MozzyDee’s How To Hair Tutorial ~ Barrel Roll

Hello everyone and welcome to Miss MozzyDee’s How To Hair Tutorial!
I am a pinup from El Paso, Texas and I am so excited to finally get to share some of my secrets and tidbits on some various vintage-inspired hairstyles and makeup techniques that I do!  I have been doing pinup for years now, and people always stop me in passing and ask how I come up with the pinup-style look I have grown accustomed to.  I am glad that I can share that with you now, thanks to Pin Up Persuasion!  Now, let’s get started!
The look I am writing about today is the classic “barrel roll” look, as seen on various famous icons such as Rosie the Riveter and Imelda May!  I do this look almost everyday of the week because it is fast and efficient for an on-the-go girl like myself!  I work at all kinds of hours during the week and this is perfect for a girl with a time-limit getting ready for a long, strenuous day!
Essentials needed in achieving this awesome and simple look are:
    1.)  A great, light weight hairspray (I highly recommend Big Sexy Hair, the Volumizing Spray)
    2.)  Suavecita Pomade (it isn’t too sticky like the regular Suavecito pomade, and you don’t need a lot of it)
    3.)  A fishtale-pick comb
    4.)  A thin teasing brush
    5.)  Pin curl clips
    6.)  Bobby pins
    7.)  A bandana or hair scarf
This hairstyle can be done on washed or un-washed hair (as long as the un-washed hair isn’t too oily).  Start off by parting a section of your hair on the front, top part of your head.  Pull the rest back in a bun or a ponytail that has not been pulled out all the way so that the ponytail doesn’t hang.
imageThen, section off that piece of hair into two sections, horizontally.  Clip back the top section to have it stay out of the way and start curling your hair, piece by piece.  With each piece you curl, hold the curl together with your finger and place a bobby pin or pin curl clips in it to hold it in place.  You can also let it just curl and hang, but you get better results if you pin curl them to your head to cool down.
image2 image3After you have each section pinned to your head, let the pin curls sit for a while.  You can do your makeup while you wait, which is what I do on a daily basis as a routine of mine!
image4 image5Then, after you are finished with the makeup process, take down the pincurls, one by one.  Gather them all up in a single section again and then brushed the curls together.  You should have a great, curled section of hair to work with!  Tease the base of your section with the fishtale-pick comb all the way to the end of the tip to that section of hair.
image6 image7Then, smooth out the outside of that section with the thin teasing brush.  Be careful not to brush through the section of hair you just teased.   If you feel like you didn’t get enough “umph” from teasing the section of hair with the comb, use this brush as an alternative to get the volume you need.
image8Flyaways are normal, so that is why I use the Suavecita Pomade!  Use a very light amount of the pomade and smooth out the outside part of the section.  Then hold the section extended out and away from your head, and spray the inside of the section with the hairspray.  Let the hairspray dry all the way before going on to the next step.
Now, roll in the tip of the section all the way to the base of your head.  You will have to hold down the section with your fingers while you use bobby pins to secure it in that roll.  I like to use two bobby pins so that it is fastened tightly.
image9Then pull down one side of the roll (the side that cooperates more) and hold it down with your fingers.  Spray this part of the roll so that it sticks to the side of your head.  If this still does not work, put a bobby pin in it to hold it against your head.  It can be left there, because your hair scarf or bandana will cover it.
image10Now spray the roll all over!  You can be generous when doing so, especially if the hairspray is lightweight.  A lightweight hairspray is preferable so the roll doesn’t fall apart from heaviness.  You can even use two fingers to smooth out the inside of the roll.  Now throw on a bandana or a hair scarf, and you are done!
image11 image12 image13I hope you enjoyed my first hair tutorial blog!  I am really honored that Pin Up Persuasion chose me to be a featured blogger and I hope I get to do so again in the future!  Stay tuned!
And remember….Rock those curves, girls!
Miss MozzyDee
Thank you so much Miss MozzyDee for sharing her amazing hair tips with all of us. Since hair is definitely not my strength, I truly appreciate when we are fortunate to have incredible guest posts like these.

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