significant other declares you really need to start investing in all new shoes and to dispose of the rest. Yes, I am guilty as charged but it is not solely my own doing as there are several factors that contributed to this hardship. First, finding retro inspired designs locally is next to impossible. Second, the entire populace cannot wear sky high heels; why do shoe designers make all cute footwear with 4 inch+ heels? Lastly, finding quality and comfort all in one is like discovering a diamond in the rough. In a sea of vintage inspired footwear, there are a few gems that stand out above the rest. Miss L Fire has become a household name with their fabulous designs, quality and comfort.

IMG_2396Miss L Fire launched in 2005, by the founder and designer Lynsey Hand. Their origins began in the UK and with their burning success, their fabulous footwear can now be acquired around the globe. With each season, Miss L Fire creates unique designs reminiscent of the Golden Era of glamour but with a modern twist. They also make delightful handbags very remindful of the 1950-60s, an era full of lucite treasures that we now covet. When the opportunity arose to review one of their designs from the Autumn/Winter ’13 collection, I instantly became smitten with the Pompeii in red.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.57.09 PMWhen it came to sizing, I was at a total loss since our shoes are in US metric and I usually waiver between a 7 down to 6.5 due to my narrow feet. Miss L Fire run in European metric, from sizes 36-41. Based on the conversion size chart, I fell in between a 37 and 38. Considering the Pompeii are a closed toe style, it was risky to size down as then it would be impossible to wear if they were too small. We all know ordering shoes online is always a bit of a gamble, this is why reviews are incredibly helpful before taking the plunge. When the Pompeii arrived, I was quickly taken by their incredible quality and allure of the 1950s. To my surprise, the 38 was quite generous and could have surely sized down to a 37. Thankfully the t-bar strap allows me to wear them comfortably with an added insole insert. The Pompeii are made with a high quality leather with suede and snake skin accents. The rubber sole bottoms provide excellent grip on slippery surfaces, something that is commonly overlooked in footwear these days.

MissLFireEarlier I mentioned there is a dire need for more options with fashionable low heel footwear since not all of us can wear sky high styles. Unfortunately I was cursed with flat feet (no arch) and cannot wear pretty high heels for any length of time, which is really frustrating. The maximum heel height I can sustain is 3 inches and the Pompeii fit perfectly in line. A huge bonus is the 1 inch diameter wide heel as it provides much greater stability. Miss L Fire did not sacrifice comfort and practicality in the name of beauty, the Pompeii is the complete package. It is rare that I find shoes to be so pleasant from the beginning and do not require much of a breaking in period. Their attention to detail in the construction is something to note; every stitch is in the right place and the fabulous colorful insole is padded for extra comfort.

MissLFire2The Pompeii are ideal to accessorize every vintage wardrobe, they are sure to become a fundamental staple. Their design will lend wonderfully to pair with genuine vintage and vintage reproduction; a great versatility to get the most out of your investment. Miss L Fire has just released their fabulous Spring/Summer 2014 Collection and they are now hitting their online store as we speak. You can also find the entire Miss L Fire collection at their Hollywood Boutique, along with some well known vintage reproduction brands like Trashy Diva, Freddies of Pinewood, Besame Cosmetics and so much more!

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