Venture On the Wild Side

Occasionally we find ourselves venturing outside our comfort zone as the object of desire seems too beautiful to resist. I am a true creature of habit therefore I am very predictable when it comes to knowing what I like and accepting what is better suited for others. When Collectif released their Spring/Summer 2014 previews, I saw lots of fabulous new designs and didn’t give a second glance at the ones that were simply “not me”. Fast forward several months to the release, I find myself swooning over the Kiki Jungle Cropped Top and Alana Jungle Sarong Skirt…was I crazy for even considering showing my stomach and wearing animal print, two things I steer clear from???

Available in sizes UK6-22 ~ MSRP Top £27.50/Skirt £39.50

IMG_3529When it comes to sizing, Collectif is fairly consistent with their size charts and they will add notes if the item is known to run a bit differently. Based on my measurements (36-27-39), I ordered a 10UK (Small) in both the top and skirt. When the Jungle set arrived, I could not believe how incredibly beautiful and vibrant the print was. Although I am not a fan of animal print, the tropical flowers and rich contrasting colours simply make it a stunning combination. Now the dreaded moment of truth, was I going to regret taking a gamble with showing my stomach? As soon as I tried the Kiki Cropped Top, I was blown away at the perfect fit and construction. With adjustable straps, wonderful bust support and room to wear a regular non strapless bra, it was already winning me over. Next up was the Alana Jungle skirt. At first I thought the waist was too big as it did not sit on my natural waist but I quickly saw it looked much better placed a little lower on the hips since I have short torso and it showed off the cropped top design much better. The wrap around skirt is fastened with a hidden inside button and side tie which allows you to tighten to whatever feels best. At 5’-4” tall, the skirt falls a couple inches below the knees and drapes superbly due to the fully lined interior.

IMG_3557Now the long awaited answer to the biggest question of all…was it flattering for a gal that has the furthest thing from a flat stomach? Yes! I seriously still can’t believe how incredible the Jungle 2 piece set makes me feel. Since I was able to pull the skirt down to just below my natural waist, I found it to be very becoming and still hid my lower stomach in the lovely side draping of the wrap skirt. How could two things I avoid like the plague turn out to be something I truly adore? Collectif has really outdone themselves with the Jungle Set, convincing even the biggest skeptics like myself. The Kiki Cropped Top needs to be released in more colours and prints as it would pair wonderfully with a multitude of summer looks. I truly hope to see a longer version as well which would be ideal for more everyday functionality.

IMG_3511With an upcoming trip to Jamaica, I know the Jungle Set will be one of the highlights to wear on the beach. Since the print is so vibrant and eye catching, it was simple to style by pairing it with a bamboo bangle, tropical hair flowers and Lucky Lou red wedges. Even if you’re not heading anywhere tropical, don’t let that stop you from wearing the Jungle set for an evening out as it will make you feel utterly fabulous.

IMG_3526Sometimes we creatures of habit have to look outside ourselves and try something new no matter how much it might scare us to do so. With no risk, there is no chance to be pleasantly surprised and experience something wonderful you would have otherwise missed out on. The Jungle Set has instantly found a place in my heart and wardrobe…what outfits have unexpectedly won you over?

4 thoughts on “Venture On the Wild Side

  1. Ohhhhh Collectif tropical prints!!! ❤ I just reviewed their Tallulah Tropical Toucan dress myself ❤

    This two piece set looks great on you! And the colors look amazing with the red in your hair!

    LOL… I do the same exact thing with changing my mind about a dress after it's been out a while… At first I don't really give it a second glance but later I just can't help swooning over it! ❤

    I had the opposite luck with Collectif clothing with size issues though. I found that their sizes can be all over the place. I usually wear a size 14 in their clothes but had to size down to a 12 on their Bernadette Sailor trousers even though their Glenda Swing and Lorenza Swing trousers in 14 fit perfectly… same with their dresses. I have a couple of their dresses in size 14 which fit great but I recently bought their Tallulah Tropical Toucan dress and the 14 was a whole size too big! Maybe I'm just picking the odd ducks?

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way because you always look beautiful…..but you should wear this more often! This looks GREAT on you. You look so young in it. Like. Early 20’s young. And not in a dressing young way. You just look so vibrant. Maybe it sounds silly but I think how you FELT in it showed on camera! I say buy more outfits like it :)!!

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