A Solid Foundation ~ Part Two

The one aspect that I dreaded the most for Viva this past April was making sure to pack the right undergarments for EVERY outfit. Often times this means endless styles of bras along with shapewear to coordinate with each look. Who wants to pack dozens of undergarments? Definitely not me! So I grabbed all my bras and shapewear staples to start trying them with each look to see what to bring. Almost instantly, I saw that the Dominique Bustier that I wore for my wedding worked wonderfully with almost every single outfit! This eliminated the need to wear a bra and shapewear combined, it was a fabulous all in one foundation. Just before our trip, I rushed to order the Dominique 7749 Longline Push-Up Brasselette from Orchard Corset since it was more lightweight than the Dominique 8949.

Available in sizes 32D-40D in black, white & ivory ~ MSRP $59

IMG_2985 IMG_2977When I purchased the Dominique 8949, I found the cups to run rather generous and sized down to a 32D (which was still big in the cups) in comparison to my regular 34DD. Since we all know different styles in the same brand don’t necessarily run the same in sizing, I ordered the 7749 Longline in both 32C and 32D to ensure to get the right size in time for our trip. This really worked in my favor as the 32D was a perfect fit, even more so than the 8949. The 7749 Longline features a deep front plunge, a low back, foam lined cups, breathable lace mesh with light plastic boning, detachable garters and two rows of hook eye closures. In comparing the two longlines, I much prefer the 7749 as the cups fit firmly against the bosom and doesn’t cause any underarm irritation like the 8949 does after extended wear. One feature to note, the 7749 Longline is shorter in length than the 8949 which I find is actually better for every day wear. This did create a small bulge at the bottom of the longline but nothing that couldn’t be hidden with a little adjustment.

IMG_2965 IMG_2979The 7749 Longline is a fabulous foundation for not only vintage reproduction clothing but also genuine vintage. The shape of the cups create a slight bullet style and not the modern rounded shape which doesn’t bode well with the garments from that era. Normally strapless bras tend to flatten the bust dramatically, but the push up design prevents this from occurring and creates a lovely fuller bust line. I actually wore the 7749 longline with almost every single outfit at Viva, even under dark colours as well. The ivory is very versatile for both light and dark as long as the material of your dress is not sheer. The longline creates a sleek hourglass waist and holds everything in very comfortably. You will notice the boning will leave marks on your stomach but it’s simply due to the light compression and they will disappear of course. The low back and deep plunge neckline make this one of the most versatile undergarments for any outfit.

IMG_2984 IMG_2982The Dominique brand of longlines are terrific for women from average to full figured due to their wide variety of styles available. Not only are the versatile but they are very affordable as well. Don’t forget to use the 15% off coupon (PINUP2013) from Orchard Corset on your next order…conveniently located on the blog mainpage.




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2 thoughts on “A Solid Foundation ~ Part Two

  1. Marie Gogo

    Good idea!
    I have a good strapless bra that stays up. I’m finding it invaluable. I got it at Winners a while ago. Wish I’d have gone back to see if they had more.
    If I could afford it right now, I’d look on the internet for this bra and buy a whole bunch of them to last me for years.
    I did that this year with the comfy shoes I like. (Dansko Sissie sandals) Mabye that’s one of the reasons I now cannot afford new bras……or maybe it’s because we’re buying a house…….or both. Stay well, Jessica and hello to your hubby. XO

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