Spring Wardrobe Refresher by Morgan Gray

The snow may not be gone, but I have a definite case of Spring Fever! Since I can’t enjoy the outdoors yet, I have to channel all that energy into something. This week I decided to focus on cleaning out my closet and getting my wardrobe ready for spring, while also deciding what to let go of and donate.

It’s amazing what happens in winter; somehow my collection of coats, mittens and scarves always grows no matter how complete I felt it was before winter. My wardrobe also tends to run drastically darker in winter so I really need to take the time to make that closet changeover to spring colors. While browsing pin boards for inspiration, I came across this handy checklist from RedEnvelope that really got me inspired to get going.

closetpicStart by collecting coats and the accessories that match them. For example, with my deep green, down coat, I always wear a cream-colored infinity scarf and matching gloves. For my military style gray wool coat, I wear sleek black gloves, a black scarf and black winter hat. Gather each coat and place the accompanying accessories with it, place them in a garment bag, then box them in large totes for storage. Check for wear that might need to be repaired before putting them in storage.

Seasonal changes are also the time to pull out the jar of buttons. We all have one: the place where we put the extra buttons that we get with each garment. I have this handy when I’m making wardrobe changes because this is the time when you’re seeing the majority of your clothes. Even though I work hard to keep my clothing in top condition, sometimes a missing button or a seam coming unstitched makes it past me. This way, you can catch it before you start wearing it again and get all your items repaired at once.

Woman looking through closetYour basic pieces can always stay and should be appropriate for all seasons, but if it’s a heavy, warm fabric, has fleece or faux fur, or is a tightly woven sweater, it almost always gets checked for damage, folded and stored. Spring is about bright colors, warmer weather, and visually and physically removing yourself from winter. If I have two pieces that are similar, I will always place the darker color one in storage to force myself into the brighter colors of spring!

Move on to accessories. I have so many scarves that I have to really rotate them for seasons. Again, dark colors and winter fabrics get added to the storage box while I fill my scarf hanger with bright colors and light fabrics. I also check my tights and stockings at this point. I can start incorporating lighter weaves instead of the heavy winter tights I need in cold weather. I usually check out my leggings too, since they are a great way to bring some bright color to an outfit. I take measure of what colors I have and what I will need for spring.

Finally, footwear. As much as I love winter boots, by spring I can’t wait to get back in heels and cute shoes. I always am careful to clean my boots of any residual road salt and to do a leather treatment before I store them. If I keep any pairs for spring, the focus is on fashion rather than function.

Hope this helps you with your closet cleanout!


A huge thank you to Morgan for guest posting on Pin Up Persuasion and sharing her very helpful tips on how to spring clean our cluttered wardrobes.

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