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Lottabody Setting Lotion by Miss Charlotte Cake

OK! This is my first setting lotion review so bare with me because it certainly won’t be perfect.

I’ve tried so many different hair products including sprays, gels, pomades, leave in conditioners, heat styling and moisture lock products. I have only recently got into using setting lotions… in all honesty I just never really thought I needed them as my hair is so wavy naturally and holds curls really well. If I do a hot roller set I don’t even need to use hair spray… that’s how crazy and well my hair curls!

So naturally, when you start practising vintage hairstyling, you come across what’s called a ‘setting lotion’. This is a product which is usually added to the hair while its still wet and before you begin your styling. I have tried a few different brands and I have found what I believe is the best product for my hair in particular, so I thought I would share it with you.

First of all, I will start the obvious… this product is blue – and comes out clear so don’t let the colour freak you out.

Secondly the product is concentrated… you don’t want to use the product straight on your hair from the bottle (although I’ve read that some do!). If you’re trying this out for the first time it may be best to just follow the instructions on the back of the product which states the following:

On normal hair 2-3 parts water to 1 part Lottabody. On tinted hair and bleached hair 4-5 parts water to 1 part Lottabody.

10345806_10152103160755800_4776977741880737632_nI went and bought a cheap spray bottle from the 2 dollar shop because it makes it super quick and easy to spray onto your hair. The spray bottle I use is 300 ml, so I measured out 100 ml of Lottabody and 200 ml of water. Mix the product up and then you are set to go. By diluting the product you will not only get more bang for your buck, but you will also keep your hair manageable and soft without that straw-like, crispy feel (I’ve tried using it straight from the bottle and it made my hair crisp and hard which wasn’t at all sassy).

So now I’ll go through the process of what I do when I’m setting my hair, everyone does it differently and I find it really interesting to talk and read about the way others do their sets because I feel like I always learn something new!

I have naturally dark chocolate brown hair, which I’ve been dying blue-black for as long as I can remember. I like the intense inkiness and shine that blue-black gives. I also have extremely wavy hair which curls like a dream. I feel lucky now that my hair curls so well, but growing up and through my early teenage years I hated my hair because I always wanted to straighten it, even wanting to get it chemically straightened at one point. Now I embrace my naturally curly hair and pretty much keep it curled every day (it’s also much healthier without the constant straightening!)

When my hair has been freshly washed and conditioned (conditioner is super important and it helps the hair to ‘curl’) I towel dry it and run a tiny amount of leave-in smoother through. The product I’ve been using recently is this one PPS cuticle seal – it smells amazing, doesn’t leave a greasy feel or look and actually helps my hair to stay soft at the ends. I then start spraying my hair with Lottabody Setting Lotion – I brought this product from The Vanity Casehere in New Zealand but I know its sold all over the place online so just keep an eye on Ebay, or I’ve noticed a lot of online vintage stores which stock hair styling products usually sell Lottabody.

Once this is distributed (about 5-6 sprays on my mid-length hair), I give it a good comb through and then begin my pin curls, or rollers.

I then get under my hood dryer for approximately 30 minutes, grab a book or put a good ol’ fashioned film on (one of my favourites like Casablanca, Psycho or Creature from the Black Lagoon), turn up the heat and relax while your lovely curls develop!

I’ve got a range of photos from start to finish below, and I am not at all good with vintage style hair techniques or brushing out, it really is quite the art form so apologies in advance, I still have my training wheels on 🙂

10500581_10152103161940800_1965636644157770911_n-225x300 10363260_10152103161715800_6656933932542548738_n-225x300 10393962_10152103161775800_4380864665439131915_n-225x300 10346461_10152103161680800_5515417218374010196_n-225x300 10370882_10152103160815800_2144264089636247977_n-225x300 10464101_10152103161075800_981406661336086950_n-225x300 10460104_10152103161150800_4125711696824673369_n-225x300 10394041_10152103160585800_7341489808611435108_n-225x300This photo was taken 5 hours afterwards – curls are still holding!

Now in the photos, I have brushed my curls out vigorously so it’s less poodle and you can actually see the hair. A lot of people seem to think that this product makes hair flaky? I’m yet to have this issue but wanted a close up for you all to see.

I haven’t used any hairspray whatsoever, just so you can see how well the setting lotion holds curls in without the use of loads of spray. I think it does a pretty good job, but this was a test and I usually spray the heck out of my hair!


* Plenty of product, as it is diluted and a little goes a long way.

* No flakiness.

* No crusty, hard feeling once the product has set and the curls are easy to brush out.

* Reasonably priced at $25.00 for 236 ml

* Still keeps some shape without the use of hairspray

* Leaves hair looking extremely shiny

* Perfect for wet-setting

* If you need more hold – use less water and more Lottabody, its completely up to you and your hair type so the power to customise is quite handy


* Its blue – but don’t be frightened!

* The smell isn’t amazing directly from the bottle, however as you are supposed to dilute it the smell is non-existent once in your hair

* You need to buy an extra spray bottle to use it, unless you have one around home

Overall, I love this product and will continue to buy it! As always, everyone is different but if you are looking for a setting lotion and you are yet to try this one give it a whirl and see if it works for you.

I will also do another review for the same product and my favorite hair spray when it gets to Summer time – I want to see how this product works in humidity with our sticky, tropical summers in New Zealand.


A big thank you to Miss Charlotte Cake for sharing her experience with the Lottabody Setting Lotion. Please check out her blog at

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Ready to Set Sail

As I am enjoying the beautiful California sunshine while vacationing, I couldn’t help but be inspired to share a review about fabulous summer fashions with my readers. Being able to now shoot outdoors is such a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) and truly showcases how you can wear your vintage inspired dresses in every day life. Although I have never been a girl with a pair of sea legs, it doesn’t stop me from loving the fashions that are reminiscent of all things nautical. When Collectif released their sneak previews for their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, I was quick to fall for the Francesca Striped Swing Dress in navy.

Available in sizes 4UK-24UK in red or blue ~ MSRP £75.00

IMG_3183 With many Collectif items already in my closet, I find their sizing to now be very consistent from season to season. I went with the 10UK (Small) since my measurements 36-27-39 fit right in line with their size chart. If you happen to be on the larger side for the bust, please size up as the bust area has no give and will cause the buttons to pucker. The Small fits wonderfully and requires no alterations even in the shoulders which is always a relief. The Francesca Striped Swing Dress features a button down neckline, an eye-catching striped swing skirt with matching collar detail, a back invisible zipper and a darling nautical rope belt to complete the whole design. At 5′-4″ tall, the skirt falls just below the knees.

IMG_3171 IMG_3178 IMG_3164The Francesca Dress is not only a perfect look for a voyage on the waters, you’ll find its fun and flirty design suitable for a multitude of daily outings. The striking striped skirt is bound to garner you lots of compliments and attention wherever you go. Looking for more separates than dresses in your wardrobe? The Helena Striped Circle Skirt is made from exactly the same fabric and just as fabulous to pair with any top you choose. The Francesca Dress is super comfortable and flattering to a variety of body types. It accentuates a nipped in waist and flares out to create that classic circle skirt look from the 50’s.

IMG_3172 IMG_3174With the bold colours of the Francesca Dress, it is best to keep your accessories simple to not overpower the look. It was a no-brainer to pair my Collectif Red Anchor bag since the two go hand in hand. The Dennise red wedges from B.A.I.T Footwear were a perfect match and I was ready for an afternoon of boating with lots of sunscreen of course.

IMG_3194Although I won’t be spending my days on the water all summer long, the Francesca Dress is one of my go to outfits to wear to the office. It’s versatile look with bold clean lines are sure to find its way into your wardrobe as well.

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Getting Thrifty with Devyn Beth

One of the questions I get asked the most from girls who are just starting out in the pinup lifestyle, is where they can find affordable pinup style fashions.   Fabulous reproduction clothes and vintage alike can become very pricey it’s true! However you can look just as fabulous on a tiny budget as well.

Girls, get your thrift on!!  I for one, would much rather go shopping at my local thrift store, than a pricey department store at the mall any day of the week.  I have found amazing vintage finds for just a few bucks!  Not every thrifting trip is successful,  but if you keep checking, you are bound to find something amazing.

Here are just a few tips to help you on your search for pinup-style -finds  on your next thrift store outing!

1-      #1  Know what you are looking for!  Have in mind the silhouettes, and styles you would like to find. A good rule of thumb for pinup is to look for dresses with full skirts, circle skirts, halter dresses,  wiggle skirts and dresses, and high waist pants, and skirts.  Keep a look out for fun prints too, a pinup can never go wrong with polka dots, leopard print, gingham or cherries!

2-      #2  If you are hunting vintage, look for key indicators of vintage like union labels, metal zippers, sturdy cotton fabric, and if you are really lucky bakelite buttons.

3-      #3 Know when to get the deals, many thrift stores have sales on certain days of the week,  my local Salvation Army, for instance has 50% of women’s clothing on Thursdays.  You can always find me there on a Thursday!!!

4-      #4 If you are looking for vintage pieces,  go to thrift stores in communities with older homes,  If I want to find stuff from the 50s, I have the best luck finding them  in stores near homes built in the 50s.

5-      #5 Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find anything!  The beauty of thrift stores is that they are constantly getting in “new” stock!  If you don’t find anything one day, that doesn’t mean you won’t find something the next day!

Here are a few examples of wonderful vintage pinup styles I have found from thrift, each outfit for  less than $20!

outfit1 outfit2 outfit3 outfit4

Make sure to check out Devyn Beth’s Facebook Page for more helpful pinup tips and fabulous photos!


A big thank you to Devyn Beth for guest posting on Pin Up Persuasion. Your fabulous thrifting tips are going to be so incredibly helpful to every pinup on a budget.

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Pinup Bombshell On a Budget

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “how can I dress in pinup style on a tight budget?” This week, we will feature two ways to achieve the pinup look that won’t leave your bank account in the red. It is courtesy of my girlfriend Amber, who introduced me to Le Bomb Shop after I asked her where she purchased the beautiful top she had on. She went on to tell me that they have pinup style clothing at really affordable prices with great customer service. And here we are today…featuring two fabulous styles from Le Bomb Shop, the “Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank” and the “Pinup Style Surplice Sun Dress”.

IMG_3115 IMG_3152Let’s start with the versatile Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank in royal blue, since it will become an instant wardrobe staple from casual to dressy for only $20. With sizing being considered junior, I opted to order a size Medium as I didn’t want it to be too fitted and knew it had a fair amount of stretch. The fit was spot on and I would not recommend sizing down if you are quite busty. The Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank can be paired with almost any item in your closet, from jeans to your favorite circle skirt. The options are endless and it comes in a variety of colours!

I showcased the Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank by selecting existing pieces from my personal wardrobe to create a fun and sophisticated pinup style. When you’re on a budget, it is a must to make use of what you already own and pair them with staple items to get the most out of your closet.

Top: Le Bomb Shop Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank in royal blue
Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing Doris Skirt in blue floral
Shoes: B.A.I.T Dennise Red Wedges
Accessories: Red Vinyl Belt & Luxulite cherries brooch

IMG_3109 IMG_3092 IMG_3103 IMG_3106Now onto the Pinup Style Surplice Sun Dress in gray and pink floral, one of the most popular items at Le Bomb Shop at a bargain price of $47. Needless to say, when I saw the soft floral print I was instantly smitten. Being in between sizes, I sized down to a Small since my waist is 27” and the cross over bust would allow for a larger bust size. If you have a large rib cage (mine is narrow), it is strongly recommended that you size up. Again, the fit was wonderful but I did need a little help with the invisible side zipper since those are always tricky around seams. The dress is fully lined, made from light weight cotton and features a lovely knife pleat skirt. Also available in a variety of colours and prints if floral is not your cup of tea.

Once again, I paired accessories from my wardrobe with the Pinup Style Surplice Sun Dress to showcase how to create a simple day look. Unfortunately my trusted thin vinyl belt slipped out of the bag before our photoshoot but thankfully it still looked fabulous even without.

Dress: Le Bomb Shop Pinup Style Surplice Sun Dress in gray & pink floral
Shoes: B.A.I.T Bianca Latte Heels
Accessories: Vintage pearl necklace & Luxulite peach brooch

IMG_3132 IMG_3135 IMG_3142 IMG_3145Le Bomb Shop offers a huge selection of pinup style dresses reasonably priced from $30 to $60. Trust me when I say, you will want to own the Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank in every colour after feeling how incredibly comfortable it is and seeing the multitude of ways to incorporate it with your wardrobe. Follow them on Facebook to be the first to know about all their new arrivals and check out Le Bomb Shops’ fabulous style boards! As a extra special treat to Pin Up Persuasion readers, Le Bomb Shop is offering a 10% discount off your entire order! Use code PINUP10. (10% off orders equal or above $25.00 / expires June 22)

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