A Leopard Can Change its Spots

There was a time in my life where I was obsessed with everything animal print; from bedding to clothing…you name it! Oddly enough, now I cannot even fathomg buying animal print items as they simply just don’t appeal to me like they used to. Maybe it’s because I went a little overboard as a teenager but our tastes are bound to change over time. Needless to say, it came as a total surprise how much I swooned over the Parfait by Affinitas 6501 Leopard Print Contour Bra from Orchard Corset.

Bra in sizes 30D-40G ~ MSRP $42USD
Briefs in sizes XS-2X ~ MSRP $18-36USD

LeopardFrontLeopardFrontSideWhen it comes to bras sizing, it’s truly a case of trial and error to find the right fit. The Parfait in Leopard is my second piece from Affinitas as I recently reviewed the Parfait 6901 in Rose. Since both styles seemed almost identical, I decided to order a 30F as the band was a bit loose on the Rose (32E). When the Parfait in Leopard arrived, it was evident the cups run large and needed to exchange for a smaller cup(30E). Once the correct size arrived, I was so pleased with the fit and how sexy the leopard print made me feel. The Parfait in Leopard features lightly padded foam lined cups, with adjustable straps, a wide black mesh band and double hook closure (triple hook on sizes FF-G). The leopard print is complimented beautifully by the black trim and tiny red bow accent.

Leopard360Overall, the fit is very comparable with the Parfait 6901 but I did find the cups to run quite generous and therefore had to size down. The 30 band fits firm and still has enough stretch to wear comfortably on the loosest hook. This shows it is an ideal fit and I can fasten it down as the bands loosens with wear. The Parfait in Leopard also gives a lovely rounded shape from the lightly padded foam cups and firm overall support. If I had to choose a favorite, the Parfait in Leopard is my personal pick Why? I just feel there is the perfect amount of support and comfort from the construction, slightly more so than the Parfait in Rose. Again, there was some slight rubbing around my underarms from the seams but I do have very sensitive skin and often have this issue when breaking in a new bra.

LeopardSideThe Parfait in Leopard has two coordinating briefs in either a high waist panty or boyshort with garters. This time, I decided it was best to try both styles to see which I preferred more. The high waist panty features a black mesh with leopard print detail and provides full coverage. The boyshort features the same fabric detail but also includes four detachable garters. Both styles I wore in a size Medium and the overall fit was spot on. The mesh is super comfortable and not prone to cut into your hips. I really love the full coverage of the high waist panty and the fabulous vintage silhouette. The boyshort is great for every day wear but did find the garters to cause them to slip down when paired with stockings. Since the garters are detachable, it is not necessary to wear stockings with the boyshort. They both fit comfortably and it’s nice to have two options to pair with the matching bra.


It has been a pleasant surprise to see Orchard Corset adding fabulous Pin Up styled lingerie to their line up. They have created a special section for us called the “Pin Up Parlor”; full of specialty corsets, shapewear and lingerie with the retro fashionistas’ in mind. Make sure to check it out and use the exclusive 15% discount code(PINUP2013) for Pin Up Persuasion readers.

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5 thoughts on “A Leopard Can Change its Spots

  1. You go girl! Love the lingerie!

  2. I love vintage lingerie! What a fabulous website!

  3. Absolutely beautiful review and fantastic pictures too 🙂

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