Spring is in Full Bloom

Spring is finally here & dress season is in full swing! I couldn’t ditch the pants, boots and winter jackets fast enough to begin wearing pretty dresses again. Another aspect that has me overjoyed, outdoor blog photo-shoots! We all know indoor photo-shoots tend to be rather monotonous and lack luster to show off how incredible some of these pieces truly are. With our big Viva trip behind us, it was time to commence showcasing tons of fabulous new finds for all of you. Although many of us are familiar with the household names in vintage reproduction, there are several up and coming brands that deserve their time to shine. Recently I was introduced to a UK brand called Voodoo Vixen, who happens to be making a real splash in the industry. I instantly fell for the Pretty Poppies Flair Dress and matching cardigan, as we all know how my I love floral.

Available in sizes XS-2XL in a variety of colours & prints ~ MSRP £44.99+

IMG_2934Voodoo Vixen is doing it right when it comes to accurate sizing with their clothing. Each individual  item has a custom size chart and not those terrible generic charts that always seem to be inaccurate. Based on my current measurements (36-27-39), I went with a size Medium in both the Pretty Poppies Dress and Cardigan. In hindsight, I should have ordered down in the cardigan since they are made from a super stretchy knit and it would have definitely accommodates my larger bust size. The Pretty Poppies Dress was a great fit overall; it is a bit roomy in the waist but the bust is a perfect fit. Sizing down would have not been an option for this one. The Pretty Poppies Dress features a unique cutout bodice for a delicate decollete detail, contrasting edge pipping, super cute front pockets and a coordinating belt (the belt is a tad too big for me since it’s sized to accommodate a 29″ waist). Due to the size zipper and zero stretch to the cotton material, I highly recommend getting dressed before doing your hair and makeup. This is simply due to the fact it is necessary to go overhead and the neckline opening is rather narrow.  The hemline falls just at the knees at 5ft 4inches tall. The Pretty Poppies Cardigan features lovely embroidered flowers with contrasting cuffs and buttons. Simple, yet elegant to pair with any ensemble.

IMG_2950 IMG_2927Whenever I try a new brand for the first time, I am always skeptical of the quality more than anything else. There are several factors when to determine overall value for you money; fabric, construction, fit, wear-ability, and so on. Bear in mind, Voodoo Vixen falls mid range in price points for vintage reproduction and manufactured in China. That being said, I am very impressed with the overall quality and believe it is definitely worth the investment. The fabric is a quality cotton with vibrant poppy print and super comfortable for every day wear. Although the hemline is a little shorter than I am accustomed to, I think it suits the overall design wonderfully.

IMG_2947 IMG_2931 The Pretty Poppies Dress is perfect for errands or wearing to the office at work and I will surely be wearing the cardigan year round. With such bold contrasting colours, play them up with some fabulous wedges and hair flower. Here I am wearing the Dennise wedges in red from B.A.I.T and triple red hair orchids by Vintage Box 1947. Due to the short hem, wearing a petticoat is not necessary.

IMG_2957 IMG_2928 IMG_2940With my first experience with Voodoo Vixen being a success, I will surely be adding more of their collection to my wardrobe in the future. If floral is not your cup of tea, this particular style comes in a variety of colours and prints as it appears to be one of their signature styles each season. You can purchase directly from Voodoo Vixen on their website or find them at one of your favorite shops like JBR Clothing.



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