Dearest Ophelia ~ Beauty, Class & Elegance

It is no secret that I spend hours and hours on the internet every day searching for new finds and fabulous pieces to blog about for my readers. Sometimes I stumble on things out of sheer luck but from there I must do my homework before even considering featuring them on Pin Up Persuasion. It is not very often that a particular clothing brand literally comes out of nowhere and takes the vintage reproduction industry by storm. Nevertheless, this is how I would describe in what manner Lindy Bop has hit the mainstream in recent months with the breathtaking addition of the stunning Ophelia Dress! Ladies have been eagerly snatching up the Turquoise Ophelia every time it is restocked and is now available in a multitude of colours and prints. No surprise, I couldn’t resist getting the Ophelia Floral Spring Garden Party Picnic Dress in both Turquoise and Black & Pink.

Available in sizes UK8-22 in a variety of prints & colours ~ MSRP £34.99

IMG_2855 IMG_2882Since several lovely ladies that I know had already purchased the Ophelia, I decided to ask for their input on the sizing in comparison to the Lindy Bop size charts. The general consensus was that the Ophelia was generously cut and it was best to go by my smallest measurement. I ordered a size UK10 in both colourways based on my current measurements (bust 36”, waist 27”). When my Ophelias arrived, I was seriously in awe at the magnificent floral prints and opulent colour combinations. I concur that the sizing is quite generous in the waist but not so much in the bust. With my bust exceeding the UK10 sizing by 2”, there is no way I could have sized down any further. I simply added a thin belt to cinch the small amount excess fabric as seen in the photos. On a quick note, I did notice the Turquoise fit a little more snuggly in the bust and waist in comparison to the Black & Pink, probably due to different production batches but the difference is minimal. The Ophelia features a contrasting rushed sweetheart neckline complimented by the folded scoop bust detail, wide straps (which will allow you to wear your favorite bra) and a fabulous full swing skirt. The rich bold fabric is actually a thick canvas and creates an incredible structure for the design. At 5’-4”, the skirt falls just below the knees.

IMG_2870 IMG_2884To say I adore the Ophelia is no exaggeration; she is the epitome of elegance. The richness of the bold prints and unique design elements, make it truly to die for! In addition to its beauty, the Ophelia is functional and comfortable for every day wear. The canvas fabric is very forgiving and holds you in where you may need a little extra help. To my surprise, the affordable price point does not hinder in the quality in construction by any means.

IMG_2853 IMG_2886Lindy Bop also has a small range of petticoats (£21.99), as seen in the review photos. Note I had to roll the waistband a few times in order for the length to match that of the Ophelia skirt since the petticoats are all 26” long. Although I am not overly keen on super full petticoats, I find this look suits the Ophelia wonderfully.

IMG_2863 IMG_2876One of the best things about the Ophelia is that you can wear it to any occasion or simply for a trip to the grocery store. I know mine will be a workplace staple and worn every chance I get. When it comes to accessorizing, the options are endless. I chose to pair the Turquoise with a burgundy slide belt, red dahlia hair flower from Vintage Box 1947 and Miss L Fire Pompeii heels in red. With the Black & Pink Ophelia, I added a black slide belt, yellow rose hair flower from Vintage Box 1947 (can you tell these are my favorites), and black patent t-strap heels by Chelsea Crew. Both Ophelias’ are paired with the Lindy Bop petticoat to add just the right amount of oomph.

IMG_2847 IMG_2890The Ophelia has several fabulous features that make this dress truly unique and has quickly become a staple in many pinup wardrobes. Although I own two already, I can’t help but want more as the floral just pulls at my heart strings like mad. Lindy Bop was not born overnight but they truly took the scene by storm with the addition of the magnificent Ophelia. Be sure to visit their Facebook Fanpage as they are constantly adding new designs and sharing what we can expect to see in future collections.

13 thoughts on “Dearest Ophelia ~ Beauty, Class & Elegance

  1. If I’m a 28-30 inch waist but a 32-34 bust would the 10uk fit or would i have to go up to a 12 which would be huge in the bust for me?

  2. The colours on that turquoise dress – are amazing, so much more striking than the pics on the Lindy Bop site! I have to ask – I want to buy a t-strap heel and trying to decide between the MIss L Fire Pompeii in black or the Chelsea Crew black t-straps you are wearing. How do they compare in terms of fit, comfort and versatility? The price points are really different… Thanks a lot! Love your blog.

    • Hi Nanette. Since I can’t wear high heels for very long, the Chelsea Crew are definitely my first choice for comfort and versatility. I plan to get them in other colours if I come across any online. The Pompeii are fab for occasional wear and with specific outfits. Hope this helps in making your choice ❤

  3. I’m mesmerized by the floral prints and colours! I’m just wondering how much cleavage does it show off? I’m hoping it’s more subtle/demure as I’m a C-D cup and don’t want to be busting out. Thanks!

  4. Jessica, the Ophelia looks fabulous on you! I fell in love with Trashy Diva’s Honey dress when I visited New Orleans last fall but then I fell upon the Lindy Bop Ophelia dress and discovered it was WAY cheaper – and also much easier for me to get hold of as I live in the UK. I have bought two dresses for my bridesmaids in red and, bearing in mind what you say about the petticoats, would you recommend maybe getting a 23″ petticoat from another site? I really don’t want the petticoats to ‘show’ underneath and don’t want my bridesmaids to be uncomfortable by having to roll them up. Also, I wondered if you could recommend any tips for sorting out the ruching over the bust as when the dresses came through the lovely ruching was pressed out of shape. Did you just iron over it to sort out the pleats?

    • Thank you! I’d recommend looking at the short hell bunny peticoats as they are so soft and come in two lengths. I’d recommend trying to steam the bust pleats and maybe crisp them up with an iron if need be.

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