Let the Viva Prep Begin!!!

945683_10151235750937537_1797889637_nWith a little over a month to go…it’s time to start prepping for Viva! For first timers and even seasoned Viva goers this is can be a very daunting task; what to pack, what to wear, what to do…there are so many things to consider! As this will be my second Viva, I quickly learned what I would do differently the next time around to get the most out of the weekend. Now it’s time to pass on these valuable dos and don’ts onto all of you so you can be ready too!

By now you should have your flights and accommodations booked; these are often done months, if not a year in advance. If you are even thinking of attending the following year, book the Orleans before you check out. Staying at the Orleans is the way to go since all events are hosted on site and ultra-convenient to say the least. Now it’s time to start the preparations to take place in the weeks before the big event…

orleanshomepagePre-Viva Prep:

First and foremost, DO NOT OVERPACK!!! This is the biggest mistake I made and seriously paid for it by stressing myself out about our luggage being overweight at the airport. Start planning your outfits now, bear in mind the most you will need are 2-3 outfits per day. One for day, possibly a second for the afternoon and then another for evening. That’s it! Remember, you can always mix and match separates with different accessories to completely change your look. A tip I learned from my friend Amber; pack your clothes the day before leaving to prevent wrinkling and deep creases in the fabric.

Picnik collageAt Viva, you will be doing a lot of walking so it is best skip the high heels and focus on flats, wedges, and your most comfortable shoes. Bring styles that you can mix and match, as they are quite heavy to travel with. Also, pack lots of Band-Aids and even some insoles because there will be lots of blisters. Even if you are not one to burn in the sun, pack some sunscreen. For those of you who turn red like a lobster (like me), bring high SPF sunscreen and consider using a parasol at the car show as it is an all-day outdoor event. (They can be purchased on site from a few of the vendors.)554978_232018473607698_1361355787_nIf you are traveling with a spouse or significant other, pack ½ of your clothes in each suitcase in case god forbid, the airline misplaces one of you bags. Pack all essentials and valuable items in your carry on, do not check them. Be sure to visit http://www.vivalasvegas.net to print off the schedule of events and select which ones are essential for you to attend. Keep in mind, it is not possible to do everything as there are so many things happening all at once.

Viva Arrival:

First, the cab fare from the airport to the Orleans does NOT cost more than $20. Be up front with the cab driver that you know this and will not pay anything extra. They smell “newbies” and will take advantage of you by going the long route to incur a higher fare. Funny how our drive to the hotel was $25 and the drive back to the airport was under $15. A friend of mine was charged over $40 for the same distance.hr-taxi-cabOnce you arrive at the hotel, see if the desk will allow you to check in, sometimes rooms will be ready before the noted check in time. If not, then your luggage can be stowed securely, grab a bite to eat and then take the time to familiarize yourselves with the Orleans layout. This is something we didn’t do and it took us a while to get our bearings on how to get to/from all the events quickly. The first time we stayed on the 18th floor and we rather enjoyed being higher up but the elevator stopping on each floor does become a bit tiresome. Keep this in mind when asking where your room is situated.Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.33.03 PMWhen arriving in your room, take the time to unpack since you’ll be there for a least a few days and changing fairly often. Hang garments immediately to prevent wrinkling and take this time to iron anything that needs to be freshened up. This is a real time saver and you will thank me later. Try to keep your room organized; this is essential to good time management and won’t leave you frantically searching for a coordinating item that is MIA. Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to enjoy Viva!!!

Stay tuned for part two ~ What to do at Viva!!!

8 thoughts on “Let the Viva Prep Begin!!!

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to part two and… part three? (what you found at Viva)! I just found out about Viva last year and am looking forward to going one day. Thanks for the tips on planning for the trip! 🙂

  2. Love your blog!! I look forward to it every week.

    What sort of purse would you recommend carrying at Viva? I’m not sure if I can use my small purse, but I was thinking a larger one so I could carry any purchases and not have to keep running back to my hotel.

    • Thank you so much Kaitie!

      I would recommend a smaller purse for essentials and maybe tuck in a fabric tote bag in case you buy something. They come in handy and keep you from carrying a huge purse all weekend long. 🙂

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